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  1. April L. Palermo says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Edema; Fatigue

    I’ve been sick for a long time and have been getting worse, starting with anxiety, Depris (severe !!!), dissatisfied with everything and everyone, circulatory problems, water retention, acne and much more. lately i have had animal vision problems (i thought i was batty !!!) …. just awful !!! Decision is certain: I let them pull after 4J and 3 months now: But: I have Todesnagst, who made experiences? please tell me about *** my.*** with me, I would be glad, the appointment should be in the next week. Thank you and best regards from Ostfriesland!

  2. Verna J. Fennell says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello, I had the Mirena laid about 2 1/2 years ago, after I absolutely did not want to become pregnant with two adult children and over 40. My gynecologist recommended the hormonal spiral so that I can rest for the next 5 to 6 years. All of my concerns about side effects have wiped her away with explanations. So it was time, the insertion of the spiral. On the first try, it did not work out, my cervix is too firm despite the birth – nothing went – so one month waited and right on the first day of the bleeding back. The stretching of the cervix was absolutely painful and lasted quite a long time. When it was time and the Mirena was used, I had the feeling she comes through the uterus and abdominal wall back out … pain without end, the circulation has cut me to a huge pool of blood was with. I have to stay in practice for over an hour – they gave me 800 ibuprofen. After that I had about 6 months constantly pulling and pain, my days were sometimes much stronger than before. After 6 months it got better – the FA said my uterus is fighting against the spiral so badly. That happens … Then I was a few months better, the bleeding was less, no more pain. But after 9 – 10 months it went off with hair loss, no more desire for sex, funny thick yellow discharge, nausea, cystitis, frequent headaches …. and then came as insidious depressive moods to depression. I never had anything before. My gynecologist only said that does not come from the Mirena – can not be. And she does not know a woman who has such problems with Mirena. My girlfriend has a similar problem and goes to the same gynecologist … In the last investigation a few weeks ago I’m back with the gynecologist and she is still of the opinion, that does not come from the Mirena. Now I researched on the Internet and found that there are many women with the same problems. So, my decision is firm – the thing comes out again after nearly 2 1/2 years – and I hope, I’ll be back soon as good as before … There are certainly women who tolerate the Mirena well, but me think it’s all shit that the gynecologist do not enlighten about any side effect, but pretend that all this has nothing to do with the Mirena. Please think carefully, if you use such a part !!!

  3. Kristy H. Wheeler says:
    4.5 rating

    I had in June 2011, the third spiral can be used as a result. Had never before problems at least not aware. Even when inserting I noticed that it was different, I had never had such a pain. Just a short time later, it all began. I got strong panicacs , Tachycardia, depressions and again and again stomach, intestinal problems, back pain, headache, tingling in the hands, I was constantly sick and either diarrhea or very hard bowel movements.Bin from one doctor to another! At the end of July, I was a week in the hospital; Nothing advised me to take a cure, I did, but after that I did not feel much better! On the contrary it got worse and worse. Until a customer told me about hormone problems. I had the impression that she told my story. Have googled that first and found really frightening reports. Have discussed it with my FA, She said: Yes, there would be such cases would be unlikely, since I previously a After some new blood tests, she said I could let her out, but that should be considered carefully, because it was also a question of price! Am now also decided to let me pull, because you can enjoy life with no Can pay money.

  4. Jessica J. Hampton says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Hair loss; Acne; Depression; Overweight

    hi love her, I am 23 years old and have not had any children yet. Due to very strong, irregular and for me debilitating menstrual bleeding my gynecology finally recommended the mirena. to use this – in february this year – was hell to say the least: pain, pain, pain. and that over 4 days, including circulatory collapse still in gyn.praxis. well, I thought to myself, there you have to go through, do not be so – after all, everything should be better! But now, after less than 10 months, I have for next week a date to let me remove the mirena again. I’m really patient and no memes, but what I’ve experienced here at NW, really blows up the frame: -massive skin deterioration (previously I had, apart from small pimples to teenage times, a madness skin) – bleeding still strong, irregular, associated with massive cramps – hair loss (luckily I have full, thick hair ….) – despite sporting activity, an increase in weight of 6kg (I’m 1.85 tall at originally 68kg) – depressive mood up to complete lack of humor all in all, although I have some friends in my circle of acquaintances, who get along well with the mirena and the simple way of prevention advertise.dennoch I would others rather discourage very young women – prefer the conventional way with the pill ö.ä. I hope this experience report could help a few out there a little! best regards, madeleine

