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  1. Marion P. Esposito says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Angina tonsillaris; Sinusitis

    Am currently on day 3 of the intake of 2x 500mgr a day. Already the tablet this morning came out immediately, vomiting all day, even after drinking water. Drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, complete helplessness because of physical limitations. This strong one-sided headache, this also since the 2nd day, but could still be assigned as a poisoning reaction. After an early rapid recovery, I am MUCH worse today than at the beginning of the treatment, will not take the Avend tablet and get another drug tomorrow. I’m worried that such a drug in Germany gets an approval and RESERVES, really great!

    Side effects: Vomit; Fatigue; Dizziness; Headache
  2. Russell A. Shaffer says:
    2.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Helicobacter pylori gastritis

    Tiredness and problems in the morning were and are on the second day after completion of the intake noticeable side effects.

    Side effects: Fatigue
  3. Elizabeth J. Race says:
    3.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Surgery

    After outpatient surgery, I took the antibiotic ciprofloxacin. Felt in the first days tired, powerless, dull, dazed, impotent, as if I had a flu …. Anxiety was also added because I had the feeling that I could collapse at any moment and also also increased heart stumbling would have.

    Side effects: Listlessness; Fatigue; Dizziness
  4. Preston E. White says:
    2.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Fatigue; A headache

    with the 500 a strong burning sensation in the stomach area would be taken up immediately stationary and get stomach protectioninflation. 250 I found better, the effect immediately no burning in the stomach only headache, listless, tired and so a feeling of pressure in the tooth spice.

    Side effects: Listlessness; Fatigue; Headache
  5. Melanie D. Jones says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Pharyngitis

    Short: 7x500mg Ciprofloxacin wg pharyngitis 1st day: severe weakness 2-3. Day: strong weakness, only rest possible 3 .: + tendon pain, discontinuation of treatment 1 week after: strong weakness, only rest possible, lung feeling, Sehenschmerzeb, 1 x panic attack 2-3 week: weakness, life completely restricted, only most necessary work possible, 2 x panic attacks, lung sensation, vision pain 4-6. Week: weakness, most necessary work without problems possible, life limited, pain in eyes depending on the load 7-8 week: No more weakness, work and life again possible, pain in the eyes only on Achilles tendons after heavy use, eg. Sports, gardening, long walks & amp; Stand Lang: I was prescribed 10 x 500 mg ciprofloxacin because of a slight pharyngitis, after 7 incomes I discontinued the treatment. After the second pill, I felt very weak physically, assuming my underlying disease had gotten worse, and was forced to refrain from all physical stress, even housework. I did not move further from the bed to the couch and back again. In the following days I was fine in lying or sitting, one could almost believe that I had nothing. But as soon as I began to move, there were weak points, feebleness and helplessness, all of which I attribute to weakness. After 3 days, my Achilles tendon started to hurt. Since I had at least skimmed the leaflet, all my Arlarmglocken went on now. On the Internet, I encountered many similar reports, some with serious consequences, and I stopped treatment. The antibiotic treatment was sufficient to combat the pharyngitis. This was confirmed by the doctor by smear. Nevertheless, I was only getting better in the following weeks. The tendon pain increased as I increased my physical activity. This was still limited to the bare minimum in the first three weeks. Every time I Shopping went, or thought it was at least as good as to suck, came hard setbacks. As I went shopping, my sinews burned with every step, and my physical weakness did not really go down. My family doctor had my blood tested twice in the next 5 weeks, but there was no explanation. During this time, the panic attacks that I never had before began. The first I thought was still a faint fit, I ran out of air. After a few minutes it was all over, and I visited my family doctor, who in turn could not find anything. Such a pronounced weakness without fever is unusual. He advised me to go to the hospital for emergency room, it should get worse. That was it, I felt more and more of the lack of air, and I could not explain it. But even in the hospital you could not see anything. Since then I had a seizure every week. Partly during the day, but sometimes also at night, directly from deep sleep. Lying sideways I had the feeling during these weeks, I feel my lungs. There was no pain, but it was not normal. Out of this feeling that something was wrong with my lungs, it probably came to these attacks of anxiety that I actually could not breathe. I’ve never had such a thing before and never since. All the doctors I spoke to about the tendon pain associated with the antibiotic responded as if it were completely outlandish. The fact is that since the ingestion it has been / is. The fact is that I do not have any mental health problems usually associated with panic attacks. By now 8 weeks have passed and my physical condition has improved a lot. Sport is possible again, but I am still aching after heavy strain the Achilles tendons. At the beginning I also had this on the hands, the forearms or the legs in general, but quickly got lost in these places. I have also reported my side effects to the official body – this has recently become possible for patients, and should be used. I wish all those affected a speedy recovery – spare yourself in this bad phase as much as possible, your body will thank you. All the best.

