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  1. Ruby C. Staley says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Amputation; Pain (neuropathic)

    I took 75 mg Lyrica daily for about 1 year. The drowsiness and drowsiness has swollen quite quickly at the beginning, basically it did not matter, because I had a flu virus at the beginning of the intake anyway and was sick in bed. After about 1-2 weeks I was able to drive again without restriction, go to work and do sports. The depth of sleep was more and better in the year. I have only gained about 2 pounds. Concerning pain, Lyrica did not help at all with violent attacks during this dorsing. However, it helped very well with the neuropathic misperceptions. But since the violent attacks of pain occur only when something else in the body is in trouble (infections or the like, because that’s just a few inflammations are too much) and that does not happen daily, I decided to stop Lyricas. If you only have pain every few weeks, Lyrica is actually nonsense.

  2. Marie C. McDuffie says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Arthritis; Fibromyalgia

    Hey, just tell me about my experiences with Lyrica. Suffering for years from anxiety disorder, pain in various joints. Have been taking Valoron, Opipramol and Pantoprazole for my stomach for 5 years. Since I did not get my last pain boost under control, I went to the hospital. It was found that I have polyarthritis and fibro. Now I got Lyrica prescribed. Now the theater started. Got started with 50mg and should first to 150mg Was surprised that 50mg led to my tingling in hands and feet stopped and could sleep wonderfully without pain. Did not worry me until I was dizzy, only tired and limp. I increased the dose to 150mg, now even more depression came along, but at the moment I manage to do my household work. Before 13 o’clock I’m not used at all, besides, I’m always cold. My blood pressure is currently 100/75/64 and that with 8 cups of coffee. I also start to cry because everything is too much for me. Now even speech disorders have come to it too I forget a lot, my stomach is not synonymous with (stomach pain) I will cease the Lyrica to 50-70mg.Mal see if I feel better then.

  3. Cleo J. McDorman says:
    1.5 rating

    Lyrica for Polytoxicomania; Withdrawal symptoms

    Lyria helps me especially with my panic attacks, because I am reluctant to diazepam, I always have strong pain in the legs and Lyrica heals very well. Disadvantage with me atemnot whereby I have also still heavy Asthma.ich nehem for weeks 3 times 75 mg lyrica, the worst side effects with me are strong dizziness, confusion, sehstörungen.wer from you also these side effects? Holds the long time, or is that only at the beginning of the treatment?

  4. Jane A. Juarez says:
    3.0 rating

    Lyrica for Sensibility trouble

    More side effects occurred with increasing dose, such as: * Nausea * Blurred vision * Pain and swelling in various limbs * Dizziness and drowsiness * Limbs (arms, legs) fall asleep * Muscle twitching * Fatigue * Burning sensation * Tachycardia * Increased sensory disturbances

  5. Luis E. Palmer says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Syringomyelia

    Hello so real side effects are with me actually, dizziness and a little dizziness about 1.5 hours after taking the drug. Effect at the beginning of great, but has already subsided, Can not really fall asleep and the hands still sleep regularly, and me lie down.

    Side effects: Dizziness
  6. Barbara G. Scranton says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Cross section paralysis; Neuropathy

    Because of unspeakable chronic neuropathic pain, I’ve already tried several pain medications. Currently I take Lyrica 150mg and Targin 20mg. There is still no complete freedom from pain, but the state of pain is no longer superficial in the consciousness. However, the side effects are significant. Although I am completely restrained with the food, I continuously take what I do not like, because my paraplegia, I have to pay very much attention to my weight; After all, you have to balance your whole weight with your arms, or the nursing service. In addition, I do not have the opportunity to do sports, which can contribute significantly to weight loss. Furthermore, I’m just tired and dazed, can hardly follow a conversation, because I lack the concentration. My left eye also suffers from the medication. I mostly see blurry and I feel like I’m getting small pinpricks in it. The permanent dry mouth and the itchy rash on the face should be mentioned. Actually, Lyrica should be increased even further, but that does not work with the many side effects, because apparently my body does not get used to the remedy. Let’s see what the doctors come up with next.

