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  1. Cora R. Duval says:
    4.0 rating

    Clonidine for High blood pressure

    On the advice of my family doctor, I wanted to discontinue clonidine because the side effects put too much pressure on me. Since I also take beta-blockers, I have first discontinued them, as stated in the package leaflet by Clonidine, otherwise there will be dangerous blood pressure fluctuations. Afterwards I have clonidine gradually The end of the song was that I was with my doctor with a blood pressure of 270/160 on the couch lag.Ich voluntarily started again with clonidine, which brought my blood pressure back into the normal range , but the side effects burden me even more. The side effects are: extreme fatigue, speech problems, blurred vision, loss of libido and what depresses me most of all depressive mood.

  2. Kathy M. Wilson says:
    2.5 rating

    Clonidine for High blood pressure

    First side effects of mild dizziness occurred after about one year. Meanwhile, I take the drug 3 years and the side effects are increasing. Vision problems, dizziness, extreme tiredness (especially at noon), libido loss, gait disorders

  3. Melissa H. Murray says:
    4.0 rating

    Clonidine for High blood pressure

    Hi, I have to say that I am totally thrilled, I have had high blood pressure for 3 years and have been on metropolol 100, ramipril10mg, hct25, but over time it got worse, my doctor changed me to clonidine75 micrograms and I take in the evening a pill, the fatigue comes after about 2 hours but otherwise no problems I am thrilled and can only recommend the drug because Metropolol are only suitable for people with heart problems and not for hypertension.

    Side effects: Fatigue
  4. Derrick C. Wade says:
    4.0 rating

    Clonidine for High blood pressure

    Because of poorly adjustable medication for my high blood pressure 220/130/75 (before treatment with Carmen) I came to the observation for a week inpatients in Kardiocentrum / Frankfurt. Since nothing improved there you wanted to dismiss me after 7 days. As a last attempt I was given 40 mg Carmen with the result that my blood pressure within minutes from 220 to 100 was lowered. I was literally in the corner and if I had not been to the hospital that could have ended badly. Meanwhile, I’m well set with these values: 120/90 pulse 65 side effects with me from Carmen: thick legs / edema, blurred vision, weight gain, dehydration for dehydration I take 40 mg torasemide daily in further treatment and the doctors are now working on the side effects