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  1. Helene T. Ives says:
    3.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Epilepsy; Polyneuropathie

    I have gained about 10kg during this time; sometimes tinnitus occurs; the worst thing is the heavy sweating, usually starting from the head (wet hair), drenched clothes, very unpleasant; intense dreams

  2. Clarissa A. Kidd says:
    3.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    The first 2 weeks of use: Dizziness, nausea, sluggishness, decreased responsiveness, drowsiness, feeling drunk, unable to drive, fast movements (especially when driving as a passenger) caused me extreme dizziness. Negative side effects that I still have: night sweats, sweats during the day, increased sweating, much thirst, dry mouth, increased urination, difficulty concentrating, gastrointestinal problems, headache, body aches, extremely minimized sexual desire, trauma changes, fatigue / fatigue. However, I can live well with these side effects and tolerate Cymbalta otherwise very well!

  3. Derick A. Taylor says:
    2.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Psychosomatic disorder; Depression

    Have the drug in the KJP for depression and psychosomatic pain. My psychiatrist was of the opinion that my mood has stabilized a bit, of which I personally have noticed nothing. I just realized that I woke up almost every night, either because I was frozen, because I was very sweaty or had very intimate dreams that were normal at the age of 17 but not that common (sometimes several times in one night). In addition, I was in control of female co-patient just under control where I otherwise had no problems. My depression and pain were also promoted, because then I was indeed popular with the girls, but not popular enough for my needs. After the KJP, I came to the Psychiatric Aftercare (supervised WG) in which I had similar problems and after about a year of treatment with very little progress, I have managed to persuade my psychiatrist to discontinue the drug. Since then I feel better and better. Unfortunately, I still have the fear that I’m still out of control, with the girls and therefore avoid any contact. But I think that it should work again after 3 months and I can now dare to leave my apartment again. Personally, I can only advise against the drug. Instead, people with depression should try to understand why they have them and learn to walk or change their situation (eg move, find new / other friends, etc.).

    Side effects: Freeze; Dream changes; Sweat
  4. John R. Cordes says:
    3.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    My ordeal began in 1991.Extreme stress (house building, birth of my child, 4 shift work, wood preservatives ect.) Triggered suddenly a depression with fears of death.There followed an odyssey with work incapacities, Suezidgedanken, Fobien any kind.Neurologists – psychotherapists prescribed me for years any Crap on old and new antidepressants.The creep in and then crawl back the drugs was hell.Often worse than completely without. Herbal remedies hardly helped. I had very bad experiences with the neurologist – doctors. Until I came to a recommendation to Dr. Guggemoos. 1. she took really long detailed time is empathetic and prescribed me CYMBALTA 30. From then on, my life was worth living again.Ok, something manic I was also admitted.However, in a form of zest for life, love of life, positive thinking, spontaneity, etc. outbreaks of sweat , intense dreams, drowsiness after consumption, cravings for sweets, dry mouth, poor vision, etc. are the side effects. But no comparison to what was without CYMBALTA. No drug is without side effects. I can only say that with this medicine I started to enjoy life again. Thanks also, my neurologist … she is really an absolute positive exception among the so-called nerve – doctors. Of that I had some negative experiences before.

  5. Marian D. Fenske says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Bipolar disorder

    Constant outbreaks of sweat; aggravated by the onset of menopause Acute fatigue, sometimes hard to prevent falling asleep within seconds gaining weight, only to get hold of by rigorous Maßhalten. Normal meals impossible. Severe headache, occurring suddenly at night. confused and intense dreams, concentration problems In reducing the dose (1×30 instead of 2x 30g) enormous withdrawal symptoms … circulation, dizziness.

  6. Dwight L. Hoang says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Anxiety disorders; Depression

    In the first 4 weeks I got the medication from my specialist 30mg every 2 days, then every day 30mg and tolerated except a little diarrhea, tremors, intense dreams relatively well. We raised the dose to 60mg as the drug level in the blood was too low. Most severe side effects, extreme diarrhea, complete loss of appetite, stomach pain, insomnia, extreme increase in blood pressure, sweating, severe shaking, restlessness, chagrin, severe concentration difficulties. At a doctor’s visit, I had a blood pressure of 230/110 pulse 130, the dose was immediately reduced to 30mg and since then I am doing relatively well with the drug. My panic and anxiety attacks have improved a little, I feel more normal and balanced, so that I can resume my job after more than 6 months illness. Occasionally headache (if I forget a dose), as well as diarrhea (if taken on an empty stomach) and loss of appetite.