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  1. Mark A. Buford says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    Even if one thinks of taking off the tablets, I had not made that experience. On the contrary, I was gaining weight again. I felt a certain coldness in my senses and could not really feel pain or pain After that, I escaped the first time, I got depression and I was totally zappelig.Seit August I came from 80mg down to 40mg and it was not much worse. But I then on my own After a few weeks I was very dizzy and my nerves were blank. It came back to good and bad feelings, but I felt again. Since I have learned new from the family doctor, that in a long-term study is not good for the Bodies are / consequential damages.

  2. Stephen L. Smith says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    I had asked for and received fluoxetine during a hospitalization visit on recommendation. The chief physician quickly screwed up the dose to 60 mg and I had to slow him down when he wanted to increase to 80 mg. When I went back to the outpatient psychiatrist, who was very angry about the traditional practice much helps a lot and brought me down to 20 mg (the maximum recommended dose is I think 40 mg). The drug, widely used in the US under the name Prozac, has certainly worked. I had fewer fears, was more spontaneous and ready to act. Apart from slight tremors, I could not determine any physical side effects, which is already good for such a drug. The psychological side effects, however, were immense: First, emotional flattening (I felt neither good nor bad, not thought, just made and works – I was not happy with it, have still made suicide attempts). Second addictive behavior: I quickly started smoking and drinking. I did not think anymore. Third, just thoughtlessness and irresponsibility, I just thought of the moment, everything else I did not care. Have extremely stupid and dangerous actions on the bike brought (was luckier than brains), and drove constantly drunk car. I am usually a very careful person! Drinked two bottles of wine in the evening, then into the car, to the gas station, to get beer. Everything sh … no matter. In outpatient psychiatry, I got a new doctor assigned to me, which I did not feel taken seriously at all: that’s good for you, that’s bad for you, you have to, you have to. She wanted me to go to the Anonymous Alcoholics (which certainly would not have been wrong), but no matter how I was, I did not feel like it and did not. I just did not go to the next appointment and when the tablets were all I just did not take any more. At that time I already knew how dangerous it is to stop an antidepressant abruptly, but … I just did not care. Fortunately, I had no weaning effects, except that just the effect has stopped, for better or worse. Nicotine addiction and alcohol addiction have remained, the latter I got slowly under control, but then I had so much self-control again that I did not drive myself drunk anymore. My family doctor, to whom I turned then, has confirmed this flattening sch … no matter effect from her experience and then prescribed paroxetine, because that would have few side effects (it had it then … will write there immediately the next report ). I’ve also heard from a friend that her boyfriend also takes fluoxetine and has similar thoughtless behaviors. I can understand why fluoxetine on the (especially the free American) market is so successful, because superficially you work again and becomes again a turning wheel in the meritocracy. The personality-altering side effects, however, are so severe that I have to advise anyone against this drug, unless it’s so deep in the depressive hole that there is no hope of medicine anymore.