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  1. Mark R. Johnson says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Cross section paralysis; Pain (chronic)

    There is a dependency, i. When you stop taking these medications, you begin to feel tingling, a sign that you have to take the medicine again, as late hours later severe pain recurs. But … I’ve got tramal in all forms before, then oxydesic and also plaster without a success. The combination palladone and lyric is m.E. optimal. The chronic pain in the long run no longer get away, this should be known to everyone, for just such drugs are too strong … is just no aspirin or splitting tablet.

    Side effects: Dependence
  2. Sherri T. Smith says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Pain (joint); Disc prolapse; Fibromyalgia; Pain (acute)

    I have been taking Tilidin for several years. First, I got Novaminsulfone … but did not help. After that I got Tramadol … was not effective for me either. For about 5 years I take Tilidine comp. First, normally dosed 30-30-30 …. now I’m at 70-70-70 +80 (+ sometimes at night to 80 drops) + 1Kaps.Lyrica in the morning. I get additional Lyrica for 2 months, because the effect of the drops is no longer sufficient, but occasionally get stomach pain. It works very well though. So far I have not been able to find any other side effects. Certainly I am in a certain dependence … still better than having to endure this pain on a daily basis.

    Side effects: Dependence
  3. Gerardo M. Dickson says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Shingles

    There were many side effects. Especially circulation problems. Before two days discontinued. Circulation has stabilized. But for flu-like symptoms. Without fever. And withdrawal problems.

  4. Jerry E. Prater says:
    4.0 rating

    Attempted because of suspected spermatic cord neuralgia, which turned out, however, in retrospect as detected by inflammatory covert prostatitis, for the treatment of painkillers, of course, are initially out of place, even more those that lead to such DEPENDENCE as pregabalin (Lyrica): While taking 300 mg / d for months increasingly latent nausea, severe gastric emptying disorders for days and concentration disorders, massively blurred vision, depressive thoughts. During the jeezer long Ausschleichprozesses (8 weeks) violent and persistent withdrawal symptoms: Excessive violent (!) Pain in the pelvic area, which decreased only after weeks and sometimes came back, weakness, nausea attacks, generally gastrointestinal disturbances. Frequently insomnia, permanent drowsiness, at least almost always falling asleep and staying asleep with nightmares. Absetzerscheinungen violent in the first days after lowering the dose. Decreasing nausea, but still possible after weeks after last set off. Weaning rate averaged about 25 mg every 10 days. After complete discontinuation (now, as of 16.09., For three weeks) as severe withdrawal symptoms: insomnia, daytime drowsiness, permanent sleep and sleep disorders with nightmares, nausea and other gastrointestinal disorders (troubled nervous system). For days, violent gastric emptying disorders, however, no longer occur after complete discontinuation. As of 14.10 .: Still severe stomach problems with nausea, stomach ache, stomach pressure etc. So: Before getting something turned on, get better second opinions and avoid if possible.

  5. Frank M. Huber says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Shingles

    After a strong herpes zoster in the face with Lyrica 150mg and Targin 5 / 10mg (and many other drugs) I have been particularly on these two drugs, since they make extremely dependent. I am currently trying to reduce by half of the amount previously taken (from 3x daily to only 1x daily). Side effects of the withdrawal I find very extreme. Strong stomach pain, cold sweat, strong shaking of the hands, muscle twitching, dejection, irritability, restless and the thoughts constantly revolve around the medication. But try to hold out, although I have at home even weaker dossierte tablets from my family doctor (almost as an emergency tablet).

  6. Dennis C. Biel says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Polytoxicomania

    Pregabalin has been on the drug scene for several years now … It’s easy to get – & gt; Receipt recipe, easy to obtain due to e.g. simulated depression or neuropathic pain … hardly any doctors have been aware of the addictive potential until some time ago in the medical journal has been reported, the Lyrica (pregabalin) makes heavily dependent … However, it is still not difficult to sneak prescriptions. .. However, I would strongly advise against taking high amounts of pregabalin, the effect can really lead to the death, and the withdrawal symptoms are really very extreme and hardly treat with other drugs … The withdrawal can be compared with that of methadone, polamidone and evt.l Benzodiazepines can be compared, so very extreme … I can advise against anyone to deliberately intoxicate with the stuff, you pay a lot for this intoxication, this stuff should not be prescribed so easily, the long-term damage is not yet known ….