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  1. Coretta J. Johnson says:
    3.0 rating

    Mirena for Sleep disorders; Depression; A headache

    Hello, 14 days before Christmas I let me pull the Mirena. After 3 days, there was a significant improvement and until today I am doing really well again. I have joy of life again and I also like to go back to sleep. It was hell, day and night. I had them for 3 years and never again !!

    Side effects: Insomnia; Depressions; Headache
  2. Peggy S. Tripp says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Menorrhagia

    I got the first time the minera after the third pregnancy, at that time I still breastfeed. In the last 15 years, I have increased dramatically, so I’ve almost doubled my weight to a few pounds. I’m always hungry, I’m slightly deperssiv and my libido has diminished extremely. I’ve never really thought about it, because my complaints are indeed dismissed as typical gynecological problems. Although I have no more bleeding, about which I’m glad. Since I have always had / have exterm heavy bleeding and back pain throughout my life. But the fact that I have grade 3 obesity does not make my life worth living. I hope my son by the spiral in the nursing time did not hurt. But he was a screaming kid, which is not unusual.

  3. Charlene W. McCord says:
    3.5 rating

    Weight gain (18kg!), acne, hair loss, swollen breasts, feeling of pregnancy, high blood pressure, palpitations, heart stumbling, joint pain, tinitus, dizziness, anxiety, depression, dysphagia, stomach ache, constipation, listlessness, listlessness, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, inner Agitation, burning legs, heavy legs, abdominal pain, fungal infections, vaginal dryness,

  4. Mary E. Oliver says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello … my first HS I have 3 years well tolerated. Then it started so bad with breast tensions that I was super sensitive and could not even push my kiddies anymore. I then had her out in the summer of 2004 and tried half a year with a contraceptive pill. Unfortunately, I did not tolerate that, so I let my HS use again in December 2004. Had total pain … even days later. In the first time it was then quite well … until I realized after almost 2 years that I was just tired, broken, etc. I then tried to regain control of vitamins. It gradually came more and more: hypothyroidism, thyroid surgery, tinnitus, dizziness, restlessness, sadness, neck complaints, sinus surgery, depression, aggressiveness, constant bleeding, moodiness, abdominal pain … etc. Then I ran from doctor to doctor and was allowed to listen to the most amazing things 🙁 Then my L-Thyrorin had suspected that it was too high doses, but it was not because my lust for life was now almost at the zero point. Since yesterday the Mirena is out and I hope that it will be better now.

  5. Susan R. Caudill says:
    4.5 rating

    I try to be brief. In February 2004 I had the Mirena used. My gynecologist has praised her in the highest tones. The actual goal of not getting pregnant has been achieved, therefore also effectiveness full score. It did not take long and the first mood swings occurred. Similar to PMS. It got worse from month to month. My doctor has prescribed herbal remedies, chaste tree, St. John’s wort, B vitamin. Did not help everything. Since 2005 I have been in psychological treatment. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts. Citalopram, sertraline, lamotrigine. It got a little better, but the diagnosed depression never really went away. I was so over water. The job was very busy, the children and the household were very demanding. I’ll keep you together, I kept saying to myself and swallowing the pills. The anxiety (frightening at night have no orientation and get no air, for example) were really better during the medication. The depression remained. I just wanted to pull the blanket over my head. I was tired only anyway. In 2008 I started a Therpie, after which I lost my job. I have not even come up with the idea in five years (since December 2009 she’s gone out) that the symptoms could have something to do with the spiral. How stupid is that? I was not informed by my doctor about any side effects before onset, nor did she or any other doctor (not even the psychologist) point it out over time. Only my dearest friend gave me the tip in December 2009 to google Mirena and side effects. She got along well with the Mirena, but soon after the second insertion she noticed that she was getting worse and worse. Dizziness, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, mood swings. When I read various posts in forums, also here at sanegro, I immediately arranged an appointment to pull the spiral. Since 21.12. is she out and today, on 30.1.10, I can say very clearly: I am fine, as I have not been for 5 years. It’s unbelievable how quickly the body switches back to normal. I had no rule for 5 years. Of course it started again after pulling, but it is ok. I have never been so happy about blood !!! I am already in contact with the medical association. I can only recommend to any woman who has similar symptoms, not to wait for it to get better. It does not get better, rather worse. Doctors need to be informed and inform their patients. The more women that get in touch, the better. Even small suspicious moments are enough for the medical association. I waited 4 weeks, but I did not have a depressive day at this time. I have not been taking medication for a week. I’m fine. That the Mirena is practical, no more rule, no daily pills-swallowing, you do not notice them in the body, wonderful. There are certainly a lot of women, such. My sister, who likes her great. Congratulations, but for the rest, go out with the thing. Incidentally, my doctor just smiled at me, because of depression and Mirena. Can not be, she said. On the contrary, it raises the mood. Nonsense, the only thing she lifted was my weight. But I might have been able to live with that. LG sally

