Dizziness effect of Fluvastatin

We have 18 consumer reports for Fluvastatin. Dizziness effect occurred in 22%.

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  1. Adam N. Ortiz says:
    4.0 rating

    As already described on all sides: joint-muscle pain, tingling to numbness, dizziness, dull. with me it came to massive skin rashes a.d. feet as well as itch i.d. Fingers (like ants) sometimes swallowing (larynx) all this is also stated in the leaflet.

  2. Alex C. Heimann says:
    4.0 rating

    The side effects crept in from day to day, so I did not immediately target the drug. I can only advise against this drug. In the beginning I did not take the symptoms seriously. When I had the first suspicion, I just thought, the body has to adjust to the drug, which unfortunately is not so. Over time, the pain, dizziness and nausea became unbearable. After the review of the drug group of statins, I will now check my liver values, etc.

    Side effects: Dizziness
  3. Nancy C. Brady says:
    5.0 rating

    Fluvastatin for Cholesterol value increase

    In addition to massive sleep disorders occurred after short-term use headache. In addition there were nausea, dizziness and strong muscle piercing, especially in the upper arms. Finger and toe pain with severe stinging and sometimes unacceptable pain in all fingertips. Shortness of breath, fatigue and exhaustion, lack of drive and this constant pain throughout the body led to depression after 4 weeks. After checking cholesterol levels and good results – Lowering to near normal levels – Increasing from 20mg to 40mg and now no more driving possible, left side paralysis and pain everywhere. Have now discontinued, for 2 days without medication, side effects continue, are somewhat mitigated.

    Side effects: Dizziness; Muscle aches