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  1. Daniel S. Townsend says:
    3.5 rating

    Aspirin for Pain (acute); A headache

    I had acute pain (at night) and did not know how to continue. So I grabbed Aspirin. It should be the first and last time. I am a severe allergic and did not know anything about the deadly effects of aspirin at the time. The acetylsalicylic acid contained in it, which is also present in many other painkillers, was almost fatal to me. Sweating, shortness of breath, fever, circulatory collapse and that for a few hours.

  2. Marc J. Lee says:
    4.0 rating

    Aspirin for Fever; Thrombosis prophylaxis; Pain (acute)

    1. Shortness of breath, bronchial constriction, not recognized by a doctor, only after switching to heparin, due to surgery, then aspirin again! 2. Teeth loosen up over the years, hair loss, but the only drug that protects me (blood thinning) 3. bronchitis, dizziness, central nervous system, tremors, upper abdominal pain. 4. Cough, circulatory problems, icy hands, no improvement, after 5 days I had to sell it.

  3. Darrick H. Perkins says:
    3.0 rating

    Aspirin for A headache

    Aspirin aggravated respiratory distress in asthmatic. Immediately after taking aspirin, I had much more difficulty exhaling than before and after several hours. Even my asthma medication (Aerodur) could hardly give me any relief. Connection was confirmed by three pharmacists. Note d. Mod .: Aspirin is contraindicated in asthmatics.

    Side effects: Difficulty in breathing
  4. Louise B. Beers says:
    3.5 rating

    Aspirin for A headache

    Strong Quinke edema on the chin over 2 days. Can cause shortness of breath and suffocation in the neck area.

    Side effects: Difficulty in breathing
  5. Staci G. Couch says:
    3.0 rating

    Aspirin for A headache

    Had the last time taken aspirin many years ago, because I never really suffer from a headache. But one day they were very strong and I took a tablet. After about 30 minutes, an incredible feeling of nausea forced me to lie down. In addition, I got a shortness of breath I’ve never had, every time I inhale, my lungs whistled and I was afraid to suffocate. Rash or the like I did not get. The nausea lasted about 9 hours, the shortness of breath about 4 hours, at the end it was only a whistling of the lungs when inhaling.