  5. Kira J. Figueroa says:
    4.5 rating

    I’m not sure why I’m always so bad. Bad skin, extreme hair loss, migraines, depression, tinnitus, sudden hearing loss, bad mood, extreme fatigue, always total fatigue, difficulty concentrating, loss of libido etc. etc. Causes lie in the hormonal spiral Mirena. Have meanwhile 1 copper spiral and 2 hormone spirals behind me, with the 2.Hormonspirale removed in the next few weeks. It’s really time to get rid of this impossible thing the gynecologists are making their big money on. Bad advice in gynecologists regarding the very bad side effects. Never again Mirena !!!

  6. Cheryl M. Salas says:
    2.5 rating

    After getting my daughter (today almost 6 years old), after having had a mishap three months after giving birth to me and my husband, I was told by my doctor to use the hormone spiral Mirena either after the pill or if I would like to avoid it in the long term , Since I have trusted my doctor blindly, as he is more likely to fall back on homeopathic medicines, I did not question this. After she was in, I had half a year bleeding permanently. After taking an additional hormone in tablet form (progestogen) for a few days, the bleeding stopped and my period stayed off all the time. This is also a desired side effect of the hormone spiral. For four and a half years, I actually forgot about the spiral, but there were more and more body ailments, which I initially always pushed to other causes but in no way led back to the spiral. After I had because of constant gastrointestinal complaints such as diarrhea, stomach ache, constipation 2 gastroscopy and a colonoscopy, nothing was found in both investigations. My depressive mood, and since the onset of hormonal spiral constant insomnia and when I could sleep, I woke up in the middle of the night and suffered from shortness of breath and got panic attacks with sweats. Then all the organs were sonicated and examined by me (thyroid, pancreas, bile, etc.) fortunately all normal and even now I was not thinking of my spiral. Then I consulted a psychologist and here, too, it got worse and worse with the panic attacks. In addition to the weight gain of 10-15 kg (which just did not want to go away (even with sports and nutrition there was nothing to do)) I suffered from total libido loss. Then I could no longer tolerate certain foods at once including various fruits and vegetables with which I had never had a problem before laying the spiral. After accidentally stumbling across the internet about the side effects of Mirena, I realized to my horror that the complaints of other fellow sufferers 1: 1 with my complaints. My marriage was threatened with the side effects, because I was only depressed and had no desire for affection. Since I had to think about it anyway if I wanted a new spiral or not, I decided against it and then wanted to let me go. However, this was also more difficult than expected because the retrieval thread was no longer found and finally I had to pull the spiral under anesthetic in an outpatient surgery. So far so good. After the removal of the spiral, I went through all the side effects that have crept in 4.5 years within three months in the time lapse backwards again. Today, my husband says he finally has his wife back. None of the symptoms described above are still part of my life. I would never let the coil be used again. And since then warn every woman about it, as the side effects can go on slowly and have massive effects on the whole life.

  7. Angela C. Pauls says:
    4.5 rating

    The laying of the spiral was very painful! I almost fainted. At first, it was great to stop bleeding. There were spotting, abdominal pain, fluid retention in the uterus, vaginal dryness, libido, extreme irritability and mood swings. This in turn led to conflicts in the partnership. I felt more and more like robbing me of the best years of my life! Constantly wearing a panty liner for fear of not being able to hold the water. I felt like 80! Creeping more and more things came to it; Anxiety, headache, depression !!! The bad thing is, I’ve thought for years, it’s up to me, although I did not know myself like that! Also I never got a leaflet to face. Now this thing has been out for a year and those miserable conditions are gone! Thank goodness Libido is back, but there is a year of hard partnership work behind me! Girls, listen to your body and do not let the doctors persuade you that everything is OK! Is not it! And depression is not funny!

