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  1. John J. Deluca says:
    4.0 rating

    Good efficacy against diffuse feelings of anxiety (about 80% of the effect of benzodiazepines at therapeutic doses), weaning (several weeks snarling) brought significant increase in anxiety, which I evaluate on the one hand positive as proof of effectiveness, on the other hand, disturbing with regard to future, possibly necessary Drop. I do not feel it so that a mirror forms, but with delayed intake comes again to worry, which lays about 1-2h after taking the single dose. Currently I have joint pain, which occurred about 3-4 months after the first dose. I am currently researching (07/2013) whether this may be due to Lyrica – if so, then partially damaged joints, which were asymptomatic outside the Lyrica intake, now distinct and restrictive. This refers to both knee joints (damaged menisci), elbows and the spine. Also, shortly after taking nocturnal pain in both hands as well as numbness. Again, I suspect that the measurable impairment of the nerves medianus and ulnaris makes under Lyrica noticeable by increased pain symptoms. But all these assumptions about pain are so far subjective and my speculation. I’m looking forward to much feedback !! 00

  2. Joseph T. Lynn says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Anxiety and panic attacks

    Take the drug for about 1.5 years against anxiety and panic, in the morning 1x. Meanwhile, there are more and more side effects, which I find nciht more great. Numbness in the thigh, drowsiness, memory lapses. In addition, I have learned that the Medi, contrary to the information of my doctor, but make dependent. I will sneak out of Lyrica and maybe try different medication. Maybe it works without it, because I have done a Thearpie meanwhile. Trial is worth it.

  3. Iris J. Butler says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Polyneuropathie

    By taking Lyrica, my pain and discomfort have worsened considerably and my overall health was bad. Circulatory problems to fainting, nausea, deaf legs, strong cramps and muscle twitching, watery blisters on hands and feet …… That was the most engraving. And this despite the fact that the nerve conduction speed had improved after moving out of the toxic apartment after 1 year. I can only advise against this drug-find the cause and possibly fix it (in my case, the poisonous apartment) and give the body time.