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  1. Mary R. Mayfield says:
    4.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Depression; Psychosis

    I was hired in the clinic on Zyprexa because I got a psychosis and could not eat anything anymore and became aggressive, the drug worked too, I just had vertigo and was very tired and in 2 years from 36 size to 48 rocketed. The appetite increased and my eating habits changed even though I was doing sports, but I was able to work again and that was more important to me than the weight. But there was another depression because I had absolutely no body feeling at all. Since I have changed the medication with my doctor, I tried Abilify, but I have been totally nervous and I have got speech disorders, then I tried zelldox, 80mg in the morning and 80mg in the evening (high dose) the first week I was totally bad, I could not eat anything, but after a week, it got worse and fluoxetine for the depression got 20mg in the morning. I felt great, felt my body again and realized I could enjoy the food again. Only when I took Zelldox in the morning did I get really tired after two hours and had to lie back in bed and sleep first. Now I take 20mg fluoxetine in the morning and 80mg zelldox in the evening, within a year I am from dress size 48 to 40 (also sport), only I notice the protection is not as high as at Zyprexa, at Zyprexa I was feeling-poorer but also more stress-resistant. Now I take feelings more which can be very stressful. Now also do a behavioral therapy, so that I can deal better with everyday situations. (I can only recommend to anyone), the application takes a while and until you find the right therapist, but it’s worth it, because many drugs just kill the symptoms.

  2. Edward H. Lewis says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    October 2011 ZYPREXA – My experiences Zyprexa is a highly effective neuroleptic, which struck me immediately. I would like to focus on the psychological effects and side effects, not the physical ones. Stressful is the Mordepression. Lack of drive, lack of interest. No energy. Poor focus on following procedures. (Lead discussions, read books, watch movies) Creative work is no longer possible. The vitality is lost. No daydreams. No humor. The ability to absorb (learning ability) decreases sharply. The appetite is generally increasing. Especially late in the evening I have food bites. Zyprexa makes (in combination with lithium) stupid and thick. Self-confidence suffers greatly. Social contacts are becoming less and less. I get away from acquaintances and relatives. I’ve been taking Zyprexa for 12 years, now I get 5 mg. During this time I did not have another push. But I became a different person. Thoughts, actions and quality of life are severely limited.

  3. John L. May says:
    4.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    Psychosis at 26, triggered by stress during study and simultaneous relationship end. Treatment with Zyprexa (about 2 years). Could even finish my studies with the help of the drug with distinction. Side effects: weight gain, loss of libido and, above all, reduction in liveliness. I stopped the medicine after finishing my studies. Two months later, without an external trigger, I again had a psychosis (about 4 months). I was hesitant to go to treatment because I did not really want to take any medication anymore. The second psychosis was treated with solian (200mg). The drug worked very well, but on the whole had the same side effects as weight gain (17kg), loss of libido, and lack of motivation. The emotional life is dulled and just monotonous and boring. After a year, I decided again to sell Solian. Until about four months later, I felt reborn and everything worked well (job, social contacts, leisure activities). At the moment, I’m more unstable, especially on weekends, when I could relax I get involved sometimes in thoughts, but thanksgiving always abate. In addition, I am sometimes depressed and then I have mild anxiety again. Actually, all signs of taking medication again. But on the other hand I do my job well, I have no voices in my head, I sleep well and above all I feel myself very intense, which is actually nice. My goal is to get along without medication. Of course, I realize that I have to look at it very well. I would rather be interested in the experiences of people who have done similar things and now live their lives without medication.

  4. Allan C. Morales says:
    4.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Anxiety disorders

    At my own request, I received Zyprexa 20 mg in a hospital ward for a paranoid psychosis: effects that occurred immediately: – massive weight gain (about 10 kg in 6 weeks); Constant need to eat something – Sex drive as good as not available, which is extremely distressing for your own self-esteem – positive feelings such as: happiness or joy were not present, you feel completely emotionless – shortness of breath when speaking; States of shock; Fear and distrust of people were intensified – the smallest physical activities (eg: light sports) are extremely stressful Longer-term effects: Integration in normal , regulated everyday life not possible, due to the above-mentioned massive side effects. These make inclusion in society in my opinion absolutely impossible, which is why I then discontinued the drug after about 3 months. I was advised to take 3 years, which is totally unacceptable because of the massive side effects. Side effects after stopping the drug extremely high.

  5. Kerry J. Anderson says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Borderline; Psychosis

    I felt nothing, neither joy nor sadness, lust or anger, hatred or love … All feelings were gone except for the deafness. I was tired all the time but still could not sleep properly. I also find it very difficult to concentrate, learn, motivate myself to do something. I was absent, staring into nothingness. Could not record anything. Even today it happens that when people talk to me, my gaze wanders to nowhere and I can not hear the person. I have only since I had to take Zyprexa. My friend calls it then always the Zyprexablick. I could already observe this with other patients. I suffered several times from a stomach wall