  8. Joyce D. Armstrong says:
    1.5 rating

    Outflow, loss of libido, aggression, depression, decline in performance. The first 24 h after pulling I was in great pain, as well as after insertion. The first normal bleeding after pulling, after 6 weeks, was very strong. After pulling I also got dizziness, hair loss. Nevertheless, I’m glad to finally get rid of her. It was a terrible time, I did not feel well in my body because of the strong, stinking discharge. Fortunately, that happened right after removal. This gives me a much better feeling, since it is now natural again, as it should be.

  9. Nadine R. Canales says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Contraception

    NW: panic attacks, hot flushes, extreme nausea, heart rhythm disturbances, sleep disturbances, depressive mood, irritability, aggressiveness, visual disturbances, loss of appetite, taste and smell went away, libido was zero, the feeling of being constantly energized, digestive disorders, PMDD, muscle tension, constant Fatigue and weakness. The fact is: AFTER the removal all NW were better or disappeared completely. Quality of life is restored !! Mirena is NOT ONLY LOCAL, as many doctors advertiseMirena robbed me of 9 years of my life! More infos in hormonspiralenforum or on fb. 1000s of women with the same NW do not conceive of them (as doctors often say): /

  10. Marguerite A. Hahne says:
    4.5 rating

    12 weeks after the birth of my third child, I let the spiral set. This is now almost 3 months ago and I have constantly spotting, in addition to a very strange body odor and now an unpleasant vaginal odor. I am moody, sometimes almost depressed and have a constant headache, all the problems I’ve never had before! I’ve already taken degrees from what I’ve lost, although I eat the same as before. Tired, flabby and beaten, I am constantly, which is not due to my children. They all sleep well and I actually sleep too. A few hours after taking a shower I have a totally greasy hairline again. It is to despair!

  11. Rebecca C. Olson says:
    4.5 rating

    I’m almost 37 years old, I had a child and I had the Mirena implanted 7 days ago. Tomorrow I have an appointment to let her go again (I think that says it all). I had a Mirena right after the birth of my son, which is now almost 9 years ago. At that time, I had no blatant side effects. At some point I let her get rid of me because it bothered me that I felt the ovulation always very strong and painful and generally the whole hormonal cycle-up-and-down. I just did not know that I had a proper cycle at all, because I always took the pill before pregnancy. So I let me remove Mirena about 6 years ago to take my old pill again. Unfortunately, that went totally wrong. I had water retention, inflated breasts and my mood was literally howling or I got really aggressive inside. I then tried 3 different pills. The last pill I then discontinued at some point involuntarily because my luggage for 3 days on vacation did not arrive and I had the pill in the suitcase. Suddenly I realized how much better I was. It was as if I had been wrapped in a gray cloud before and only when she was gone I noticed that