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  1. Irving A. Ratcliff says:
    3.5 rating

    So from the Trevilor I did not have any (noticeable) effect, despite the long intake time (3 years). I sold it independently for 2 days and only noticed that I was missing something. Had unpleasant Absetzerscheinungen like slow look, when I turned my head, the picture has moved so slowly. In addition, a feeling like when I experience everything like a movie. Lyrica: I only get about 14 days, in the morning u. in the evening in each case 150mg. I tolerate it very well so far. No negative side effects, except very lively, z. T. exhausting dreams. But that does not bother me and I blame it on the fact that I have a lot of work to do right now. Anxiety disorders: I can not say for sure if it’s a placebo or truth – but since then I’ve felt a little safer with Lyrica in everyday life. Short note: I have been suffering from an anxiety disorder for almost ten years, which gradually got worse and worse. Expresses itself so that I did not even dare to go to the front door. Meanwhile, that has become a little better by therapy and exposures. I hope for Lyrica no miracles but I wish only a small support that helps me to master my everyday life again independently! 🙂

  2. Caleb G. Simpson says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Depression

    For a year I take 10 mg Cipralex, then changed from 20 mg citalopram, a difference I did not notice at that time, neither in effect nor side effect, have until today not fully understood why this was changed, especially since Citalopram generic drugs are available, the far cheaper than the Cipralex. I tolerate the medi well, because I was partly very depressive, I was glad to have it, it prevents slipping into the very deep holes of depression. Of course the pill alone does not make you happy, you have to torture yourself through psychotherapy and face up to your problems, but in many cases it just helps to make such a psychotherapy possible, if one gets too dirty then psychotherapy ( in my experience) namely nothing. As the most striking side effect, I would name a change in the dreams, which are sometimes really crass, as action cinema. In the meantime, an increase to 15 mg was attempted. But it came to a greater unrest that disappeared as far as possible, was dosed back to 10. Lyrica I take 2 times 75 mg, so I am calmer and more balanced during the day, fall asleep easier. Side effects: repeatedly inflated stomach or flatulence, appetite increase (yet no gain in weight, however, I try to move a lot and if appetite, then eat as healthy as possible, hope that continues to work), the face is a little bloated, not bad, but but noticeably.

  3. Jill S. Rocker says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Anxiety disorders; Sleep disorders; Fibromyalgia; Depression; Pain (chronic)

    Great site, thanks to all diligent writers !! I have 10 kilos in just 3 months through the above medicine combo. My doctor says that especially the mirtazapine is to blame. I have a constant and extreme feeling of hunger. I notice dizziness especially in conversation with other people (my concentration is lame something, not so associative, slight speech and word disturbance, feel limited in my Verbalität). In white and bright rooms it gets dizzy and dizzy, I feel like standing next to me. My tolerance level has also dropped since taking it and I would almost describe myself as slightly aggressive, although by nature I’m more forgiving. In my first few weeks, I felt drugged, unable to attend or follow any serious conversations. My anxiety is now severely curtailed, where the fear was before is now a kind of restless calm – what actually contradicts, feel a bit hollow and stony, my emotions are not the same as before. I also have adventurous dreams, I’m talking in my sleep lately. Now to the positive effects: My sleep has improved, I can sleep through again, am also accordingly fit during the day. I do not ponder before going to bed, but can relax, my fear has severely limited. My pain is completely RESILIENT- which I had never dreamed of having 21 before. I think the latter alone is enough to hold on to Lyrica. I appreciate every painless day now. My drive has come back again.