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  1. Glenda A. Obregon says:
    4.0 rating

    Never again Mirena !! When, after about 4.5 years, I happened to bump into Mirena more or less by chance on the various forums and posts about Mirena, it struck me like scales from my eyes !! I made an appointment directly with my FA and the culprit was drawn just over a week ago. Since then, the following has changed in my life (Thank God very quickly or immediately and hopefully permanently): 1. Constant urination — I had pushed on my two births, thought: great, half incontinent with late 30 — after Pull: OFF !! 2. the feeling of being at least 90 years old, if still alive: WAY !!! 3. Lack of energy, felt burn-out, everything too much, everything exhausting — I had pushed on overwork because of children / work, although I was always aware that my work is actually to create or should be — WAY! ! 4. super-dry skin on the face and on the head: is beautiful to have my soft skin given back … wonderful !! 5. foul-smelling discharge, always having the feeling that I stink and have to take a shower: OFF !! 6. increased hair growth (especially on the chin and on the legs) — I can not judge yet. 7. Aggressiveness, the non-acceptance of physical closeness, often zero in people and sociability (to go to kindergarten alone to pick up my daughter cost me every time a huge overcoming): OFF !! 8. I also always had a funny feeling in the mouth … very strange + disgusting … also feels much better, but I can not yet 100% on the Mirena push … 9. My stomach !! My waist !! I went to FA last summer because I was 100% sure I was pregnant … but I was not. I had almost constantly (at least emotionally) a belly like in the 4./5. Month. — PATH!! 10. Constant diarrhea — not yet resolved, but I also have hope here :-)) 11. Deteriorated vision because of too dry eyes — not yet resolved: – ((Mannoman, I feel like new born and I’m especially mad at me, because I’ve done it without batting an eyelash, I think my side effects appeared after about 2 years, before it was okay It’s all the more appreciated that it makes you happy again after such tiring and bad times when you do not even know what’s going on with you, like many of you, I ran to the doctor because I did too thought I was sick for sure but thank goodness not the case !! I can only say: NEVER AGAIN HAPPY HORMONE FOR ME !!!

  2. Cheryl M. Salas says:
    2.5 rating

    After getting my daughter (today almost 6 years old), after having had a mishap three months after giving birth to me and my husband, I was told by my doctor to use the hormone spiral Mirena either after the pill or if I would like to avoid it in the long term , Since I have trusted my doctor blindly, as he is more likely to fall back on homeopathic medicines, I did not question this. After she was in, I had half a year bleeding permanently. After taking an additional hormone in tablet form (progestogen) for a few days, the bleeding stopped and my period stayed off all the time. This is also a desired side effect of the hormone spiral. For four and a half years, I actually forgot about the spiral, but there were more and more body ailments, which I initially always pushed to other causes but in no way led back to the spiral. After I had because of constant gastrointestinal complaints such as diarrhea, stomach ache, constipation 2 gastroscopy and a colonoscopy, nothing was found in both investigations. My depressive mood, and since the onset of hormonal spiral constant insomnia and when I could sleep, I woke up in the middle of the night and suffered from shortness of breath and got panic attacks with sweats. Then all the organs were sonicated and examined by me (thyroid, pancreas, bile, etc.) fortunately all normal and even now I was not thinking of my spiral. Then I consulted a psychologist and here, too, it got worse and worse with the panic attacks. In addition to the weight gain of 10-15 kg (which just did not want to go away (even with sports and nutrition there was nothing to do)) I suffered from total libido loss. Then I could no longer tolerate certain foods at once including various fruits and vegetables with which I had never had a problem before laying the spiral. After accidentally stumbling across the internet about the side effects of Mirena, I realized to my horror that the complaints of other fellow sufferers 1: 1 with my complaints. My marriage was threatened with the side effects, because I was only depressed and had no desire for affection. Since I had to think about it anyway if I wanted a new spiral or not, I decided against it and then wanted to let me go. However, this was also more difficult than expected because the retrieval thread was no longer found and finally I had to pull the spiral under anesthetic in an outpatient surgery. So far so good. After the removal of the spiral, I went through all the side effects that have crept in 4.5 years within three months in the time lapse backwards again. Today, my husband says he finally has his wife back. None of the symptoms described above are still part of my life. I would never let the coil be used again. And since then warn every woman about it, as the side effects can go on slowly and have massive effects on the whole life.

  3. Leonor J. Fletcher says:
    4.5 rating

    The first time I still thought that happens over time, the body just needs his time to get used to the unfamiliar hormones. But I can not (and do not want to) think about the symptoms because they can not – they are too massive for that. Have had yesterday night with unlikely nausea, sleep bad at night, must go out often (it grumbles in the stomach, often diarrhea) – I do not know that, I am known for my solid and deep sleep and had a firm for my intestinal activity rhythm. Furthermore, I can hardly look at myself for several weeks in the mirror – bloated, ablafft, tired. I could spend the whole day in bed. Do not eat any other than before, walk – no chance to hold my weight; Let alone reduce. And that, although he spoke really well on change conversion, in the evening only fruit, etc. Was not a problem for me. Furthermore, I not only feel sexual disgust, but even aversion to my beloved work. Must think and fight every morning, so I really get up and go. I’m moody like a teenager and so emotional that I cry for every bit of it. Yesterday I decided to have my spiral removed.