correctly. So I’ve come to terms with the fact that I do not seem to get along well with additional estrogen intake, even though it was never a problem before getting pregnant. Then I had a copper spiral set. The insertion was not bad at all, it was done during the period and actually everything was fine until last week (and I’m maddened to have changed anything at all). After 4 years of copper, I seem to have become a bit cocky and thought it would be nice to have no great period for a change. I have a relatively short cycle (sometimes only 25 days) and it annoyed me to bleed for a week, then just 2 1/2 weeks rest and then again from scratch. So I thought, I treat myself again the Mirena, turn off the cycle and have 5 years a fun life. Now to my experiences with the 2nd Mirena: the removal of the old spiral and the laying of the Mirena was again completely unproblematic. The cramps after that were harmless (about like harmless rule pain, but I also had my rule). The next day I felt a little struck, like wounded, just very vulnerable. So I allowed myself some rest, after all, it’s still an intervention in the uterus. The same day headache started and my whole neck and jaw were hard and aching. Besides, I was so tired that I fell asleep in front of the TV at half past 10, I was off. On the 2nd day I could hardly move to anything (even though I had fallen asleep very early). After my son was at school, I immediately lay down again, I just could not keep my eyes open. I was totally impotent, almost paralyzed and somehow totally absent. Everything was too much for me, too exhausting, totally pointless … I felt increasingly tense, had the feeling of not being able to breathe, not being able to breathe properly, had a lump in my throat as I spoke, I felt whiny and overwhelmed the normal life. Of course, I was wondering if anything was bothering me, if I had stress, but it was NOTHING. I also noticed quite quickly that my eyes were burning (as if they were hot inside) and I could barely look right. Especially when I was sitting on the monitor, the picture almost blurred and I could hardly concentrate on what I was reading , Every day, the whole thing got a little worse, I froze, then I sweated again and then came to nervous restlessness and palpitations. On the 4th day after the onset of the Mirena I was so impotent and depressed (I can not say otherwise) that nothing went at all. I could not make any more decisions (for example, what do we want to eat?), So I was totally overwhelmed, irritated and just wanted to be quiet. At some point I found myself (as if looking from the outside) curled up on the bedside rug again, with a blanket over my head. I was just totally desperate because of NOTHING. Only a day later, it took only a tiny Anranzer of my husband that I almost strangle him (metaphorically) with his bare hands. I was so incredibly mad at him (it was just about where the phone is!), That was really scary. I saw myself from the outside and knew I was overreacting, but I could not help it. AND FIRST DA it fell to me like dandruff from the eyes: that must be hormonal (that’s how I felt last year with the pill and then never again). Last night (ie

