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We have 23 consumer reports for Azopt. Eye redness effect occurred in 17%.

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  1. Kenisha J. Williams says:
    3.0 rating

    The eyes burn after the drop and are permanently red. The emulsion is very difficult to squeeze out of the dropper bottle as the bottle is very hard and the emulsion is viscous! A person with limited mobility of the hands has difficulty dripping alone.

    Side effects: Eye redness
  2. Bernice B. Fuller says:
    3.0 rating

    Azopt for Glaucoma

    After finding a high intraocular pressure as the first drug, the Azopt eye drops were prescribed. The drops should first be shaken in the bottle (suspension), and they are not clear, but rather milky – and so they feel on / in the eye too! Blurred vision, burning and itching, very red eyes. No improvement in the values, the intraocular pressure was still (almost) the same. In addition, my blood pressure rose. After discontinuing the Azopt drops and switching to another drug (Cosopt) quickly returned to normal blood pressure, and the intraocular pressure was noticeably less after a short time.

    Side effects: Eye redness