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  1. Everett P. Henry says:
    4.5 rating

    Abilify for Drive disorders; Sleep disorders

    Seroquel at the beginning of very strong fatigue and drowsiness, but after proper dosing that took a bit of time and dropped, we went so halfway well. Unfortunately, the fatigue can not disappear even after years, you have to divide the day well, the only one, strong overweight, have up to 25 kil. increased, for a year I take because of the improvement no more seroquel and the weight is since then again without diet wegababer but to get the dissociative disorder and the post-traumatic stress in grasp it was umungängich and brought successful recovery. depakine redard, no side effects, very well tolerated, I still have, keeps my mood quite well in the balance, kickiko has triggered more nightmares with me, but took them anyway due to the sleeplessness resolved, but today I switched to dominal forte, As the dreams became more, Abilify caused me great restlessness, sometimes I could not sit still or stand still, even in bed my feet slipped, was extremely unpleasant

  2. Wayne M. Stegall says:
    3.5 rating

    Abilify for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    I only took the medication 5 days because of my obsessive-compulsive disorder and unfortunately I’m not at all happy with it. My blood pressure – which has been the most beautiful for many years, shot up. I also have dizziness, I’m totally tired and have racing heart. I also have gastrointestinal problems, although I can not assign 100% of them to Abilify.

  3. Robert T. Melton says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Depression; Psychosis

    I take 10 mg Abilify for 3 days and feel like I’m totally on drugs. Side effects: headache, dizziness, extreme tiredness, nausea, sometimes can not speak properly, my writing is totally scrawny, I feel very weak. Dream hard and much. I feel like I’m on a bad drug trip. Now I have halved the dose (to 5mg) and it works a little better. I will observe this with my doctor and then decide if we will switch back to my old medication (Amisulprid). The only advantage: I have already lost 2.5 pounds.

  4. Laura M. Knapp says:
    5.0 rating

    Abilify for Borderline

    Should work against: inner restlessness, stress, depressive symptoms, Derealisationsproblematik Positive effects: -) No more problem with irritable bowel -) more inner peace, turmoil has calmed -) more positive attitude to life -) stand more in reality (no dream feeling) -) Feel more active No noticeable effect / improvement: -) Memory misfire in stress Side effects: -) strong feeling of drowsiness and tiredness in the morning -) sensitive stomach -) susceptible to dizziness -) slight concentration problems when driving Recommendation: Take in the evening!

  5. Sadie J. Daniel says:
    3.0 rating

    Abilify for Depression

    I took Abilify 5mg in the morning, in addition I take 100mg Seroquel in the evening. Side effects included: nausea, dizziness, headache, palpitations, blurred vision (flickering). Since the side effects got worse every day, I discontinued the medication after a short time.

  6. Nestor L. Nicolai says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Sleep disorders; Psychosis

    I take Abilify since it came to Germany in the market since 2004. I have all neuroleptics through and suffered by strong overweight of Leponex and Zyprexa a heart attack at 24 years. Suffer from muscle atrophy from neuroleptics. This means my heart muscle value ck mb and ck are increased by 30- 50 times when I take another neuroleptics. I had to spend 1 year every day in the psychiatric blood checks to find out which neuroleptics makes any of these muscle increases. The only one was Abilify. The rest could have devastating consequences. I need someone with a lot of experience because I’m at a loss. With Abilify I had strong restlessness, fears, sleep disturbances. Yes, even the sexual behavior became stronger, which actually makes me happy because all other neuroleptics made me impotent. Insofar I am glad that I may have sex again. Nevertheless, Abilify is not the solution. I could not stand the side effect, so I took benzos, that is diazepam. The fears disappeared, the restlessness and I could sleep. Meanwhile, I take 20 mg diazepam a day and it does not work properly anymore. I know that it makes you dependent, but I have not endured the conditions of Abilify. By taking Diazepam for years I feel like I’m in the head. Totally shielded and slowly I feel like dumb. I can not think correctly anymore, but that also happened with abilify. I can not take any other medication due to my heart attack and my muscle increases. It’s like a vicious circle, I can not get out of it. I am now psychosis free for 5 years and do not want to go back to the clinic just to test what suits me. I am already experienced. I would prefer to withdraw the diazepam and completely depose neuroleptics, and then just live again. There is still a difficult road ahead of me. I can tell anyone to take Benzos only on time that means as long as necessary, which does not make it dependent. And if you do not agree abilify others try to stay stable.

