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  1. Ivan L. Lewis says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Sleep disorders; Depression

    I take / took seroquel / quetiapine for the treatment of sleep disorders in the context of depression and augmentation (boosting / improving the effects of Cipralex, venlafaxine, mirtazapine .. My dose is 25mg-50mg (in exceptional cases 100mg) if needed for sleep / drowsiness .. For me, the drug is on the one hand very useful because it acts very fast / safe sleeping or I fall asleep quickly and it produces no addiction / dependence as Benzodieazpiene (Valium, Tavor, Mogadon, Hlcion) and on the other hand, the effect and sleep is not very relaxing and not very pleasant (like a mallet) .. Helpful when I am over-tired and go to sleep in time and / or do not have to get up the next day, but rather inappropriate when I go to sleep at 11.30pm and get up at 6am and during the day Fitt must be ok for sleep, against depression, manic states probably also helpful because it very dampens, dulls (both negat and posi t. feelings disappear) .. but is only my experience and use it only as a required drug and have taken it only 2-3 weeks a day – but still on demand (can be 3 times a week but only once in a month)

  2. Kristal J. Bagley says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis

    At a dosage of 300mg per day, severe fatigue and sedation, some peculiar sensations in the abdomen and head. Fatal side effect: emotions are not felt / Pesönlichkeits / change of nature, weight gain Positive effect: thought carousel is interrupted, you take things easier (but in my opinion, too easy!)

  3. Paul D. Pehrson says:
    4.0 rating

    During my 7-week inpatient stay, I was set to 800mg of Seroquel retard daily within the first 4 weeks. With a height of 191cm and a weight of 110kg good mass, I can only say that stuff is bad. I almost could not walk so dizzy and flat I was. Insensibility and a certain strangeness to my own body I took. Sleep or the desire for it was extremely pronounced. An extreme feeling of hunger and the associated increase in weight was also very fast (about 10kg in 7 weeks). By the 3 weeks initial addition of Haldol I have accordingly also been totally limited in my motor skills. Pimples and high blood pressure were also present. Stomach problems in the form of extreme stomach acid and regurgitation were my companion for at least 6 months. Am then set to 600mg within the last 3 weeks. Without hospitalization on 400mg for 2 months and then on 200mg for 2 months then on 100mg for 2 months and sneak straight out of 50mg. Short sleep phases in the form of constant waking and cold sweat attacks can now greet. Was recently at a naturopath who also chiropractic, osteopathy, classical homeopathy exercises, because I no longer trust the mainstream medicine and confirmed to me quite clearly that this drug has caused the right damage in my body. Kidney, liver, stomach and intestine were affected. What helped me the most was after the quiet in the clinic my psychotherapist who worked out the reason for my being with me and showed me new ways. I can only recommend it to anyone … do not let yourself be stuffed with pills that will only make you feel calm and vegetate anyway and earn a lot of money with them! but let a psychotherapist help you, because every illness has a deeper reason.

  4. Eric T. Hahn says:
    5.0 rating

    Seroquel for Concentration disorders

    So with me, I can describe the psychological effect of Seroquel as follows: I had almost no ideas. This had many other consequences, ultimately it has led over the weeks in the listlessness. As for emotional life, I came across a “glass ceiling” in terms of developing feelings on the upper level. I could not laugh anymore, the sexual experience was completely gone, the musical experience was limited. Since I have always come across a glass ceiling emotionally, when I wanted to laugh, to a relentless and very annoying barrier. (At the bottom, this barrier did not exist, fear, despair, grief, everything possible without restriction.) Other antipsychotics were worse and had other disadvantages. But even a lesser evil is still an evil, Seroquel was a bad drug experience. Besides, I was slowed down. That bothered me less. But it was nice to see how I get better and better in table tennis during the wash-out (gradual withdrawal within 10 days) 🙂 The fatigue was not a problem. I practically slept through the first 3 days of Seroquel. Then the tiredness slowly went away and after 10 days I had a normal need for sleep of 9 hours and was not tired during the day. Since then I have noticed the above-mentioned side effects only. After 4 weeks, it did not even look as if it was sleeping. Dose: There were 400 mg of Seroquel Prolong