Dependence effect of Fentanyl

We have 105 consumer reports for Fentanyl. Dependence effect occurred in 6%.

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Fentanyl Circle Diagram 6 consumers of 105 reported about Dependence

  1. Michael R. Young says:
    3.0 rating

    Fentanyl for Pain (back)

    Tiredness, nausea, digestive effects, constipation and intestinal obstruction. Ingestion not uncritical, also considerable dependence potential.

  2. Jess N. Johnson says:
    2.5 rating

    Sweating, Since I change every 2 days, sometimes it comes to action highlights with mild nausea. Anyone who takes fentanyl or a different opiate or morphine, should know that it needs at deposition, absolutely a compensation. When weaning you should ask yourself, what means do I take then. Also, the follow-up makes dependent. I can only guess that any patient who needs strong painkiller, takes a pain therapist who enlightens. Many family doctor, is overwhelmed dami. After an accident and 4 years of hospitalization with 62 operations since 1966, I feel a little bit about doctors and their methods of knowing about medications. Always ask and ask again. Most already helps a combination with talk therapy. (For example, Autogenic Training) Through Fentanyl, I was almost fully involved in social life. At the time, I had 700 drops of Valoron, then Tramal, etc. Got stomach, intestines, etc. difficulties. Am now 62 years old, drive a car (which I was allowed to do after the acclimation)

    Side effects: Dependence; Sweat; Nausea
  3. Andrew L. Resch says:
    4.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Disc prolapse

    well-tolerated drug, careful risk high Physical dependence, only in unstable people also mental dependence (addiction). as a painkiller 100% efficacy. Always recommended. I myself have problems with the prescription of physicians, because with me a certain dependency developed. I think that the drug is one of the best painkillers on the market, I think helps against depression anxiety caused by severe pain in the course of the time arise. I was treated at the beginning of the lumbar disc herniation too long without appropriate painkillers so that a real pain problem was set up. Alas, no fear of opioids by a quick well-adjusted jar therapy hardly arise problems and fentanyl is really a very suitable medkament

    Side effects: Drug addiction; Dependence