  7. Carmen J. Finn says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Water storages; Bipolar disorder; High blood pressure

    Unfortunately, antidepressants do not show the desired effect or only briefly. For about 4 years I react massively with water retention in the whole body. Hands, legs, feet and face are swollen early on. For about 1 year I am reacting to new drugs with acute respiratory distress, I have the feeling my legs buck at any moment and of course I am afraid of any new tablet (whether painkillers or new drug) I get every 4 weeks vitamin D and folic acid injected. I generally feel better afterwards, that is to say, I have only slight depressive moods, more drive and drive. But after every injection my tongue swells up after 10 minutes, after about half an hour I feel like I have only cotton wool in my head, my legs get heavy and I stand somehow beside me. 3 hours later, it feels like my trachea is slamming and I’m having trouble breathing. I always react quite heavily to medication, need only small doses and sometimes react paradoxically. In a psychiatric hospital, I got a spray because of lack of air during the creeping in of a drug, which should help me to be able to breathe normally again. After taking the spray I was able to breathe again, but I was also in the mania swung and totally unable to move. The whole took an hour. A nurse sat by my bed. Otherwise no one would have believed me. Now I do not know what to do about taking new medicines. I do not even dare to take a painkiller. Could there be a drug allergy?

  8. Nicole V. Lockhart says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Migraine; Sleep disorders

    Although take only two days Lyrica, but I wanted to share my experience schonmal. Have just over two years Trazodon get. Now the doctors have noticed that the drug is probably the cause of my very severe and weekly migraine. So Trazoson was discontinued overnight and Valdoxan 25 mg was started. Falling asleep was ok (after about 2 hours), but then I was awake again after 2-3 hours and it stayed the rest of the night … So again to the doctor. And he gave me an extra Lyrica. But I took it alone – without Valdoxan. I do not understand why I should take both, if I only need something against my sleep problems and the migraine. I slept like a stone with 75 mg Lyrica. Find it a lot to start with, as I’ve read that many creep in the drug and start with 25 mg. I think 25-50 mg would be quite enough for my body – I’m 1.68 m and weigh 58 kg. Because in the morning I am very dazed and can only go very hard without wavering …

    Side effects: Gang uncertainty; Dizziness
  9. Kathleen R. Jarvis says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Dizziness

    I took tanner for the first time Lyrica, at noon 75, in the evening 150. Waking up this morning was terrifying. Severe dizziness, drowsiness and no clear vision. You get scared of such a drug. I’m not sure about this afternoon. My neurologist prescribed it for me. I have RestlesLegs and Breast and Bone Cancer.

    Side effects: Blurred vision; Dizziness
  10. Donna C. Sapp says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Dizziness; A headache

    I can not recommend Lyrica. It was prescribed to me because of my degenerative spinal pain, lumbar spine, ISG and celiac joint arthrosis. 75-0-75-0 It should be increased to 150-0150-0. I felt a leaden tiredness about 20 minutes after taking it, arms, hands and legs were paralyzed. The head felt like someone had spanned it with an iron ring that was getting tighter and tighter. I could not see clearly anymore. Everything was blurry. I got an unbearable printhead pain. I could not walk anymore because of the dizziness. I felt I had a blanket in my mouth, it was so dry. I stopped the medication. I can not recommend this medicine

  11. Armando B. Miller says:
    2.5 rating

    Lyrica for Anxiety and panic attacks

    Take Lyrica against my panic disorder, looks great at first I was often dizzy, but lay down after 3 weeks

    Side effects: Dizziness
  12. Jeremy O. Holmes says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Thinking disorders; Social phobia; Depression

    I have only been taking Lyrica 75mg for one day with Citalopram 20mg (antidepressants). I suffer for years from a social phobia, in addition to depression, nervousness, strong pondering, which sometimes turns into turf. Immediately after taking it, about 3 hours, I noticed an effect and something like a light daze. Half an hour later you noticed a kind of happiness, which is persistent, you became calmer and the brooding stopped unbelievably abruptly! That was really stressful, because it had really depressive phases. Now I have a feeling that makes the reflection absolutely uninteresting, it does not matter anymore. Really redeeming! You can laugh again and feel really balanced after the short time, much better in terms of the condition. Let’s see how it looks in 3 weeks when the full effect begins. I am already positively surprised! Had other medicines, but I’ve never had such a good effect! My psychotherapist recommended it to me, had very good experiences with his patients and I can only agree. The feeling is really like being light on drugs (in a positive sense), I do not care, I feel better. 🙂

