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  1. Doris J. Crowe says:
    4.5 rating

    Arimidex for Breast cancer

    March 2006 surgery, 2 years tamoxifen, until the end of March 2o11 3 years Arimidex, side effects occurred after taking Arimidex ein.Knochernschmerzen, my legs are most affected, knees especially, all mucous membranes are affected, oral mucosa and tongue constantly inflamed, dry Vagina, sex only with Vagisan moisturizer possible (you might also have some fun sometimes) Leukoplaki I had already in the mouth, successfully fought with vitamin A, depression with strong mood swings, can not be really funny, but no significant weight gain, for a few months I’ve been on wrists Exeme, Doc says. it would be the Schuppemflechte, went away just a short time by cortisone, but is back, now the left thumb and right inner wrist is affected. 2 months I still take Arimidex, I hope that after weaning, the side effects reduce or completely disappear.