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  1. Paul J. Larocque says:
    4.0 rating

    Actos for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    First, after about 7 days swelling of the forearms and hands with marked redness of the skin and increasing itching. After another 7 days breathlessness occurred during a brisk walk. This breathlessness intensified. I then discontinued the medication (without consulting a doctor). After about 10 days, the swelling and redness had disappeared. The shortness of breath unfortunately lasted about 2 weeks (decreasing).

  2. Joanne A. Speer says:
    3.5 rating

    Actos for Diabetes mellitus type i

    After 9 months of taking the medicine I stop today. I’m looking for 6 months, what’s wrong with me. Sleep disorders (3-hour rhythm between sleeping and being awake), water retention in the legs, very high weight gain (30kg), back pain in the back, muscle aches and shortness of breath. I am a very agile person, have a large plot (4000m2) to manage, so with phlegmatism is not. But since November last year, I’ve noticed that I was very short of breath, all my muscles and bones hurt. Strong ankle swelling since January. Sleep disorders since September07. none of the consulting physicians could tell me anything. Neither the diabetes doctor, nor others. Cardiac ECG long-term o.B. But I did not want to accept it now. I came across this forum, have read and now it’s over with funny. From now on, I stop using this medicine. If that was the case, there will be an improvement. Thank you for reading this forum, was very helpful.

  3. Betty J. Moniz says:
    3.0 rating

    Actos for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    I took ACTOS for about 2 months and got spasmodic kidney pain during this time and soon afterwards a shrill cough with shortness of breath and expectoration of mucus. After weaning, the kidneys were OK again, but my bronchi raged for many weeks. Now I’m just starting with Siofor 1000 and I’m alert on the side effects.

    Side effects: Difficulty in breathing
  4. Nicole M. Taylor says:
    3.0 rating

    Actos for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    Hello Good day, 3 years ago, I was switched to NovoRapid, so far well tolerated so far, however, my weight increased constantly and I sometimes got a little shortness of breath. End of May d.J. I was switched to Actos, I tolerated it very well at first, I felt much better than with NovoRapid, but gradually turned out respiratory problems to acute respiratory distress. I discontinued the medication, started NovoRapid again, but the breathing problems associated with heart stumbling continued to increase. My question? Has anyone had similar experiences?????? I would like to learn more. Sincerely, Hannah K

  5. Lenora R. Reynolds says:
    4.0 rating

    Actos for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    to Actos: Finally, after 5 years, this is over thanks to my new diabetologist. At first I tolerated them very well … at least I thought !!! Today looking back and looking at your descriptions, it was fatal to take these pills … shortness of breath, 32 kg weight gain, heart stumbling, lumbar pain, edema in the feet, etc., but the worst was a severe upper arm fracture with titanium plates in 04/2005 had to be treated by a difficult operation, in the same year 6 months later a finger fracture on the same arm and another 2 months later again on the same arm a break of the memory head in the elbow …. all these fractures were caused by a very simple stumbling and falling. .. Today I know by reading that such fractures can be one of the many side effects of Actos … I wonder how long it will take until this remedy will disappear from my body … at least after 3 weeks weaning already 5 kg disappeared … to Meglucon: due to an operation 2 weeks ago I had to discontinue this drug for 1 week and felt terribly well he … when I started again I had 4 days of total nausea with abdominal pain, body aches, listlessness, permanent fatigue. If it does not get better, I’ll think about stopping and an alternative to this drug.