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  1. Aileen D. Perez says:
    4.5 rating

    Hi, Even I got 3 days ago by the dentist prescribed this antibiotic because I get a wisdom tooth, but somehow presses against another tooth and I just got it inflammation and had to endure severe pain for a week. So you go there and get the drug! Since I already have a penicillin allergy, I am always afraid of antibiotics and the dentist and I have chosen this as a ‘good’ alternative product ‘Unfortunately, the side effects are so violent that I am out of action and not even more dare to leave the house! I have stomach cramps so severe that it is unbearable. The pain radiates into the lumbar vertebrae and into the chest. I get very bad breath, have a pressure on the chest as if a truck parked on it! Add an incredible tiredness and constant dizziness when I lower or raise my head! All this does not mean that I’m pretty irritated and completely depressed! For me it is enough with this drug and I will not take it any further and after the weekend I prefer to introduce another solution before I continue to die with the feeling of dying! Not recommended and should urgently be checked by the pharmaceutical industry again! Effect, however, was still good. The toothache had disappeared the 2nd day. If it goes along with the fact that the other pains have drowned the toothache is then already questionable: ‘)