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  1. Steven A. Bailey says:
    2.0 rating

    Doxepin for Drive disorders; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Because of the sleep disturbances, Doxepin helped me a lot in the beginning. Could switch off and was pleasantly tired. A fatigue that I know from before, when I still worked professionally and generally after my work was done. Also helps with chronic pain; in addition to the use of painkillers. After some time, I also had to take zolpidem. That’s a hammer. After about 20 minutes, I’m totally tired, would fall asleep sitting. I have to go to bed immediately. The best thing is to go to bed right after Einhame. Otherwise there will be difficulties in walking. But sleeping through 7-8 hours, as stated, is not enough. After about 5 hours, I wake up. But I am tired again often, then I nod again. But I am very thirsty and dry and have to urinate.

  2. Laurena A. Davis says:
    3.5 rating

    Doxepin for Pain (chronic)

    I got it 2 weeks as an infusion (25 / 50mg). The strongest side effect was definitely the tiredness !! … I slept deep and tight shortly after the infusion for up to four hours.Much dreamed, dry mouth, circulatory disorder and heart racing or the feeling as if the heart beating irregularly or a jump !? At times, I had the feeling that I was completely beside me. Easy disoriented. Since 6 days I take now the tablets. (75mg). I had recommended in the morning half (25mg) and in the evening a whole (50mg). But I did not get along well. Was very tired in the morning and barely got high. When I was a bit awake, I had to take half the tablet again and then became tired again, cold hands and feet, circulation. Take half now in the early afternoon … still get up in the morning, but when I’m awake, it works. The tablet in the evening at the beginning after 1 hour completely undressed … extremely tired, extremely restless legs and a disgusting dry mouth. That has settled after 3-4 days but then 🙂 Have so far, unfortunately, already gained 3 kilos … just have constantly animal appetite.Esse much more than normal. Meanwhile, the side effects are really only very low … the constant hunger is annoying and the fact that the pain does not change at all and my mental state is not really better is my biggest problem. Monday are 3 weeks around … I really hope that then POSITIVE things get going 😉

  3. John A. Cobb says:
    4.0 rating

    Doxepin for Depression

    Hi, About 5 years ago I got Doxepin (Apona) because of depression and anxiety disorders, at first I had a lot of weight gain and that made the depression even worse. The drug has made me a bit sluggish and therefore probably the weight gain. In the morning, a depression / fatigue is there when I take the drug after 19.00 clock. The effect against the fear is not convincing, only with panic attacks it brings something if one takes 1-2 tablets (50-100mg). A dependency is easily available, I have in the meantime discontinued the medication 3x and had to crawl slowly (over 1-2 weeks) in order not to fight with tremors and restlessness. Already had a dependency on analgesics (Valoron) and the addiction in Doxepin is minimal. So I would rate Doxepin with a low addictive potential. I did not feel any other side effects. There was no interaction with complete drugs: Aspirin / Paracetamol / Diclofinac / Iboprofen 600

  4. Mandy R. Young says:
    4.5 rating

    Doxepin for Depression

    Doxepin made quite a lot of circulatory problems at the beginning of taking (slowly dosing up to 100 mg), (dizziness when standing upright), tachycardia, shaking of the hands at times. Dulcimer vision in the distance, constipation, strong weight gain (10 kg), forgetfulness, as well as overhang of the dampening effect the next morning were side effects which remained even after the dosing. Cipralex (20 mg) relatively well tolerated, but also responsible for the weight gain. Furthermore, increased sweating and hair loss occurred. Lamotrigine (200mg) I also tolerate well, but had caused quite a stir during the dosing. This is completely gone. In summary, this combination of drugs, my depression and the symptoms of my anxiety disease are almost completely gone, for about 6 months, I now reduce the doxepin, which is only possible with me in very small steps.