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  1. Michael C. Livingston says:
    3.5 rating

    Lorazepam for Sleep disorders

    I received Lorazepam 20 mg with Fluoxetine as an emergency drug for sleep disorders. To keep the risk at the first intake low, I tried Lorazepam only on Friday evening. Until this day, the only side effects of Fluoxetine were that I keep waking up at night (without panic). After taking it, I did not feel any difference at first. At night, I woke up about every half hour and felt a strong feeling of tightness in the chest. The cold sweat broke out and every dream became a nightmare. This condition lasted until Sunday noon. I got more and more respiratory problems and panic feelings and also the depression with migraines and suicidal thoughts returned. Only last night (Tuesday to Wednesday) disappeared the panic attacks (no more Lorazepameinnahme since Friday evening). I will not take Lorazepam anymore, but advise everyone to test for themselves.

    Side effects: Difficulty in breathing