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  1. Emily J. Woodworth says:
    4.5 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    I used Symbicort twice a shorter time. I noticed the most severe side effect with this drug the second time by chance. The shaky, tingling sensation in my hands and arms has always disturbed and disturbed me. The first time, however, I had a serious infection at the same time and was anyway something wrong. The second attempt with Symbicort, however, I was pretty good before. Therefore, the difference was only then to recognize. At some point when I felt very bad on a weekend, I dropped it off. But also mainly because I could not stand the shaky feeling any longer. Then I also noticed that my mood was suddenly better again. I had cried this weekend almost only what I did not know about me. It was really scary. In retrospect, I was emotionally quite wrong at the first application but I just pushed that on the infection. I was very scared that such a spray can also have such side effects. Of course it is in the leaflet but it is always said that they only act locally, etc. And doctors are not made aware of it.

  2. Lena J. Paradiso says:
    3.5 rating

    I got there symbicort 160.4.5 twice in the morning and evening. At the beginning I just lost my voice, shaking at a stroke, depression, fear standing next to you, nausea, eyes twitching, cramp in my foot.