  7. Donna S. Graves says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Depression; Psychosis

    I was hired in the clinic on Zyprexa because I got a psychosis and could not eat anything anymore and became aggressive, the drug worked too, I just had vertigo and was very tired and in 2 years from 36 size to 48 rocketed. The appetite increased and my eating habits changed even though I did some exercise, but I was able to work again and that was more important to me than the weight. But there was another depression because I had absolutely no body feeling at all. Since I have changed the medication with my doctor, I tried Abilify, but I have been totally nervous and I have got speech disorders, then I tried zelldox, 80mg in the morning and 80mg in the evening (high dose) the first week I was totally bad, I could not eat anything, but after a week, it got worse and fluoxetine for the depression got 20mg in the morning. I felt great, felt my body again and realized I could enjoy the food again. Only when I took Zelldox in the morning did I get really tired after two hours and had to lie back in bed and sleep first. Now I take 20mg fluoxetine in the morning and 80mg zelldox in the evening, within a year I am from dress size 48 to 40 (also sport), only I notice the protection is not as high as at Zyprexa, at Zyprexa I was feeling-poorer but also more stress-resistant. Now I take feelings more which can be very stressful. Now also do a behavioral therapy, so that I can deal better with everyday situations. (I can only recommend to anyone), the application takes a while and until you find the right therapist, but it’s worth it, because many drugs just kill the symptoms.

  8. Amber W. Holmes says:
    4.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    I am female, 37 years old and take that Abilify are the acute phase (paranoid schizophrenia). In the schizophrenic phase, Abilify in combination with Risperdal and Tavor helped me, so I became clear after three weeks. Then I only got Abilify in the maximum dose. The first three months with this drug were very, very unpleasant. Morning extreme restlessness, urge to move, difficulty sleeping, and switching from the stimulating phase to the sedating phase of this median were hard to take. From noon I was inhibited in thinking, the cycle went down, I took in the wake of the yo-yo effect again 40 kg. After creeping were the extreme restlessness / urge to move, and the very strong sedation away. Or. weakened. Abilify also slows down fat metabolism and increases appetite, just like any other antipsychotic. Although not quite so much as in other, but the loss is very difficult due to the inertia and the two just mentioned effects. The effectiveness, so the antipsychotic effect was not perfect even for me in the maximum dose. Good, but not perfect. And it annoys me to have to take another sedative in addition to be able to sleep at least 6-7 hours! Any additional agent increases the side effect of weight gain. When the second or third drug-inducing drug breaks any metabolism! On the antidepressant effect: it is drive-enhancing by the impulse of (nor) adrenaline, but too little serotonin is triggered and thus increased. I’m restless half the day, but my mood could really be better. After that, from noon onwards, the effect changes to the opposite. And I’m calmer, more tired. Conclusion: Who has no psychotic symptoms – keep away! And as little as possible, but as much as necessary. Lower doses are always to be preferred. For depression alone: choose a different drug. It is not a miracle product !! For me, Abilify has only been very effective antipsychotic in combination with Risperdal. I do not wish anyone a weight gain of 45 KG in total after 13 years of taking different antipsychotics. The Discrimination is so enormous that I tell everyone from the unnecessary !!! Can advise against taking psychotropic drugs. Because not only my body is dirty, my soul is hurt! Good psychotherapy is sometimes more effective than letting oneself drone. Human affection is the alpha and omega. Since I am also afraid of the so-called weaning difficulties … I am looking for a psychiatrist who works independently of the pharmaceutical industry. (MEZIS: Which means: I pay my own food. An association of independent doctors, specialists and psychiatrists.) Greetings from a responsible patient

  9. Whitney T. Horton says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Borderline

    Restlessness, Drowsiness, Fatigue, Dependence, Uncontrolled Salivation, Delusions, Suicidal thoughts, Awareness Disorders, Amnesia, SVN, Helplessness, Apetithlessness, Hunger for Sweet, Weight Loss, Unembarrassed Face, Anxiety, Panic, Loss Fear, Concentration Difficulty, Circulatory Disruptions, Tear, Feeling Not a Second to endure, voices in my head, do all that is said to one without questioning it, deliberately putting oneself in danger, sleep disturbances, no ego feeling. Permanent side effects: Sudden amnesia, which disappears after about 1 to 12 hours, panic attacks, fear of people, sleep disorders, no more confidence. I had to take Abilify for about 3 months. It was awful .. It did not help me at all & amp; had only side effects .. Under Abilify, I thought I would have to die ..