  12. Mary C. Wilson says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Hypermenorrhoea

    Today I have the Mirena removed and hope for improvement. I let them use 1.5 years ago, because I had with the copper spiral extremely heavy bleeding and these should stay away with the Mirena. The insertion was no more painful than with the copper spiral. Only then I was a little speechless … 3 weeks bleeding, 2 days without bleeding, then a week bleeding then not a week, then two weeks bleeding then a week not. I felt like … with the rule through the year 🙂 after half a year, she has left alone, as always, my gynecologist was baffled, because he had never experienced something like that. At the time, I was under treatment for panic attacks, palpitations, depressive moods, wherever that came from. The spiral was sterilized and replaced. Well, in the meantime, I have gained weight and have not gone back despite the gym (and I’m doing it right), I have not changed my eating habits into negative. I also did not get rid of the permanent bleeding. My chest was always sensitive and how inflated and did sometimes hurt properly (2 cup sizes more !!!) I also have back problems. As my physiotherapist said my lumbar vertebrae was a swelling and after Dorn-Preuß that was the area of the uterus, stood for me the decision .- out with the THING !!! Now let’s see if everything gets better again. Starting tomorrow, I will start a detox treatment. I think, either you are content with the hormone spiral top or you just can not stand the thing.

  13. Kim G. Zajac says:
    5.0 rating

    hello together I introduce myself briefly: I am 22 years old no children and prevent since october 2009 with the mirena, the reason for the insert was very simple: I wanted to save money. From the age of 20 you have to finance the pill yourself and I thought the mirena would be a great alternative. which is true to a certain extent. Although it is expensive to buy but there are no further costs until then. until sometime use the side effect. It started with permanent bleeding. 3 months after I had bleeding, my gynecologist calmed me down and said that it would be normal in the first 6 months. but then it got worse: AKNE but right everywhere I had pimples and not too little, besides, I have constantly greasy hair, which I had never before in general my skin looks greasy. I’m biased anyway in the teenage years I had acne but not bad. Although I knew this could happen but how to stop that way you think that does not happen to you and if it does not become so bad. when the acne did not want to be less, I read some experience reports and found that it was some women like me. I had also read that many women had psychological problems, I could not determine with me and the acne after 1 year had waned I felt better. but the worst side effects came slowly, I count the times: 1) nausea 2) dizziness 3) panic attacks 4) breathless 5) mood swings 6) secretion from the left chest + tension pains 7) depression 8) Increased hair growth normally, I am a relaxed human, nothing brings me so fast from the rest and cope with emotional well, but for several weeks it started with panic attacks and breath, I went to the ambulance and was checked through but they could not find anything organic. which is good but the uncertainty remains, and the attacks did not stop, in the middle of untericht I got panic attacks from the blue sky with breathless, only with a lot of strength, I can calm down so I do not panic run away from the classroom. At some point I was so far that I thought it’s over with me, of all people I just became a psycho. and I NEVER thought in LIFE that everything could have anything to do with the mirena. I was about to go to my home tincture and allow me to prescribe antidepressant because my friend also noticed that I am in the last years more and more in a bad mood. until the experience reports from back then came back to me. I have read VERY MANY and was shocked that SO MANY women as well as I am. and that can not be coincidence. NO WAY. Of course, you can not push everything on the mirena, you have a nasty day or sometimes bad skin, but how can panic attacks explain that I’ve never had otherwise? I am now convinced that the mirena is the trigger. I’ll call my wife’s art right on Monday and make an appointment to remove. better today then tomorrow. the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. First I would like to take hormones no more, I must first recover from the dirt I’ve done to myself there. It was indeed my wish that has fulfilled with my wife’s art, so I can not blame him, even if he had counted me this side effect (which he did not do), I would probably have decided it yet. sometimes you have to fly on your own to learn from it. it can only get better. I would like to thank all the women only by their experience reports, I could say that I suffer genaso under the side effect as they. MANY THANKS!!! and I hope that I could help someone with my experience. when the mirena íst out I will report how I do without it. lg

  14. Robert P. Vega says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello, I’m 34 years old and I have the Mirena about 3 months after the birth of my daughter WITHOUT notice of any possible side effects can be inserted. A few weeks after placement I got hair loss (still) and creeping, gradually mood swings, feelings of anxiety, constant fatigue and listlessness up to the depression I even wrote! I could list a whole palette here and, honestly, I’m happy about the cases where it works well and can not understand why the wearers have the negative experience (FOUNDED !!!) made to be called a scare maker and the like. Be damn glad that you have tolerated or veträgt! You really do not want to know how it fills up, if you have to stand fear and imagine things that a healthy person does not come to mind! And – some NW can occur later. I think that is different from woman to woman, but these cases are probably synonymous. So, think first, then talk, if you have no idea! PS: There is no joking about depression and many do not even know that they have it …. And google what you think about the Mirena. There are also official references. See also the leaflet of the Mirena hardly got a woman to face (I know no case !!!). I would never have let them lie down !!!

