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  1. Jennifer T. Harvey says:
    4.0 rating

    After a long time with my asthmatic complaints, my doctor thankfully prescribed Symbicort for me … the medication works great, but the side effects make you desperate. Restlessness, tightness in the chest, severe heart palpitations, dizziness and no Apettit are my side effects. I can live with it, but it limits my quality of life a bit. If you stand at a traffic light and you think that mine will fall over, that’s not great. But that is not poison without side effect and luckily I get air again now.

    Side effects: Unrest; Palpitation; Dizziness; Unrest
  2. Juliette S. Snapp says:
    4.5 rating

    Symbicort for Copd

    Unfortunately, all the side effects that are possible with me have occurred. Since December 2010, I have no saliva, tears and no taste. Violent headaches, dizziness, loud tinnitus, sweating even in the night, painful cramps in the hands and legs mostly at night, at times no voice and thrush in the mouth made me a suicide endangered people. Hospitalization, countless visits to the doctor could not fathom the cause of my complaints. Even my pulmonologist did not comment on these symptoms, except that I should double the number of strokes with Symbicort. By accident I got a drug (may only be taken three or four days) that gave me as much air as I had not had them for years. I could not take Symicort at the same time, I did not need it either! I put it off gradually and help me with alternative medicine! For three weeks I can taste something again, have more saliva, little headache and no more dizzy spells. The sweating and the hematomas (I forgot to count) are almost gone! I hope to get the Tinitus and my voice under control as well. Unfortunately the thrush is still there! BUT I HAVE LIFE AGAIN!

    Side effects: Cramps; Headache; Dizziness
  3. Lani B. Rice says:
    2.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    In November 07, my family doctor prescribed Symbicort after I had a nightly asthma attack (seriously ill in the hospital due to mental stress). As a preventive measure, I took 1 hub in the morning or 2 in the morning every morning. I was able to detect side effects: palpitations, restlessness, high pulse, muscle tremors, bruising, frog in the throat, itchy skin, dizziness, occasional headaches, insomnia, occasional depression, weight gain. A week ago I discontinued Symbicort because the side effects got worse and worse. Blood pressure and heart rate now gradually settle on a normal, the frog is gone and the other Bescherden decay slowly. Only the nocturnal palpitations and the overweight is still there, but I hope that I am going to leave soon.

  4. Ayana M. Jones says:
    1.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    If the dosage is too high (Symbicort 320): tremor, palpitations, nausea, dizziness Symbicort 160 is excellent. However, one must execute the application correctly, so that the effect can develop fully.

  5. Nancy V. Valdez says:
    3.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    pure formoterol as inhalation capsules caused me hypertension, heart rhythm disorders and dizziness and headache; often also sweats, constant infections Symbicort = combined preparation of formoterol hemifumarate and budesonide (cortisone) causes now after years of use amelioration of ametropia; Constant infections due to immunodeficiency, fungal infections, headaches, and from time to time mood depressions (depression) and keeping weight are increasingly difficult, i. slimming is almost impossible although a lot of sports (2x fitness center, 2 x tap dance a week)