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We have 36 consumer reports for Eliquis. Fatigue effect occurred in 17%.

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  1. James B. Goff says:
    3.0 rating

    Eliquis for Stroke

    take Eliquis after occlusion of the posterior left carotid artery (vertebralis) and thereby triggered stroke without neg. effects. Eliquis is said to mitigate the risk of thrombosis. I have moderate hair loss (hair in the bed), intestinal problems with blood in the stool, occasionally severe headaches (1x month) and a certain feeling of weakness. I am planning to drop the drug because I have concerns about kidney / liver damage. The doctors are not at all sure about the treatment.

    Side effects: Headache; Fatigue; Hair loss
  2. Janet J. Jeanpierre says:
    3.0 rating

    constantly dizzy, serious increase in sugar levels, increase blood pressure, tired / unbalanced, I felt like zombie, Stzurz after rotary vertigo. severe strain calf over 5 weeks, doctors advised to immediate discontinuation, now take falithrom without side effects (sugar at 6/7), blood pressure slightly increased, feel like new humans

    Side effects: Fatigue; Dizziness
  3. Jose M. Reynolds says:
    4.0 rating

    Eliquis for Atrial fibrillation

    Take Eliquis after ablation because of atrial fibrillation.Since just over a year could no longer be detected in various long-term ECG’s atrial fibrillation.Die physicians hold back understandably, if you want to comply with my desire to Eliquis absetz.Dem the reduced risk of stroke are diverse Fear of bleeding. Fears me, that in an accident no antidote is available to stop bleeding. The most striking side effects are, at least for me, tiredness, listlessness and now and then a previously unprecedented aggressiveness. Especially annoying is a steady weight gain and the feeling of fluid accumulation throughout the Körper.Von this was noticeable in the legs. After 19 months of use From Eliquis I now have the feeling that something in the leg muscles / sinews / connective tissue has settled, which does not belong there. In addition, I have, to make matters worse, a permanent, latent spasm in both calves. Who has similar experiences with Eliquis ????

  4. Bernice S. Phillips says:
    3.0 rating

    Several weeks after starting to take 2 x 5 mg Eliquis per day, I noticed increased hair loss, frequent fatigue, and listlessness. Likewise, a slight increase in weight occurred.

    Side effects: Fatigue; Listlessness; Hair loss