  6. Leonor J. Fletcher says:
    4.5 rating

    The first time I still thought that happens over time, the body just needs his time to get used to the unfamiliar hormones. But I can not (and do not want to) think about the symptoms because they can not – they are too massive for that. Have had yesterday night with unlikely nausea, sleep bad at night, must go out often (it grumbles in the stomach, often diarrhea) – I do not know that, I am known for my solid and deep sleep and had a firm for my intestinal activity rhythm. Furthermore, I can hardly look at myself for several weeks in the mirror – bloated, ablafft, tired. I could spend the whole day in bed. Do not eat any other than before, walk – no chance to hold my weight; Let alone reduce. And that, although he spoke really well on change conversion, in the evening only fruit, etc. Was not a problem for me. Furthermore, I not only feel sexual disgust, but even aversion to my beloved work. Must think and fight every morning, so I really get up and go. I’m moody like a teenager and so emotional that I cry for every bit of it. Yesterday I decided to have my spiral removed.

  7. Jennifer G. Gates says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello. I let the spiral in January 2006 use. Was also as good as painless. I am very happy to have found this site because I feel worse month by month and no doctor can find anything. So my ordeal began in September 2006. I got a violent panic attack in the middle of the night (did not know at the time what was a panic attack) so off to the hospital with the suspicion of pulmonary embolism. I was scared at night. After a week hospital some fit again. My doctor said domestic overload and advised me to cure. Said to have gone to the cure in December 2006. Then I went to march 2007 great. In March again a week hospital with the same suspicion as in September. Nobody could tell me what I miss. Well and so we went on. I was getting worse by the day. My gynecologist said that it does not depend on the spiral. In January 2008 again hospital with suspected stroke. After a week back home without you found anything. In December 2008, just before Christmas again hospital with Verdact on MS all examinations without findings. Had only meant that it was something nervous best I would go to a psychologist. Where I was not until today. Then finally I found this page and what I read here for the most part is like my story of suffering. I immediately made an appointment with a new gynecologist and Monday she comes out. Just hope that then the symptoms go away. The side effects with me were: anxiety attacks, panic attacks, sleep problems, loss of libido, difficulty breathing, depression, palpitations, drop in blood pressure, blood pressure increase, headache to migraine, vision loss, tingling on the face, weight gain, mood swings, fear of dying, fear of having a bad illness , Dizziness, back pain, etc …..

  8. Janell C. Kuehn says:
    3.0 rating

    Mirena for Uterine fibroids; Iron deficiency; Hypermenorrhoea

    I am 44, after a long time back and forth, I have had the mirena used because of iron deficiency (again and again ferritin infusions) due to excessive bleeding due to miomen. that was 5 days ago. For three days I have suffered from extreme tingling in the stomach and back, weakness in my legs, howling attacks, tremors, breathlessness, mild nausea and headache. I will have the mirena removed immediately.

  9. Toni P. Walsh says:
    4.0 rating

    I had the Mirena Hormone Spiral and was very dissatisfied. Immediately after the onset of hypertension, panic attacks, vertigo, acne, cotton wool in front of my eyes, listlessness, fatigue, joint pain, vision, greasy hair, oily skin, weight gain, wailings, I could not sleep one more night .. My body was ready , All doctors have said it would not come from the Mirena. Then I came by chance on this page, thank god. I let the Mirena go immediately, although the doctor did not want that, but after all, it’s still my body, because I can do what I want. After that, all my symptoms were gone. Can not lie on the horn monster spiral …. cruel how many doctors deal with patients, I would like to sue the company, and the doctors. Rely on your gut feeling and do not let yourself be fooled. dear greetings Heike

