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  1. Tonia J. Davis says:
    4.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Depression

    I have been taking Zyprexa since September 2010. I got the drug in closed psychiatry. At the beginning of treatment I had dizziness and great apettit. I had a constant feeling of hunger and was not fed up at all. My starting dose was 10 mg / day. One year later, in the summer of 2011, I tried for the first time to sneak away Zyprexa due to side effects. I was totally stunned, had no feelings and total loss of libido. I slowly reduced it, from 10 mg to 7.5 mg, 5 mg, 2.5 mg, 1 month each, and then I completely shed Zyprexa. In the beginning it was still fine, but when I was 2.5 mg, I felt dogs miserable. I had strong convulsions when falling asleep and waking up, even cramping while falling asleep and dyskinesia when waking up. These were spasmodic twitches throughout my body that I could not control. I also had sleep problems and diarrhea. When I completely deposed Zyprexa of 2.5mg, which was probably too fast, I had breathlessness. My stomach was so inflated that I could not breathe properly. I was so sick of the withdrawal symptoms that I became severely depressed and had suicidal thoughts. Wg. The shortness of breath, I even had to call the ambulance. Then I took Zyprexa again on the advice of a psychiatrist in the university hospital and increased until the withdrawal symptoms were gone. The most persistent were the dyskinesias. The result was that I ended up taking 15 mg Zyprexa, not just 10 mg as before. In 2011, I tried 2x to drop off Zyprexa, with the same serious withdrawal symptoms. In September 2012, I had to go to the clinic for alcohol withdrawal and had the Zyprexa reduced from 15 mg to 5 mg / day. This was still reasonably good, i. I had diarrhea for over 6 weeks. I had the family doctor examine a stool sample to rule out another cause of the diarrhea. In December 2012, I further reduced to 2.5 mg and had again falling asleep and waking very strong cramps, twitching, throughout the body and sometimes even on the face, these were dyskinesias and diarrhea again. The cramps were uncontrollable and only got better when I got out of bed and did gymnastics. The dyskinesia were gone after breakfast. Then I raised myself again to 15 mg. The result was that I still had mild cramps when falling asleep and waking up. When waking up, the cramps were worse and lasted longer than falling asleep. On 18.01.2013 I tried again and again reduced to 5 mg. I had the convulsions unchanged. Yesterday I further reduced to 2.5 mg and took on the recommendation of the pharmacist 400 mg of magnesium per day. That helped me, the cramps got better, but of course I’m not free of it. I still have diarrhea. I am very worried that the dyskinesia will get even worse as I reduced it to 2.5 mg only yesterday. Since I reduced to 2.5 mg, I also have sleep problems, fall asleep and wake up every 2 hours. I told my psychiatrist from the University of Dyskinesia that he was completely at a loss and said I am the first patient to report this. I reduce the Zyprexa only after at least 2-3 months, provided that I no longer have any withdrawal symptoms. Then I try to halve the 2.5 mg with the kitchen knife to 1.25 mg. I wish I had never got the devil’s stuff. The psychiatrist, who originally gave me this in the hospital (closed psychiatry) because of a trauma, I would like to sue. The Zyprexa totally stunned me, I had no feelings at all, no positives either. My libido was also lost and my orgasm ability. I felt completely empty inside. I can only warn everyone. Today I have 25 kg overweight of the stuff.

  2. Rita E. Purcell says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    Weight gain (previously20kg), fatigue (strong), loss of libido (strong), * increased appetite (after Einz.Zyprexa), listlessness (extreme), diarrhea (occasional), aggression (none), change in nature (increasing), menstrual disorders (since approx. 2 years), tremor (none), abdominal pain (uncommon), paresthesia (none), urgency (extreme), changes in liver function (previously no), thought disorders (extreme), ataxia (stiff), motor disorder (yes), hyperthyroidism ( no), muscle twitching (no), cravings (see *), constipation (rare), ** headache (increasing), joint pain (uncommon), nausea (see **), mood swings (occasionally), dizziness (occasionally), sleep disorders (extreme), vomiting (see **), withdrawal symptoms (? smoking – extreme cigarette consumption), poor concentration (extreme), impotence (yes), fluid retention (? cell fluid)

  3. Rosa M. Boyd says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Anxiety disorders

    Trevilor: Sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, trembling.When weaning: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, electric shock-like conditions in the head, trembling. Zyprexa: Weight gain: 25 kg in 3 years, fatigue. on weaning: shaking, nervousness, aggression, mood swings. Prothazine: Everything’s okay, except for the paralyzed.