  4. Bessie P. Reese says:
    4.5 rating

    The onset was extremely painful, the cramps went back even then slowly. After just a few days, I began to experience side effects such as severe nausea, diarrhea, spasmodic headache, pain and feeling of coldness in the legs, severe abdominal pain and bleeding, especially after and during GV. The next period was very strong, painful and lasted 11 days. I went to my GP after 3 weeks and was examined because I first thought I had a virus. All findings were negative. After another three weeks with these symptoms, I was dehydrated, nervous and physically exhausted. I had chills and a slight fever. I then did some research, because my gynecologist sent me away saying that it was not from the spiral or that my body needed to get used to it. I then insisted that she be pulled back. All complaints have receded within 2 weeks. It is a scandal that the risk of intolerance is actively concealed by most medical specialists. Meanwhile, I know that this is well known. Although the hormones are given locally in the uterus, but go very well into the blood. Meanwhile, I have a hormone-free spiral and am very satisfied with it.

  5. Carol B. Greco says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Bleeding

    Hello, I have the Mirena in March 2014 use, because I had very heavy bleeding after 2 births. I’m a single parent without a partner, but I just could not stand the pain of the Rule. June 2014 in 3 weeks from 70 kg to 76kg. In August on mother child cure, sports, healthy diet not the bean of weight loss! Suffering from: weight gain, cellulite (arms, legs, buttocks) Water retention all over, bloated stomach, diarrhea, sleep disturbances, tachycardia, strong sweating at night, sweat on nose and upper lip during the day, depression, suicidal thoughts, not just a second of thought lost a man or interest in the opposite sex! Today at the end of june 2016 I weigh as much as 84 kg, I look like I am 8 months pregnant, I am also regularly asked in which month I am !!! Got an appointment today (unfortunately at the end of July) to remove. My HA has given me referrals for the cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastro doctor, because of all my symptoms …. I think after reading everything here that the answer is sitting in my uterus. But no, it only works locally

  6. Vicki M. Edgar says:
    4.5 rating

    Unfortunately, only after 6.5 years Mirena (2.Hormonspirale) lights up on me. Also I was never informed by my FÄ (1st spiral another FA) about the side effects, but only about contraindications that they either slipped or might grow in. There should be no side effects, one drummed. That this is the greatest contraception that there is, no question, because lust for sex, I hardly have. Quite apart from the loss of libido, my skin has changed a lot and hair growth has increased enormously. Of course, only in places that should be reserved for men. My chin is now covered in inflammation and scars, as I am dedicated to my morning and afternoon ritual of stubble removal with tweezers. The hair grows, despite constant exfoliation, in the skin and this inflames. Without covering the places with tinting cream, I dare not leave the house. Although I’m dark in type and have always had more hair, but not to that extent. On the toes, back of the feet, chin, buttocks, Pofalte they have now increasingly settled, are still hard and black. Growing, shaving, plucking becomes everyday. 1 1/2 years ago I even bought an expensive device for permanent hair removal with the light technology. At first thought it would also help on the chin, unfortunately not. But my biggest problem is the permanent itching all over my body, mainly on my back and arms. Am for years at the clarification at the house or dermatologist. Since I used to have a mushroom braid, I thought I would never get rid of it. Here are circular white spots after scratching, which I can detect all over the upper body and arms. My family doctor said, with the tablet cure for skin fungus, the problem would have to be finally resolved, since I already a year often a shower cure for the disease and did not help. But I did not realize that this had already been fought for a long time. yes, no skin fungus was more evidence. Nevertheless, itching and permanent white patches of skin, which are very pronounced in summer and ugly to look at. A terrible burden, because until the evening intensifies the itching and prevents falling asleep. I had no explanation yet, already bought acute sprays for itching for neurodermatitis patients, made sea salt baths and am now still every day 2-3 times creaming and make the itching more bearable. In addition, since a few years hives, which makes itself felt in the cold. Already at 10 degrees, itching pustules on the thighs form when I go walking. Also, in the evening, all of a sudden, I got hives all over my upper body. Inexplicable, because I did not eat or did anything special. Neither detergent change, nor food change changed something. You get totally crazy because nobody can help you. My sister advised me wg. hair growth and itching to remove the spiral, as this had to be the trigger. Never, I thought, can not be, did not want to believe her. Why? No FA confirms that, as many women read here. After all, is a lucrative business with the spiral. The patient is secondary. Sometimes one gets the feeling that here in agreement of all FÄ the side effects of the Mirena are simply rejected and concealed, in order to keep the business going. Other side effects include flatulence, bloated abdomen with malaise, as if you were pregnant. For some years diarrhea, sometimes so strong that the chair is only watery. An anal thrombosis had to be removed a few times, so the proctologist advised me not to push so hard during bowel movements, which would cause hemorrhoids and thrombosis. He did not believe me the diarrhea, because I have according to his statement have a hard bowel movement. A colonoscopy, therefore, I had to endure even over me. So, nothing fits together anymore. Still ask me if all my complaints are triggered by the Mirena. Two years ago, I still got pain in my tailbone, without it would have fallen on it. At some point it became so strong that I could not sit down normally anymore. After about 1 1/2 years, a CT was finally made. Of course without findings! No periostitis or anything else to prove. Pain is my constant companion, as tendinitis in the arms to the wrist, as osteoarthritis is also suspected in the shoulder joints. As well as osteoarthritis in the knee and cervical spine. Inflammation can never be detected in the blood and I am absolutely pumperlgsund. Since many women here indicate back pain and joint pain, this pain could also have to do with the spiral. Unfortunately, one can not prove this. The coccyx