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  1. Kenneth T. Moralez says:
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    Risperdal for Aggressiveness

    At the beginning of March 2011, I was ordered to take Risperdal and Truxal during an emergency room at a psychiatric hospital by the local senior physician, but I did not want to, but eventually had to. It started at a dose of 2.5 mg per day. Within the first 2 weeks the only side effects were severe tiredness, which is why I was almost only in bed. After about 2 weeks without dose change then set several side effects simultaneously. I was plagued by bad depression, so I often had suicidal thoughts. I’ve never been depressed before and am otherwise a very cheerful personality. There were then involuntary muscle twitching all over the body (but mostly on the upper arms, thighs and eyes) added. I was suddenly scared of things that had never scared me before (like the moonlight). My language was also very unclear, washed out and slow. My anger problem, I got despite the medication only very limited in the grip. When I told my doctors, the dose was reduced to 1 mg per day. Although I insisted on a definitive withdrawal of medication, my doctors did not speak at this point. The side effects of anxiety, mild speech disorders, fatigue and depression became less and less until finally they disappeared almost completely. However, until the definitive discontinuation of the drug in early November 2011, I sometimes had mild depression (inner sense of emptiness). After stopping the drug, all side effects disappeared, except for the involuntary muscle twitching, which still occurs relatively frequently (January 2012). Today, my aggression and anger problems are much better under control than before or while taking the medication. If I look back today, I find that the drug almost did not help me at all, and has even given me additional problems. As far as my personal experience with the drug Risperdal.