    Side effects: Panic attacks; Crave pain; Fatigue
  6. Robert R. Rasco says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Prostatitis

    hello, I hope someone can calm down here, I was on treatment for prostatitis, I first got the antibiotic cefuroxime for seven days, the inflammation was gone the pain but not, then I was prescribed ciprofloxacin I have taken nine days long , I am free of pain as far as prostatitis is concerned, but the side effects that have come to the fore through ciprofloxacin are still not gone until about 7 weeks after the last dose, I still have some depression in my back and always a lump in my throat , have partial aggression, panic attacks are very often tired and have slight muscle cramps, how long can it take until the side effects of ciprofloxacin are finally completely gone? I look forward to any reassuring answer!

  7. Rosemarie J. Clark says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    I have been prescribed Ciprofloxacin for the treatment of cystitis by my GP (250mg, 2x a day). Previously, I had already received the antibiotic cotrimoxazole because of the same condition, which I tolerated very well and which also helped against the inflammation. So I assumed the Cipro would look similar and did not think much about taking it. The package leaflet lists the usual possible side effects that can be used to live well during treatment, as well as nothing that makes one alert. But after the first tablet, I felt strong changes. My arms felt heavy, my elbows hurt as if you were stabbing them with a knife. I felt dizzy, a short time later, a strong physical agitation, I could not sit still. Also, I was suddenly very easily irritable and aggressive (otherwise I am a more relaxed and calm person), broke down in tears for no reason and felt otherwise just sick. After the second pill I felt a tug in my thighs and back, my palms burning and I had a bad taste in my mouth. I felt tired but could not or did not sleep very well (during the entire treatment period). After the third tablet I had the impression that my fingers were swollen. Alarmed, I called in practice and told about my previous reactions. We weighed down, normal side effects, I should read the package insert. In the meantime, the treatment with Cipro had an effect on my work, I was no longer on the line, was unfocused and just stood next to me. Word-finding difficulties (spoken and written) and forgetfulness annoyed me in addition. My neck was cramping, my knees were inflamed and my knees were somehow taut. On the third day the diarrhea began, I had constant pressure on my stomach and ran half an hour away from the toilet. Meanwhile my fingers and toes hurt, also here I had the feeling of inflammations. On the penultimate day my whole body ached, most of the legs (calves and knees), the running was difficult, the corridor up a staircase made me very hard. I had spasms in the soles of my feet. Lying or sitting in one position did not take long, then new pain appeared at the pressure-loaded areas. The last use of the drug is over a month ago. As I write this, my fingers and wrists ache, my back and chest, and my legs still hurt. I hope the effect soon disappears. If you get the drug prescribed, ask your doctor what it is all about. If in doubt, prescribe a lighter remedy, I would never take Cipro for such a small bladder infection again!

  8. Joseph T. Lo says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    Cipro prescribed for recurrent cystitis. Fast recovery. Pain in the right foot after a few days (tendinitis of the plantar tendon), joint pain. The joint pain lasted for many weeks in the hand, the tendonitis has been plaguing for months now. However, I did not think that the side effects were / are and have now again taken Cipro (again cystitis). Well exacerbation of tinnitus, nightmares (actually listed in the leaflet!), Extreme fatigue and laxity. That was the last time I took this horror drug. Why is not this withdrawn from circulation?

  9. John G. Hart says:
    4.0 rating

    I’m a bit scared of ciprofloxacin because I normally tolerate antibiotics! Even with a 250 mg package that was prescribed to me, I got the following side effects: * persistent drowsiness * loss of appetite * sensitivity * tightness in the chest (very strong) * drowsiness * lovelessness * neck pain, (or muscle pain), the barely get away are so uplifting in the head that it causes a kind of pressure in the head. Sometimes it calms down when you sit, you hardly get up, the pressure comes back acutely and is accompanied by unpleasant stitches. I get through these tablets, as if I would drink for 5 days or would be on the worst drugs, or must endure the toughest hangover of it!

  10. Nora W. Hawkins says:
    3.0 rating

    So I got the medicine prescribed because I had bacteria in the vagina that caused a urinary tract infection. I had previously looked on the Internet for the sake of compatibility. well then have read here in sanego and thought phew, that must be a hell of a witness, but I have to take it. At half past nine I took it at once about half an hour later, I was so tired that I’m in bed. Night woke up at half past one fuss chills and 40.1 fever … Circulatory totally on the head quite strange feeling in the legs and the light was bad with the eyes ….. So never the stuff I’ve just taken a tablet take that he caught the stuff

  11. Linda R. Wilson says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Urinary tract infection

    Take 2 times a day. Side effects: Fatigue, circulatory disorder in the legs, weakness, very severe headache and nausea especially in the evening, presumably in conjunction with Cosaar, after taking in the morning in conjunction with Cosaar plus oddly enough no problems.