    Side effects: Dizziness
  13. Mary R. Curtis says:
    5.0 rating

    Lyrica for Disc prolapse

    I was prescribed Lyrica for panic attacks and general mental misperceptions. The neurologist said from the beginning that the medication for these complaints was unconventional, but he had the best experience with it. I have been taking Lyrica for 10 days now and the panic or depression has subsided. I was extremely surprised that they also help my back (3-fold herniated disc) best, because the muscles are much more relaxed and I am able to move wonderfully despite the pain, also the pain is somehow perceived as incidental. I hardly feel any side effects, at first I was dizzy and I was very tired. This has happened since the 3rd day. Fortunately, no weight gain so far.

    Side effects: Dizziness; Fatigue
  14. David V. Bassett says:
    3.0 rating

    Lyrica for Paresthesia

    I should take the medicine for my tingling sensations in my arms and legs. I should slowly increase the dose to 150 mg tomorrow and in the evening. However, the side effects were so strong that in the morning I had severe mental and concentration disorders, which were not compatible with a normal everyday life. In the evening, I could have fallen asleep standing up after taking it. Besides, I could not drive the dosing machine. Apart from that I often had dizziness and a Stehunsicherheit. The tingling in the arms and legs has been partially exacerbated by the side effects of numbness and ants running. I then discontinued the drug after a change of doctor and the symptoms are declining.

  15. Ola L. Gomez says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Pain (acute)

    Lyrica is well tolerated and also helps with mild to moderate pain. If the pain is stronger than mine, you need a very high dose and the side effects are unbearable. You are very dizzy at the beginning and have difficulty walking and thinking. Adamon long retard 150 mg helps in the beginning but after a few weeks, the body has gotten used to it and the effect after you should have a higher dose but you can not because you can not exceed 400mg per day

  16. Carmen T. Porter says:
    3.0 rating

    I feel very tired even if I have slept for 8 hours a day and feel a bit dizzy. In addition, I’m always thirsty.

    Side effects: Thirst; Dizziness; Fatigue
  17. Jane J. Ferguson says:
    5.0 rating

    Lyrica for Morbus sudeck

    The beginning of the treatment was hell – was set for 14 days in the clinic. I felt like in Delierium. Initially severe nausea and vomiting and dizziness. Nevertheless, I took in the 14 days 6 kilos to which I can not get down to today (cruel)! After about 2 months we went better. Since then, severe sweats and non-stop hunger have plagued me. Weight can be kept tedious. I have no problems with constipation – but I take Laxofalk regularly since the first day. My children find me too tired and slow thinking. In addition, I would forget many things immediately what I’ve ever told.

  18. Bernard R. Peterson says:
    3.5 rating

    Approximately 10 days of treatment with Lyrica (pregabalin) for Restless Legs Syndrome in a drug addict (dry alcoholic). Conclusion: The dose had to be increased from one pill (25mg) a day to 10 pills in the morning and 10 pills in the evening for the first effect to be heard. Advantages: no increased salivation between 14:00 o’clock and 19:00 o’clock none, as usual cold shakes with chills. Pills are so small that can easily be swallowed five at a time, after taking 10 pieces (25mg) in the morning and 10 pieces in the evening first improvement: no painful discomfort (burning, itching, tingling) in the hands, barely during the day painful sensations in the feet, only at night painful sensations in the feet. Sleep phases increased from about 45 minutes (without pregabalin) to about 90 to 120 minutes. Back and neck neck pain (LWS / HWS) hardly noticeable. Numbness in the right thigh disappeared. Disadvantages: dry mouth and heavy pressure strong dizziness sweating drive weakness hallucinations (even three days after discontinuing the pills) Middle depression confusion total loss of sense of time increased hand shaking I advise a person who still halfway clear in the head, I guess from my experience, completely by off these pills.