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  1. Mary M. Smith says:
    4.0 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    My experiences are, I have very strong Schweisausbrüche, Gefühsschwankungen, joint pain but only when it is cold. I have already gained 7 kg in weight, that bothers me a lot. From time to time I am Depressed and Aggressive. I can live well with that, but not with the increase in weight, that still makes me crazy. I often have sleep problems as well. I would prefer to take nothing more. With the removal of the ovaries, I thought I need tamoxifen no longer take, but unfortunately it was not so. I’m totally draughty about my weight, and my gynecologist’s statement is just that, that’s normal.

  2. Shirley W. Stewart says:
    4.0 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast-op

    12 years ago had DCIS and a surgery with breast restoration (implant). After 12 years, just a replacement part was due. At the OP a few cells DCIS (Grade1) were found; another postoperative surgery with a slightly larger margin. No absolute certainty that now really all cells were caught. So tamoxifen. I took the first tablet 4 weeks ago and was happy for the first time because I did not have any physical complaints like hot flashes or muscle aches. But then I noticed after 1 -2 weeks that I was somehow funny. I got out of bed in the morning only with difficulty, was driveless, dazed and somehow not quite there. In 14 days by bike had 4 near-accidents, but luckily all went out well. I think behind the wheel I would have been a danger to the public. After three weeks I just cried and decided to stop tamoxifen. Now after a week without tamoxifen I’m fine again. In the last few days I have dealt intensively with the topic; tamoxifen only reduces the likelihood of relapse by a few percent and that’s just not worth it to me. I am now 60 and have 10 more years to enjoy life. With tamoxifen I would just be a howling bunch of tears; For that I would (maybe?) live a few years longer. I’m assuming that a DCIS recurrence will be detected in time and then operated on.