Difficulty in breathing effect of Diclofenac

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  1. Ursula D. Pitt says:
    4.5 rating

    I got diclofenac 50 mg as an adjunct to antibiotic cefuroxime mepha. Usually, doctors always prescribe me Aspegic (which is very good). Not this time, for whatever reason. I told myself I trust her, she’s a doctor, and I’ve taken it. The effectiveness is really good and fast, I have to say. But the consequences are dangerous. This medication was unsympathetic to me from the start. You just have to read the leaflet. First 3 tablets helped me, 4 tablet left, 5 got ready. Got breathlessness for several hours. And my blood pressure was 140 / 90. Colleague had to take me to the emergency doctor, because I was not able to walk at all, because I did not get more air. Of course, the doctor said sure, it’s not sure if it’s (the doctors have to protect each other), but I’m not supposed to take it for safety anymore, and I got magnesium and Aspegic. Since I have a child, and still intend to enjoy some years with my child, and not die of cardiac arrest, or to be disabled because of oxygen problems, I must call this drug dangerous. Can endanger the health. Is effective but dangerous. Should be overdone, and prescribed only for appropriate patients. I do not take Diclofenac anymore in this life.

  2. Delores M. Ayres says:
    2.0 rating

    Diclofenac for Arthritis

    About 10 hours after taking diclofenac, scalp and body itching, swelling of the joint and the face, heat in the body, circulatory collapse, respiratory distress, ambulance, intensive care unit later in der der Hautklinik for drug allergy test

  3. Armida T. Tonn says:
    2.0 rating

    Diclofenac for Pain (back)

    Tingling sensations in the feet and hands, tearing all over the body, tachycardia, trembling, tightness in the breathing area with massive anxiety, loss of self-control with crying and hyperventilating. Calming by ambulance. Until half a year thereafter appearing gaze, muscle cold and stiffness of movement, after work first lethargically and stiffly rest on the sofa for 1 hour.