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  1. Ruth K. Acosta says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Borderline

    Both drugs (Cipralex and Seroquel) were prescribed to me at the same time. Both were rapidly increased in dosage (Cipralex to 20mg and Seroquel to 50mg), but brought only slight improvement. Fairly severe side effects, especially total exhaustion, fatigue, weight gain, complete libido loss, extremely intense dreams, sweat attacks. Catastrophic withdrawal symptoms when not taking Cipralex for 5 days (dizziness, tinnitus, acute nausea, headache, irritability, etc.).

  2. Geraldine J. Milliken says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Bipolar disorder

    I was prescribed Seroquel Prolong for bipolar disorder with episodes of depression during the depressive episode. I had a prolonged depressive episode of panic attacks and constant fear behind me, and then was in a hypomanic phase (unable to sleep, highly concentrated, extremely quick thinking and talking, constant desire for sex) when I was referred to the neurologist / psychiatrist. This prescribed me first 50mg Seroquel (1 tablet in the evening). Since this did not bring the desired result we increased to 100 mg (2 tablets in the evening), after which I had constant mood changes (sometimes several times a day from depressed with suicidal thoughts to totally euphoric, which was extremely stressful and exhausting). Then the dose was increased again to 200 mg (1 tablet in the evening) and since then I remain largely spared the mood swings, I am much calmer and can finally concentrate on my studies again without constantly changing depressive-impulsive-overwhelmed / euphoric feeling hectic-overjoyed. On the first day of use, I had violent circulatory problems, which was repeated at the time of dosing with each new dose for one to two days, but was already predicted by my doctor. Another side effect especially at the beginning was an incredible fatigue and the inability to leave the warm bed in the morning, because somehow you have a strange sense of time. But that can be done very well, if you consistently take the medication and have found his right time, when to take the tablet, so you are in the morning right awake (for me the best time is about 9 o’clock in the evening, but that you have to try as I said). In addition, it is important in my opinion always to take the tablet as accurately as possible at the same time, then one is hardly tired during the day. Furthermore, I have with Seroquel incredibly vivid and long-lasting dreams, which is an advantage for beautiful dreams, in nightmares but just very disturbing, because sometimes dream and reality can not tell apart (I dreamed, for example, from my everyday life and forgot important things to do, since I had already done so in a dream and believed I would have done things already). Apart from that, I have since gained Seroquel Prolong about 3 kg in 8 months, but can also be due to unhealthy lifestyle (I eat a lot of sweets and do not do a lot of sports). Maybe my cravings for sweets have become a bit bigger since Seroquel Prolong, but he was already there before that. All side effects except for the extremely lively dreams (that started only with 200mg) did not change or worsen during the dosage. Everything else was 50mg as well as now with 200mg. All in all, the drug brings me a large part of my lost quality of life again and that weighs the few side effects I feel really more than on.

  3. Ted M. Reading says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Borderline

    Well, I’ve been taking this stuff for over ten years. I’ve gained over 20 kilos, unfortunately! then I have to deal with dizziness, stool problems hard times diarrhea or nothing at all. While sleeping, I can not rest. Nasty dreams or any pictures that take place in front of me. then I also have blurred vision, Herzryhtmusstörungen. Sweat breakouts too. So the full program.