  12. Georgia W. Dodson says:
    3.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Prostatitis

    I got ciprofloxacin for 20 days because of a prostate infection. I stopped taking it after 15 days because I got extreme side effects that are not gone after nearly 6 months. The worst are depression, anxiety, the skin burns all over the body, sleep disorders, joint pain, fatigue, etc …… I would take no chinolon such as ciprofloxacin more. I do not know how long the side effects will continue and as I am there are many, better take another AB.

  13. Barney A. Campbell says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Diverticulitis

    From the first tablet, I felt flabby, which has increased from taking to taking. On the third day I started to freeze, although I had no fever, got a Kloss in the neck and pain in the solaplexus. In addition, I got circulatory problems. On the advice of the doctor, the treatment was stopped and I took an antihistamine for prevention. Since demolition I’m totally tired, have developed a depression accompanied by attacks of panic and panic attacks. Every effort is too much, it is just housework or walking up and down the garden. Working is impossible. I have no idea how to go on …

  14. Sheldon J. Bianchi says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Fatigue

    What should one say here about price / performance ratio? The prices we do not know anyway, the co-payments are anyway too high for me and the drugs that I have to pay privately are too expensive for me !! So value for money is a farce !!!

  15. Terrance P. Fitzgerald says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Inflammation

    Metronidazole 400 made me incredibly tired, the worst was shortly after taking it, since I was completely knocked out for about 3 hours. In addition, but not always every day or after each intake, I had to fight a prolonged dizziness, added to almost always feeling unwell, as if you had to vomit, but this did not happen. My concentration was also disturbed over the period of ingestion. The medication worked very well and the symptoms disappeared.

  16. Catherine W. Wheeler says:
    5.0 rating

    13.11.2009 The prescription of this drug is in my eyes assault. I can only advise against taking. I wish I had never taken the remedy! – The day after the first ingestion in September 2008, severe pain with inflammation occurred in the thumb joints. Holding bottles was no longer possible. Playing an instrument was only possible to a limited extent. The complaints continue. As a result, the pain has spread to all joints such as cervical spine, shoulders, knees. In animal experiments, the joints and cartilage of young animals were completely destroyed! Why do you allow such a drug at all ??? My risk of arthrosis is likely to be greatly increased by taking ciprofloxacin. This means enormous pain and possibly necessary surgery of the hip and knees. – Approx. For 2 months, intestinal inflammation with significant pain. The stomach was bloated, no pants fit more. Had to take intestinal bacteria and antimycotics. – Muscle pain and muscle weakness, since then I can hardly do any more sports. Luckily, I had only Achilles tendon pain and no tear, as some patients report the following, very informative link: Please beforehand Read Ciprofloxacin and then decide if you want to take the risk. – Lethargy, severe debilitating fatigue with a great need for sleep that makes the demands of a normal working day seem insurmountable. – severe concentration disorders, depressed for a week in Nov. 08, followed by diffuse fears (for no reason at all). This was very stressful. – a striking susceptibility to infection, busy from Sept. 08 to Feb. 09 almost continuously with viral infections and bronchitis. This fall it continued. When concomitant with low-dose cortisone, concomitant inflammation was rapid, but this may indicate damage to the adrenal cortex that produces the body’s own cortisol. – My general condition has been poor since taking Ciprofloxacin. A thyroid scan for the above symptoms was diagnosed with Hashimoto, an autoimmune thyroid disease. All of the above symptoms are consistent with this condition and I can not shake the suspicion that Hashimoto has just broken out by taking Ciprofloxacin. The immune system is severely damaged and I have the impression that especially the sensitive regulatory cycle of hormone-producing glands has been damaged. I have no understanding that in this health care system for about 20 euros thoughtlessly prescribed a drug that pays the health insurance, which damages my body sustainable and I personally for the restoration of my health privately large sums must spend to reasonably again one To get an idea of what it means to be healthy. I appeal to the physicians’ responsibility and the old-fashioned Hippocratic Oath: I will make medical prescriptions for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment, but I will guard against harming them and misappropriating them.

  17. Shanda P. Griffith says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Flu

    Before taking it I felt better, had only really strong purulent cough and runny nose – but was so far still mobile. After the first intake, I did not get out of bed for 9 hours. Drowsiness, nausea, mild stomach cramps, diarrhea, fatigue and the like; Fatigue, head pressure, night sweats, loss of appetite – I was really dirty. Then came the fever. These symptoms or side effects showed different degrees of intensity during the 5 days of intake. Now, 2 days after weaning, while my cold and cough is still not completely gone but I’m doing much better.

  18. Adam C. Mullen says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    After 10 days of taking 1,000 mg of ciprofloxacin, extreme side effects began with tremors in the hands, feeling weak, tiredness, paralysis. I immediately discontinued the medication. In the following months, countless other symptoms, especially cardiovascular problems (tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure), fatigue, anxiety, blurred vision, pain in tendons, hair loss, lump feeling in the chest, tightness in the chest, ear noises, muscle twitching. With the help of infusions and magnesium as well as some dietary supplements, I got that under control after about 10 months. I have published my experiences at .