  10. Nancy D. Pettaway says:
    4.0 rating

    NEVER AGAIN MIRENA !!! at least for me … After almost 1 year I would like to report about my experiences with the Mirena. In August 2006, I let her lie down. After initial pain (about 3 days), I was fine for some time. In the meantime I am without Mirena again. I do not want to advise anyone about Mirena. There are women who are very satisfied with the Mirena. But there also seems to be women who are not. My person included. Although the doctors claim that the Mirena can not be the reason for a variety of symptoms, I am quite different opinion. I think, no matter what dosage, it’s just an intervention in the hormone balance. And a foreign body to it. Not every organism reacts the same. And honestly, if the Mirena can do something positive, then why not negative? Here is my story. I am 45 years old and have no children. Actually, I never wanted to use a spiral again. At a young age, I once had the copper spiral, which I removed after 1 year due to severe abdominal pain. But after all my thoughts and information and advice from my gynecologist, I decided that the Mirena was the best solution for me and I would have had 5 years rest. As I said, I was fine for a while. My period continued as usual regularly between 27-31 days. However, only as spotting and unfortunately initially up to 11 days. Over time, however, this reduced to the absence of the period. I thought super … That’s why I paid no attention to the first symptoms. They came so gradually, at first still weak. Incidentally, I already knew her more or less from my years with pill and thought, ok that’s how it is … My first symptoms I got so in October 2006. Breast tenderness (I could regulate with Mastodynon reasonably) and occasionally a few pimples (with I otherwise had no problems at all). For the first time in November I had really howling attacks. That made me think. There was no apparent reason, however. I am a very happy and joyful person. A friend said that could be the first signs of menopause. Well, with 45 of course that would be possible. Well, over time, the breast tenderness became more and more extreme and even with Mastodynon no longer under control. Pimples on the back, neck, face, décolleté and upper arms tightened. There was also increased itching all over the body, tingling and numbness on the right thigh. Blurred vision. I also needed a body size more. Unfortunately, I also found that I had gained 4 kg by now. I found that strange, in such a short time and without any change in my eating, – sport, – and habits. In the middle of June it really started. I got extreme migraine attacks, nausea, dizziness, tingling in the whole body, rapid heartbeat, to the worst panic attacks with dread. For no apparent reason and mostly at night. I was completely checked through (blood counts, ECG, EEG, head ultrasound, MRI, blood pressure). Everything great. I should prepare myself that these would be the menopause … and that I should visit a psychotherapist. Also, my new gynecologist said that these are beginning menopause and had nothing to do with the Mirena. But you can not rule it out. Interestingly, I found that he was very quickly ready to remove the Mirena again. What he did then immediately. Incidentally, compared to the onset, no pain. Well, I tried it with high-dose valerian, Bach Flower Rescue and homeopathy (Coffea + Aconitum) … the extreme tachycardia at night was probably the worst … no improvement. Then only diazepam helped, although I am totally against such tranquilizers. But you can not sleep all night, nobody can afford it. After all, I also had to stay productive in my job. Well, I have read many reports from other women with similar symptoms in connection with the Mirena on the Internet. In addition, I am very busy with homeopathy, meta-medicine, alternative methods and more recently with hormones. In retrospect, I can say that I know most of the described symptoms in one form or another in a weaker form over the past 25 years. But I could live with it. Times when I did not take hormones were symptom free. But I have never associated this with the hormones throughout the years … especially since migraine and skin problems are also present in our family. And I have always relied completely on the statements of the doctors. They always certified me best health and that was probably psychosomatic or the PMS. On 26

  11. Toni N. Martin says:
    4.0 rating

    – severe pain (pulling to the leg) before, during the rule and days before and after ovulation – depressive moods (irritability, aggressiveness) – oily hair and skin – tachycardia (throbbing in the head) and thus insomnia (once 3 days at a time ) – Inflammation in the pelvis – frequent outflow – hardly any menstrual bleeding (only brown, tough discharge)

  12. Beverly D. Webb says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Fatigue; Hair loss; Libido disorders; Acne; Depression; Overweight; Pain (menstruation)

