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  1. James A. Martens says:
    4.0 rating

    Kamagra for Impotence

    I take the remedy due to potency disorder taking citalopram (an SSRI). I let it work in the mouth for 5 minutes, then swallowed. The taste of the drug is felt, but is perfectly covered by the respective taste additive, so that no disgust arises. The effect came after just under 15 minutes and met my expectations. After the first ejaculation I took a 5 minute break because the penis tip was as usual hypersensitive shortly after the orgasm. The erection stays upright. It could go on. It was noticeable that I came much harder to the second orgasm. A Seegen, if one also suffers from premature ejaculation. Facial redness occurred with onset of action, subsided after about 2 hours (probably also by the end sexual arousal). An hour after the onset of action, there was a stuffy nose and a slight headache. While walking, orthograde hypotonia was felt, but not impaired. Overall, I am very satisfied with the effect-side effect behavior.

  2. Will C. Fox says:
    4.5 rating

    Kamagra for A headache

    I had bought the Kamagra 100mg and also tried to know if it works. Super awesome erections get and super sex several times in a row. From after the sex or it started with dizziness, redness, hot flashes and 3 hours later, an animal heartburn and that for several hours schon.Habe it even today although the intake was one and a half days ago. Now, even the strong headache come to a pity that I have paid so much money. With such side effects, I would not have expected or maybe you dose just too high ??

  3. Shane T. Barden says:
    3.0 rating

    Kamagra for Erectile dysfunction

    On long trips in Africa and Asia (tropics!) I take 25 mg (ie 1/4 of the 100) almost every day for 2 months and 2 to 3 times a year. The effect, type rock-hard, starts after about 15 minutes, keeps safe with me 10 and max. up to 15 hours before and with appropriate stimulation even at the end of almost 100%. However, the orgasm ability is severely limited, which unsettles the partner, but this can then be compensated by sensitive hand and oral work. On the other hand, for the joy of the partner, HE has hours of stamina (you not old, you young man). So talk about it first, unless man secretly prepares the action! Further NW: Facial flushing and hot flashes, which intensify with particular anticipation, but are hardly noticed after about 1 hour. Before taking and as long as the effect lasts, I drink no or very little alcohol. With previous meal, the effect starts a little later. Aftermath: none! I have been buying my Kamagra for years from the same pharmacist in Thailand. Costs (as of 2009): 7 euros for 4 100s.

    Side effects: Hot flashes; Face reddening
  4. Roy T. Miles says:
    4.0 rating

    Kamagra for Erectile dysfunction

    I have tested for the first time these two generics from the Kamagra shop and had thought eigendlich at these prices of fakes and bought trial packs. But that was not so, because the effect was as described. But I can agree with most here, that you should possibly headaches clogged noses and facial flushing in purchasing. But honestly, I had the original – as soon as the dosage was too high – so nothing new. At Viagra, I often had such a pressure at the decisive moment (in the head of course-haha) that I had to stop-what is better then the generic? In addition, there were undoubtedly quite a few deaths when taking Viagra. Well, fortunately, this side effect happens only once. One should only consider with generics, which one determines at such prices more often to this remedy, as it is harmless to health. The intake is too frequent and too high so you do not have to worry about constant headaches. Economical use and lower dosage are recommended – if a generic medicine is effective. And that some contributions from Pfizer u. CO are wanted should be clear, because they seriously have to think about their prices. Production costs of max 3-5 € are in the 12er Pack 160.- € retail price! The development costs should have been back in the first 2 years.