Dizziness effect of Lisinopril

We have 73 consumer reports for Lisinopril. Dizziness effect occurred in 18%.

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  1. Dianne J. Dominguez says:
    2.5 rating

    Lisinopril for High blood pressure

    Headache blurred vision dizziness coughing bruisedness and muscle pain the remedy has more side effects than I guessed .. I would be glad if I would recommend something else … I feel like I have the flu with sneezing and pain in the eye also I am constantly hot and sweat without The End.

  2. Joyce J. Fletcher says:
    3.5 rating

    Lisinopril for High blood pressure

    Also I had various side effects, weight gain, dizziness, fatigue, increased sweating. And actually, I always had a bad feeling about taking the tablet. The side effects were – in retrospect – felt within limits. Only the permanent damage when taking the tablet – with me in the episode Diabetes II – are terrible. – Meanwhile, however, I have found a way to get off the tablets altogether with a normal blood pressure and without diabetes II. The tablets have helped me to keep the increased blood pressure in check, and I do not want to demonize the medication. Who knows if I would still be there without her? I think it’s a pity that I got to know this absolutely simple therapy so late and that she healed me. I would be happy if others can become so healthy and healthy.

  3. John D. Bennett says:
    3.0 rating

    Lisinopril for High blood pressure

    Hypertension has been lowered a bit, enormous side effects: dizziness, drowsiness, listlessness, falling hands, nausea. Without medication I was fine – apart from hypertension. Drug discontinued and after 2-3 days, the side effects were gone.

    Side effects: Nausea; Listlessness; Dizziness
  4. Donald C. Bowers says:
    4.5 rating

    Lisinopril for High blood pressure

    High blood pressure After 2 months 2.5 mg in the evening then try of 5 mg in the evening it came to the first dizziness for hours and the television to sudden blurred vision. Going back to 2.5mg was sufficient for a reduction below 135/90 in the cut, however in the course of the day peaks of more than 160/110 then stopped for 1-2 hours. The last 3 weeks, this has worsened.So have the Lisonipril omitted now, first Nitrendipin again until my morning medical visit

    Side effects: Blurred vision; Dizziness
  5. Diane J. Carty says:
    3.5 rating

    Lisinopril for High blood pressure

    Lisinopril was well tolerated but did not bring any significant improvement. Lisibeta has many side effects. Tired of the day, cheery in the evenings, fatigue, bones hurt, abdominal distension, nausea and dizziness. Frequent urge to water.

  6. Matthew M. Swenson says:
    4.5 rating

    I.) permanent drowsiness (feeling in a bell), tingling in the extremities, calf cramps, feeling of pressure on the bronchi, dizziness, circulation problems of the legs during exertion (climbing stairs), impaired vision: a) strong photosensitivity, b) on glare it lasts very long until vision is possible again, c) sporadic tremors in front of the eyes (starts in one corner and then continues over the field of vision of both eyes, later appeared several times a day), short-term loss of orientation. II.) Later hospital stay because of tachycardia + elevated temperature + high blood pressure + high ck values in the blood (due to calf cramps). III.) Then circular hair loss in 4 places. After discontinuation of lisinopril, the side effects under I. disappear completely within 48 hours. It remains to be hoped that the cause of III.) Has eliminated hair loss.

  7. Ruth J. Woody says:
    4.5 rating

    Lisinopril for High blood pressure

    My blood pressure dropped permanently up to 90/55. You can not live with that !! Complete apathy, dizziness, nausea, listlessness, heartache. I am afraid that this drug from ALUID * PHARMA in Laichingen had a negative effect on my kidney function. I’ll check it.

    Side effects: Nausea; Listlessness; Dizziness
  8. Walter E. Dinh says:
    4.0 rating

    Lisinopril for High blood pressure

    severe cough – especially at night and in the morning, up to three hours after ingestion: dizziness, arrhythmias, blurred vision, hot flashes

    Side effects: Blurred vision; Dizziness; Cough