    I have the Mirena use at the age of 20, after I knew that I would not want children for the next 5 years and I did not want to take the pill because of more frequent gastrointestinal complaints for safety reasons. After praising my FA on the Mirena, I decided to do so. Since I was not 21 years old, even the KK has paid. Everything great. The insertion did not hurt as expected and I was satisfied first, because I no longer had to worry about the prevention. In the first six months I had almost abdominal pains and mood swings. At that time my FA told me that I would have to climb a mountain for half a year now and then enjoy the view for 4.5 years. All right, I thought. Wait and swallow painkillers! After half a year, I felt better for the time being. About half a year. No bleeding, no side effects, everything ok. Then, a year ago, it began with extreme pus ticks on the entire back and greasy hair. All of a sudden, I gained almost 10 kg. My mood was at zero. Was easily irritable and cried constantly. In the last half year to today I have always severe pelvic pain, since recently repeatedly spotting, absolute loss of libido and in the last six months 4 bladder infections, 2 fungal infections and even a very painful pyelonephritis and constantly caught cold for a year .. That’s why I’m in the Internet on the search and found this page on which my assumption is confirmed: The Mirena must go! Will now after 2 years but make an appointment with the gynecologist and let them pass me. Have already discussed with my partner, that we probably want to try it with the persona computer. Finally, a friend of mine has successfully prevented it and does not burden my body with hormones. By the way, I can confirm that gynecologists on the ear side effects of the Mirena are absolutely deaf and have no idea. I wish all of you a speedy recovery and hope that the posts here are as helpful to many as mine.

  13. Mandy C. Spencer says:
    4.5 rating

    Almost three years ago, I decided to get a Mirena Hormone Spiral. The benefits brought me to the absolute conviction that I have chosen the right contraceptive for me. In the course of the first year, everything was OK, except for a weight gain of about 4 -5 kilos, which, according to gynecologists, is due to water retention. The kilos remained, it was followed by depression and several visits to the psychologist including drug intake, panic attacks, complete listlessness and, above all, an increasingly impure skin. Of course, at first I saw no connection with the Mirena, now I am convinced that these side effects have been caused by the Mirena insidious. In a week I let me remove the Mirena, because I can no longer endure these conditions mentally.

  14. Ryan N. Balderas says:
    4.5 rating

    It started with rash. After a few weeks, hot flashes, aggression, depression, acute respiratory distress, loss of libido, anxiety, 10 kg of weight gain and various other side effects were reported. It was not until I had to take the pill because of a slight permanent bleeding and the symptoms increased a lot on me since I have become a different person since Mirena. The doctors wanted to put me down as mentally ill and prescribe me antidepressants. Now I am 4 days free Mirena and I am getting better every day! It was really a bad time.

  15. Elizabeth F. McAnally says:
    4.5 rating

    One week ago I let out the Merina spiral and lo and behold: I feel much better !!! I have laughed so much on the weekend as never before !! I have re-established contact with friends and these (without anyone knowing of the Merina) tell me that I listen much better …. and that after such a short time. Of course it may be that everything is just a head thing BUT the complaints were there and now I’m better and that counts !! If something changes, I will write again …. I wrote my first post 2 weeks ago ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: complaints: 5-6 years, I got panic attacks, had the feeling (when falling asleep) to get more air. Was with the pulmonary specialist, o. , A short time later (when I was alone at home), I also got panic attacks during the day: racing heart or thinking of the heart sets. Again to the family doctor: o. , During the day and at night, I sometimes had hot flashes (which I attributed to menopause). My gyn twice made a hormone test: o. I always had a headache and breast tenderness every now and then. Last but not least, I have been suffering from severe depression since last summer, went to the spa and since then I have been unable to work. By chance, I now learned from a friend about these or similar problems using the Mirena. Until yesterday, I really would have recommended this spiral to EVERYONE … but somehow it looks as if there really are connections. Anyway, I’ve just made an appointment and I’ll get her next week …. will then report how I feel about it. I got my first Mirena spiral 14 years ago. This was, wg. Desire for children after 3 years away. About 5 months after this pregnancy, I got the Mirena again and about 5 years later again, which I wear until today.

  16. Martha K. Cotton says:
    5.0 rating

    I have Mirena on recommendation of my gynecologist three months after the birth of my daughter used. Had previously prevented with a hormone rod in the upper arm. And before that, for years, the minipill was taken. After the onset had almost 8 months to do with spotting and back pain. Then everything was okay. Until about half a year, chest pain, constant back pain, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, loss of libido, over time weight gain 6 kilos in total, are abdominal pain last week, digestive problems, constant fatigue, fatigue, strong feelings of aggression, anxiety, sweating, permanent headache, Dizziness …. and and at the moment I do not remember what to do. The constant fear and the inner restlessness are unbearable. I have made an appointment today with the gynecologist and will let me pull the Mirena. the appointment is only on the 24th must see if I can get any homoeopathic remedies. Nice for the women who tolerate Mirena. Through my many searches on the Internet, I am convinced that I am not one of the women who tolerate Mirena. If my gynecologist had better advised me on the side effects at the time, I definitely would not have opted for Mirena!