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  1. Linda A. Shultis says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Pain (chronic)

    I’ve been taking Lyrica for two years now, at least 400mg a day, but it was already 600mg. In the time it came and comes again and again to different side effects of different characteristics. Especially fatigue (sleep easily 20 hours), depression, mood swings, word finding problems, confusion. In addition, I have 4 kilograms increased, have problems wearing contact lenses and more recently also problems with the abdomen (distended belly, nausea). My pain is almost gone.

  2. Mary S. Sanders says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Neuropathy

    After adjuvant chemo with cisplatin and vinorelbine, I had polyneuropathy and was prescribed for the symptoms of my oncologist Lyrica, 75mg in the morning and in the evening. The side effects have now become unbearable for me after eight weeks. Dry mouth, water retention and frequent sadness, swelling of the lips, blurred vision, steady weight gain and heavy sweating made my life hell. It’s a lot easier for me to endure my polyneuropathy, especially as it slowly improves … not through Lyrica. Susanne

  3. Alicia D. Glover says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Fibromyalgia

    MST: The first 3 days after switching from Tilidine to MST, I was struggling with nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, loss of appetite, and the like – but these subsided after a few days. In the case of 150 mg of MST, daily trivialities remained, such as a sensitive stomach (too much sun or even very little alcohol, eg some eggnog on an ice = vomiting) and constipation. The much-discussed fatigue in taking morphine has settled rather than increased, which could have something to do with the fact that I have previously been on chron. Tiredness suffered. I am happy to accept these tiny ailments because MST (and similar drugs such as morphine ratiopharm) is the only remedy so far (after countless attempts with other medications and treatments), which at least for the most part (70-80%) depending on the form of the day), so that I can at least master my everyday life for a while. Somewhat impractical is sometimes the fact that one must take the sustained-release tablets after the clock, but even that guarantees only a seamless pain relief. After having missed / forgotten a pill a few times over the last few years, I have been reminded many times about how it feels without MST (and have appreciated it even more since then) – as the pain in In this case are unbearable, I can say little about the addictiveness – but you notice purely from the slowly rising pain level after about 1/2 hour that the tablet is missing. Diclo-Divido: Has shown absolutely no side effects for me – in contrast to the pure Dicolfenac, which is said to be harmful to the stomach as a result and also quickly caused nausea. Since the active ingredient in the Diclo-Divido capsules is combined with sodium pearls, the risk to the stomach here is much, much less. Although the capsules only work properly when I take them at the first sign of jaw pain, but so you learn to at least listen to your own body. Tetrazepam: I take for many years when needed when my muscles are cramping so much that I can not get up without screaming in pain, not getting an eye at night because everything is cramping or twitching. After about 1/2 – 1 hour, the effect occurs and makes me (at least personally – perhaps in combination with the morphine) tired, bleischwer, calm and skin completely gone , so that you can no longer feel the pain, because you sleep deeply, firmly and dreamless (almost comatose). In extreme situations, it is worth it in any case – however, the intake is dependent on your own course of the day – if you have work, driving a car, children’s hats or the like, you should choose a different remedy. Responsiveness, concentration, alertness, and exercise are so severely limited that you feel both rubbery and physically like rubber. In bad convulsions this condition appears pleasant, in everyday life very obstructive. I take one tablet per puff and a blistering 2-4 tablets a month and have rarely (at most once a year) found a rather strange side effect on me – in these rare cases it seems to me that the side effects described above are reversed. At the same time I am a little bit of a scare at the same time but at the same time completely euphoric and stoned – laugh a lot without reason and at the same time I am so clear that this behavior confuses and surprises me. Lyrica: About 3 years ago, a doctor had the idea to use morphine to relieve the daily pain of fibromyalgia with the help of Lyrica. The basic idea seemed good – gradually the morphine should be discontinued, Lyrica should be increased. So I skipped around 20% of the morphine dose and took Lyrica for it. Already after the first tablet, the side effects were fully increased. The pain did not improve – the lack of morphine was clearly noticeable, but I was constantly bad, I got blurred vision, could not hold myself straight and had the feeling to be packed in cotton – in the steps I still hinbekam I felt my feet were not on the ground, everything in me heard as from far away, I could only speak very slowly and with difficulty. Hoping that this condition would soon be over, I continued taking the medication, causing me to linger about 22 hours each day I was under Lyrica, jarring, anxious, sad, and shivering the rest of the time Pain was spent – until relatives called the doctor who had prescribed the remedy and I was able to resume it with their help. However, the described side effects slowly dissipated and were still felt about 3 days later. For me personally, Lyrica is therefore an absolute horror remedy and the Tats