  10. Dusty R. Bowman says:
    4.5 rating

    Abilify for Mania

    In acute therapy, I suffered from sudden, previously unreleased internal visions and circulatory problems (black in the face, dizziness). I had felt a strong urge to move (restlessness). These side effects have given. In the continuous use (so far 2 months) it came to sleep disturbances: I get little into the deep sleep. The consciousness is extremely extended. The senses are awake, the senses have disappeared. My temperament remained sanguine (self-assured) to hypomanic; it was not humiliated or depressed, but the acute mania and latent megalomania were eradicated. I have energy and a very good drive. I sleep (7 hours) and eat less (but because of the therapy regularly), which I consider positive. But (subconscious) personal problems and fears make it harder for me to work than before and can not be worked up through sleep. The sense of reality has improved, the sound of the (own) inner voice (s) has disappeared. Now and then suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-abandonment arise because of the problems of treatment because my ego is now easier to offend. The drug is weaker antipsychotic (the auditory perception of phonemes and the pathological empathy and telepathy has disappeared, but I now have visions), but more pleasant mood-enhancing and stabilizing at a higher level than other neuroleptics, which I know. However, I feel a strange twisting in my stomach when I have not eaten, which gives a neutral-uplifted feeling. I gain interest in sexual objects (women, adolescent men) and sexual practices (hand masturbation) that did not interest me before. The interaction with the sedating neuroleptic drug pipamperone is weak, as dipiperone (tradename) may provide its cushioning effect, however, even five times the dose, despite the combination with alcohol, can not induce sleep, which should, however, normally do, especially if one has not drunk alcohol for weeks. Aripiprazole appears to reverse the sedative (but not soothing) effects of alcohol. I feel a great urge to drink coffee. Abilify is less potent than Zyprexa (olanzipine) but more optimistic than Risperdal (risperidone) and does not show any extra-pyramidal disorders such as haloperidol.

  11. Tammy R. Richmond says:
    3.0 rating

    Abilify for Borderline

    5mg: dizziness 7.5mg: total restlessness, erratic, can not sit still, as in drugs, convulsions, could close the mouth net more, the forcing to rock with the leg (still, after 2 days sedation), visual disturbances (blurred , movable objects drew a trail behind), suicidal gnomes, in order to finally feel the side effects more net … devil stuff, I hope, I keep no lasting damage. still can not sleep despite seroquel.

  12. Jessica E. Spence says:
    3.5 rating

    Abilify for Mood swings; Sleep disorders; Depression

    abilify: uneasiness, always having to move, insomnia, lack of appetite, easy dizziness, estimating distances is difficult (often running against it somewhere) seroquel: taking in the evening against the insomnia (abilify), immediately tired and sleep like in the coma deep and unavoidable, the next day, it’s hardly possible for me to concentrate, no effort to knock out and too tired for everything.

  13. Lawrence I. Wild says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    Feeling dull, head totally heavy. Sometimes nausea. Dizziness. Fatigue. Loss of appetite.

    Side effects: Anorexia; Dizziness; Nausea; Fatigue
  14. Leona C. Keith says:
    4.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    Initially, I complained of nausea and dizziness, I was extremely tired for about 3 days. Then it was suddenly as if someone had removed a parking claw. After a long time with strong drive disturbances, I am now full of energy and able to do the daily tasks. In the meantime, however, perceptual disturbances occur again and again. There is strong inner restlessness. At the beginning of the treatment I was able to B. not sleep well. I woke up at night 4-5 times and woke up around 4.30 am every morning. Sleep was out of the question. But with some exceptions, that has improved. After taking Risperdal (duration of intake 1 year) increased about 15 kg, I could now reduce again after the drug conversion with Abilify and Sport 5 kg. Have no more hunger attacks. It creates a feeling of satiety relatively quickly.