  15. Flora J. Hunter says:
    5.0 rating

    Almost exactly a year ago, I had my gynecologist use Mirena. Since we already have two healthy children, and actually no more are planned, that was the only correct step at the time, which can be reversed, should the family planning for the head have not done yet. My concerns about the hormonal side effects, which I had after years with the pill, rejected the FA completely, because the Mirena act finally only locally. I should not worry. But if I had better …… (especially I would have better informed in advance rather than only on the FA to hear) After the THING was sitting (the insertion was not bad), I initially got what was expected to bleeding. They lasted for 2 days. Then, first of all, there was silence. However, I always felt like I was burning inside. Then again and again I had slight spotting. At least every 2 days. That certainly lasted 5 months. I no longer dared to leave the house without a pad or tampon. Otherwise, no one with irregular bleeding or discharge. I was completely new. In addition, I smelled unpleasant from the area. Had no desire for sex or just touches. Always had only in the head: And if I bleed again? From head to head for love! My libido had also reached zero in the meantime. Then there were even more severe side effects such as tremors all over the body, inner restlessness, listlessness, no desire to move (although I like to move and also walked a lot with the short). I even wondered if I could make the walk at all. Have always had the phone at the start – it could be something. (otherwise my phone is more of a pocket keeper). Loss of appetite and an associated weight loss gave me additional thought. In any case, I was just thinking about my health: Do you have anything bad? Are you getting up tomorrow? What will become of the children? So it was really depressing and, above all, even more bitchy. Nothing was going on hereThere were many visits to the alternative practitioner and family doctor – I had not had to visit the last 5 years. Constant blood draws and in the end even a gastroscopy I have endured. Without noteworthy findings. In the meantime, of course, I was again at the FA. He only said: I can not imagine that all of this should come from the Mirena. I should wait a while. After all, I would have breastfed until recently. Maybe my body would be a bit confused. I should give my cycle a little more time. I did that too. My fatigue actually subsided, but not everything else. When after the last visit to the FA again 3 months had passed, I have made the decision: THIS MUST BE OUT! Now it is out for about 3 months. (The draw was not a problem by the way) And what can I say? I AM FEELING WELL AGAIN! I am the old man again. I can celebrate again and do sports without fainting. Even my long lost libido I return to the joy of my husband and of course for my joy. Above all, I no longer bother anyone because of my oh-so-serious illness. It was all about me. Conclusion: I can not say, keep away from the thing, because everyone tolerates them differently. After all, there are enough women who have no difficulties. But I would inform myself sufficiently and weigh whether the coal is worth the attempt. After all, after all, one’s health should be more important in the end. I can only say in conclusion: I would have literally broken the thing. The depression was the worst for me.

  16. Danielle C. McDonald says:
    5.0 rating

    I’ve had Mirena for 16 months now. I had a lot of pain on insertion although I had my baby 1 year earlier. I could not leave the practice for 2 hours, because I could not drive a car in pain, I was in a real state of illness after insertion. Then came 6 months with the worst spotting …. without pause. Not just when I should have had my days. I also had that. Then I want to let things pull me, had an appointment already, and the bleeding were gone. Nice, I thought to myself. I then had 2 months rest, no bleeding, no complaints. Then I got stomachache left down, constipation and increased. It could not come from the spiral, I was told. But I did not change anything else in my life. After a long back and forth, a larger ultrasound was made and found a cyst on the left ovarian. Aha. Ok, wait and check in 3 weeks. There she was gone, the stomachache too. The next case was stomachache on the right, again to the doctor, a mini cyst on the ovary. Then followed by 4 months of permanent ache on the left, always the same cyst or a new one each time? Nobody knew. Recently, I’ve gotten hormones to the spiral to, orally, to see if the cyst goes away, but has not worked out. Then last week I wanted to have the spiral finally removed, but it did not work out because after 16 months the return button was gone. 3 Painful attempts to fetch her so failed. Tomorrow evening I get a short anesthetic to get rid of the part. I would like to take the pill again which I have tolerated well 15 years ago. Oh yes, my migraine has gotten better under Mirena, but the meds I’ve always taken did not work anymore. I hope that everything starts again tomorrow as it used to be, so that I can take my migraine medicines successfully again. And depressive moods and anxiety had also increased during Mirena. I would never recommend her if somebody got on well with the pill.

  17. Dorothy L. Edelson says:
    5.0 rating

    My experiences with Mirena have only become clear to me since my last insertion (third time at age 45). Only through the strong pain after pulling the old and simultaneously inserting the new spiral, I’ve googled a bit. And now I feel so stupid not to have thought earlier that my many complaints could come from the Mirena. These include frequent mild nausea (usually in the morning), breast tenderness (very painful), frequent headaches, back pain, a dripping nose all winter, always some water in the legs. But worst of all is my mood swings, I would call it depression. I’m always tired and every evening invitation is the horror for me because then I can not sleep early. Today I was with my doctor and wanted to remove the Mirena, she wrote me antidepressants and said I should try it first. The complaints could not possibly come from the Mirena … well, I let myself be talked over again and I think I’ll take things differently now. Since we certainly do not want any more children and I’m already 45, my partner could be sterilized and then I can remove the spiral. In any case, I can only advise against the Mirena, although it is very safe and relatively inexpensive. I’m sure I will not take the antidepressants, this is only symptom control, no cause-fighting.