  4. William A. Hodge says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Neuropathy

    After nephropexy (kidney delivery in July 07 with moderate renal insufficiency) I have pain in the operating room and environment. None of the doctors knew how to handle it. There was still pain in the pelvic area. By a laparoscopy a Blutversprekelung in the pelvic area was diagnosed and removed. The pain in the ribs and pelvic area remained. I first got tramadol for the pain. After an intolerance to Tramal turned out (perpetual dizziness, nausea, no pain reduction) I got on request and begging Targin 10 / 5mg (was administered to me after the kidney op with significant pain reduction). My then urologist did not want to prescribe these for me and sent me back to the hospital. They took nothing away from it and suggested a pain therapy. I went to another urologist. He immediately wrote me Targin and a referral for pain therapy. There they were diagnosed with a neuropathic pain condition caused by surgery. I was ordered LYRICA together with Targin. The targin should be discontinued slowly (tried to live without targin for two days … Had pain in the rib area, where the kidney was stapled !!!). Then I have Targin again combined with Lyrica. Since taking Lyrica I have gained 3kg within 30 days (with reduced food intake) … In addition dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, depression and water in my hands, face and legs !!! The accumulation of water can not be reduced by normal water tablets (health food). There is a feeling of pressure in the surgical area, which I still have to clarify. Despite the many side effects, the burning pain has calmed down … However, I have too many side effects … I will therefore ask my pain therapist to change me to another drug … For information: I take 300mg Lyrica a day. 450mg Lyrica I can not do … Then I can not get out of bed!

  5. Christopher P. Panella says:
    2.5 rating

    Lyrica for Spastik; Pain (chronic)

    When taking the 3 drugs listed above, there were frightening side effects. After initially decaying pain symptoms came after about 4 weeks to extreme dry mouth, speech difficulties, constipation, depression to suicidal thoughts. The patient was no longer himself and here are also unprecedented cardiac arrhythmias search, which could be eliminated only by a hospital stay. After urgent, immediate discontinuation of Lyrica, the condition of the patient improves daily, although withdrawal symptoms (nausea and heat waves with heavy sweats) occurred.

  6. Jerry E. Prater says:
    4.0 rating

    Attempted because of suspected spermatic cord neuralgia, which turned out, however, in retrospect as detected by inflammatory covert prostatitis, for the treatment of painkillers, of course, are initially out of place, even more those that lead to such DEPENDENCE as pregabalin (Lyrica): While taking 300 mg / d for months increasingly latent nausea, severe gastric emptying disorders for days and concentration disorders, massively blurred vision, depressive thoughts. During the jeezer long Ausschleichprozesses (8 weeks) violent and persistent withdrawal symptoms: Excessive violent (!) Pain in the pelvic area, which decreased only after weeks and sometimes came back, weakness, nausea attacks, generally gastrointestinal disturbances. Frequently insomnia, permanent drowsiness, at least almost always falling asleep and staying asleep with nightmares. Absetzerscheinungen violent in the first days after lowering the dose. Decreasing nausea, but still possible after weeks after last set off. Weaning rate averaged about 25 mg every 10 days. After complete discontinuation (now, as of 16.09., For three weeks) as severe withdrawal symptoms: insomnia, daytime drowsiness, permanent sleep and sleep disorders with nightmares, nausea and other gastrointestinal disorders (troubled nervous system). For days, violent gastric emptying disorders, however, no longer occur after complete discontinuation. As of 14.10 .: Still severe stomach problems with nausea, stomach ache, stomach pressure etc. So: Before getting something turned on, get better second opinions and avoid if possible.

  7. Dorthy D. Bryan says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyric has not diminished fears but rather amplified. At the dose of 250 mg I got balance disorders and a decrease in the amount of urine, which is why I wanted to stop. The weaning was the purest hell! Deposits, every day extreme tension, sweating, insomnia. The drug has brought me to total exhaustion.

  8. Frank M. Huber says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Shingles

    After a strong herpes zoster in the face with Lyrica 150mg and Targin 5 / 10mg (and many other drugs) I have been particularly on these two drugs, since they make extremely dependent. I am currently trying to reduce by half of the amount previously taken (from 3x daily to only 1x daily). Side effects of the withdrawal I find very extreme. Strong stomach pain, cold sweat, strong shaking of the hands, muscle twitching, dejection, irritability, restless and the thoughts constantly revolve around the medication. But try to hold out, although I have at home even weaker dossierte tablets from my family doctor (almost as an emergency tablet).

  9. Kelly C. Longoria says:
    5.0 rating

    Lyrica for Pain (chronic)

    Paracetamol comp stada: The pain was usually well contained, in between I had many episodes of pain and took 3 x 1 tablet daily .. However, I had to fight a lot with constipation. For a short time I would recommend Paracetamol comp, but in the long run this medicine did not help me and I was prescribed Lyrica by the doctor. Lyrica 50 mg: This medicine did not help me personally; I had scary with the side effects, such. Fatigue, slackness, depression, extreme word-finding disorders, dizziness and loss of appetite. At the beginning of the intake I had to deal with pain for 1-2 days, but then they decreased to a relatively bearable level. Unfortunately came after the second week many episodes of pain and the described side effects made me very, very hard! My doctor then prescribed Katadolon S long. Katadolon S long: For two weeks I take 1 tablet daily and after about 1 week finally disappeared the side effects of Lyrica, especially my extreme fatigue. I am now much more efficient after 2 weeks (and do not always lie around on the sofa!). When I do physically (medium-light) work, then it happens that I also feel the activities painful, but on the whole I’m really satisfied. If I can do it I design my day with active and quiet phases. The look into the soul life helps too! Unfortunately, the worry remains whether I will depend on this drug in the long run.