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  1. Michael M. Welsch says:
    4.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Bipolar disorder

    I take since 09.09 Zyprexa.I initially had 20mg and I have had drinking and gagging. (2-3 liters of sweetest juice and loads of food. Things that I did not like otherwise, I’ve shoveled into me. Piece by piece I have The dosage (in consultation with a doctor) reduced. Now it is so that my condition is deteriorating more and more. Was I previously funny and characterized by strong drive, it is now so that I am getting more and more depressed and have only negative thoughts haben.Sicherlich Not only does it have something to do with the drug, but also my basic life situation. Since I tend more to mania, my doctor refuses me another remedy, ie an antidepressant to prescribe. In addition to the depression, I am not endured by a tired fatigue In the evening around 20 o’clock, 21 o’clock I fall asleep sitting down, with or without TV and must be kept awake by my son or husband h have read a lot in the forum that can lead to death that drug, I am no longer sure that I want to take this at all and kann.Kurzlich I took the drug in the morning instead of evening and spent the whole morning on the sofa and slept. An unbearable condition and cycle from which I do not seem to come out …….

    Side effects: Depressions
  2. Daniel T. Denson says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    I recommend nobody to take Zyprexa in the long term. It is very effective in the acute phase of psychosis. I came out with 5-10mg from the acute phase within 2 months. The short-term and long-term side effects are, however, glorifying and mostly unknown to psychiatrists or they just shove it into the wrong drawer. When I had my psychotic episode I lost my job and was put on Zyprexa 5 mg within 2 months I was out of the psyhose but I was still mentally ill. I had extreme anxiety that paralyzed me in my actions. An inner restlessness. As if you were going to explode. These side effects of Zyprexa have been added by my psychiatrist to schizophrenia. I just hope that he did not get better. Added to this were suicidal thoughts. I did not know those thoughts from before and also felt them to be absurd. But they kept coming up to me again and again. From my psychiatrist to the psychosis. When I started to work again, the anxiety, inner turmoil and suicidal thoughts became stronger. I reported about it to my psychiatrist and we increased the dose of Zyprexa. The higher the dosage of Zyprexa the worse the side effects. Increase of anxiety until it became unbearable. Suicidal thoughts were reinforced. The fatigue increased. Stiffness of the muscles. Twitching of the muscles, which were interpreted as restless leg. Electricity discharges in the brain that exploded like an explosion and then swept across the body. Depressions. Numbness on the whole body on the left side to the right, speech disorders. Stuttering, word-finding disorders. Lack of concentration. Dizziness. Weight gain. Incoordination. Narrowing of the visual field, perception disorders. (no psyhose but one takes his umwellt not true) extreme emotional blunting) I do not know what I should still pay. After 5 years I am a mental Wrak and my psychiatrist has put most of it on any other illnesses or pushed the psychosis itself. I was socially isolated because I did not get along with the situation. When I started taking Zyprexa, most of them were not known or published. Zyprexa can not be deposed like that either (my psychiatrist told me) you should steal it because the withdrawal symptoms are just as colorful as the side effects themselves. And still most of the side effects have not been published. Not even half of what you can read in the I-Net is in the pack. And only through the Internet, I realized that I am not alone with the side effects and the Zyprexa is the cause of all the suffering I went through. Zyprexa is suitable for the acute stage. For long term therapy definitely not. And do not get rid of your psychiatrist because that’s the psychosis or some other illness. Zyprexa makes these side effects.