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  1. Kenyatta A. Jewett says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis

    I have been able to tolerate the Valette very well over the years. Since I was switched to 1000 – 800 mg of Seroquel, I always had sudden shortness of breath and chest tightness just after falling asleep. I had to cough up and then it was good again. I still do not know if the o. A. Symptoms were from the pill (Valette) or caused by my house dust mite allergy.

    Side effects: Difficulty in breathing
  2. Jeffrey R. Barksdale says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis

    Diagnosis Blatant schizophrenia ….. after today’s medicine without any chance of healing started with Zyprexa 1 month, then changed to 2 months Seroquel side effects Seroquel seroquel has disturbed the respiratory system. was able to do sports did not breathe faster for it incredibly sweaty ….. so that’s already ne ultrakrasse side effect, then as soon as I was home the seroquel discontinued ….. I almost leave the body … one slow deposition is strongly recommended. After 3 months with Zyprexa drove on and stayed. I did not need zyprexa when I could not sleep anymore … I never really took it regularly, as I was teaching chemistry at Novartis in the central nervous system research department schizophrenia and I was aware of the theoretical models of drugs. I knew these drugs can never cure schizophrenia. Resting on the effect of a drug is hardly recommended. Our body needs natural nutrients from food for regeneration! With chemical products that are based on primitive models that only observe one process and do not consider the whole body and its environment, a cure can never be effected, only a postponing of what everyone in delusional states has to face, the delusion itself and at the same time the solution of deliberately unnatural judging this condition. every state of delusion is the key to healing …. but that this can happen under optimal conditions should be given to the body everything he needs for regeneration and cleansing. Drain heavy metals …. detoxify …. buy a juice syrup, pull sprouts, eat fruits and vegetables, and do not heat or freeze and if possible at least from biological environment. This ensures that you can use the body all the enzymes, vitamins and other builders, detergents, without prejudice in the body. Because cooking makes the most of what helps the brain and our other organs on the jumps nichte. No drug from the chemical industry can and will ever heal anything. only our life mediators, life mediators, in their as possible processed unaufagerter freshest form are life and thus healthy medium. Ok after 3 years of zyprexa, I’ve been eating salads and a lot of raw vegetables and fruits for over a year. The purchase of the juicer has enabled me to do without zyprexa. With wheatgrass juice, I made really big progress. I have been free of Zyprex for 2 years ….. not that I had no problems doing that. But such a celery juice calms down immensely …. unbelievable what vegetables and fruits have for a fortune. As a juice they are already in our bloodstream after 2 to 3 minutes and work immediately! While eating it can take up to 3 hours. Every day I feel better. I also take AFA, Klamath algae. They are wonderful to support our nerve cells in the production of neurotransmitters! This is part of the way to our healing!! Give the body what he naturally needs to regenerate …. And to all those who still believe that the cells of the brain should not regenerate and damage is permanent: the brain is a big consumer of energy and comes at the homeostase reperaturaufgabenlsite, Regeneration of the body stops somewhere at the end. D. H. as long as I feed myself with denatured foods, the brain and many other organs will degenerate. Buy the following books from Rosemarie Nöcker: The Good Book of Sprouts and Germs. Norman Walker on drinking juices. 3. Books about our most important food: The water (Dr. Norman Walker also wrote one) 4. Replace all salt with natural crystal salt: salzladen.ch 5. I recommend to Peter Ferreira to talk about water and salt. Inform (they bring themselves back into formation!) They will also become a miracle of the industry promising without the miracle of medicine You too become natural again. Because as long as our psychiatrists and doctors and prescribe medications, they reveal their inability to help us. Because our thoughts and resulting behaviors are those that make us healthy or sick and everything we absorb. After sowing and harvesting Doctor comes from Latin and means nothing else than a teacher! So if a doctor no longer teaches but only prescribes …. then he is actually no longer a doctor. I have used many drugs in my past. And I also knew which systems in our nervous system respond to them. I am very familiar with the models of the pharmaceutical industry. I searched a long time and found many things ….. and what closed with

  3. Kelly J. Smith says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis

    Seroquel definitely worked for me against the ever-threatening fat psychosis. That’s what all the other medicines of the past 16 years have done. Like all these medications, Seroquel made quite dramatic side effects: soon after taking it, it forces you into a tiredness, dullness, sometimes I thought I was going to pass out. After about a quarter of an hour passed this consciousness-clouded phase, but really powerful I was then the whole day nicht.Der blood pressure went as an outside sign for it in the basement.There was that falling asleep, the combination of stuffy nose, difficulty swallowing and pressure the chest led to suffocation attacks. After about 2 years this subsided, because the dose was lower. The weight was about the same (I have since the ingestion of neuroleptics anyway 20-30 pounds overweight) As a really corrosive NW Restless Leg syndrome came to falling asleep. That and the fear of suffocation made me afraid to fall asleep. On the other hand, I was given Tavor. I’ll take that today (at night). Since April of this year I take the new Seroquel prolong. That too makes you tired. But you only take it once a day because it’s the slow release version of Seroquel. I take it to the night (300 mg). At the same time I carried out a nutritional change. Nevertheless, I took 10 kilos. The weight gain has come to a standstill in the meantime, I also have no more suffocating attacks, and so, after a while, I also lose the fear of falling asleep. I rarely have restless legs, especially if I eat something sweet at night AFTER taking it. Oh yes, since 1996 I have nocturnal seizures, but can not establish a causal relationship with the tablets. But one observation is clear: granulated sugar, eaten after the night medication, made me restless-leg u, on the other hand, only helped getting up and running around, although I was totally tired. The paradox was that I got up, but magically dressed in the fridge, always looking for something edible-a vicious circle. I’ll do it now, but I’ll avoid anything where there’s sugar in it. Now the legs only rarely twitch. Conclusion: Any NW have probably all meds, great is not. But I’ve learned that I can not get along without it (I can only speak for myself), I’ve tried it without it, which resulted in an unprecedented boost. Now I swallow the tablets. I think that the body gets used to the drugs, sometimes to formulate cautious … and advise to slow, gradual reduction to individual optimal dose (maybe down to zero). I myself made a cold withdrawal and that was – as I said – fatal. The Seroquel prolong I can tolerate halfway, but I still find myself too weak, which often makes me dissatisfied. It does not do this fainting state like Seroquel, but it spreads the fatigue evenly throughout the day. Nochwas: For years I had dyskinesia, long-term consequences of Haldol / Rispedal; Now hands and feet do not feel like it anymore, maybe this is also due to yoga and meditation. Or the new medication … who knows?