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  1. Della A. Thomson says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Hurt

    I can only advise against this drug! For me, the ingestion ended in the hospital! The problems started on the first day. I had joint pain. Especially in the left hip / pelvic region, almost so much that I could barely get up! The worst thing was on the third day of taking … Around 14 clock I was suddenly a violent dizzy spell. My heart began to race and stumbled increasingly. I’m starting to sweat. Hot-cold showers came over me. I sit in the car to drive home, I thought that everything goes away again … During the ride I started to shake everywhere. My thumb (left) went numb; just before I got home, the left side of my face became numb, then my arm, then my leg. I could not even pull up my left eyebrow. My mouth felt like needles pierced. I suffered from total sensory disturbances. I then asked my friend to drive me to the hospital. There they treated me like sb. who has a stroke … HF 111 / min, AF / min, RR 166 / 110mmHg. My heart rate at delivery 140 / min … Facial diagnosis hemihypesthesia left. The neurologist and the internist were both 98% sure they were drug side effects. At 25 a stroke would be more than unlikely. I was released after taking a sedative pill. 10 days it should take now until the MIST is out of me … Unfortunately, it is longer because creatinine is at 0.91, I’m just einnierig and now even slower down the drug! I can only ABRATE the drug ….

  2. Dale V. Nelson says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Urinary tract infection

    Cipro 500mg was prescribed by 1a Pharma for the treatment of a urinary tract infection. In total, one tablet should be taken for 5 days early and in the evening. In the first three days of use, the side effects were limited to muscle pain in the buttocks and pelvic area, some headaches in the neck and sleep disorders. That was not so bad. On the morning of the fifth day – after a very restless and almost sleepless night, before the last tablet (which was then no longer taken), the candidate almost could not get out of bed. Muscle weakness, muscle twitching, hard-to-control limbs (arms and legs), swollen tongue and speech difficulties (licking because the tongue was thick and not properly controllable) were the symptoms. On the 6th day, the left arm and leg were completely deprived of their strength and reduced ability to control. The symptoms corresponded to those of a stroke – but here were the side effects of the drug. Have helped a lot of drinking (isotonic sports drinks and tea up to 4 liters a day), glucose, vitamins, fresh air, a lot of exercise (walks, spa visits, swimming) and food, which one has an appetite (pasta, fish, fruit). Sounds stupid, but it was like that. Because you have neither real appetite, nor can you move properly. Strong will and overcoming are necessary. A rehab patient will not feel different. Working was impossible. Now one week after receipt of the symptoms are after continuous improvement, probably similar to the degradation of the poison, almost gone. Conclusion: Bacteria kill this drug well – the UTI was treated successfully – but the patient almost. In my opinion, a three-day treatment would have been enough and it would not have come to these nasty side effects. Personally, I would not take Cipro any more and research the effects of medications on the net before I take them. If you read the leaflet, you should not take anything anyway, because otherwise you are almost dead already. More objective are the reports of the experimental patients here, which is why I have written this a little more detail. The psychological situation can also be problematic because one always thinks: Maybe that was a stroke after all. Was not it, that was more drug poisoning with the worst symptoms. How can you release such a stuff only on humanity? Clear recommendation: Do not take, or a maximum of three days. For those who already have side effects: Overcome, more often S..Thank you and do what you feel like doing or what you would do now, even if it is very exhausting. Normality satisfied. If you feel lethargic during the activities you have to eat something, or drink cola, that helps. The personal form is the worst in the morning and improves during the day. Do not wish any of these side effects and if they are already there, get well soon!

  3. Hollie K. Brownell says:
    3.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Bacterial infection

    About three hours after taking a 500mg tablet Use the following: heart palpitations, dizziness, anxiety, and numb fingers. The condition worsened so badly that suicidal thoughts suddenly appeared, incoherent and unsettling. These disappeared after about half an hour, v.a. through relaxation and breathing exercises. Thereafter, tachycardia, numb fingers and depressive and anxious moodiness as well as insomnia remained throughout the night. Treatment stopped.