Constipation effect of Yasmin

We have 166 consumer reports for Yasmin. Constipation effect occurred in 3%.

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  1. Violet K. Quinones says:
    3.5 rating

    After 2 years of using Yasmin and reading dozens of testimonials, I finally know where my bad mental states are coming from, for which I’ve been getting ready for months, since I do not know myself that way and at the end I was just more desperate about it goes without knowing why and without understanding it. The following symptoms have been getting worse over the past two years: depression, aggression, irritability, contentiousness, extreme moodiness, fluctuation in frustration, listlessness, hopelessness, trepidation, nervous breakdowns, hysteria, constipation, rashes on the inside of the forearm and on the thighs. Speech disorders (sometimes I confuse words, my dishwashers and say fridge – sounds funny, but it is not in the long run). Disorientation and balance problems, dizziness, circulatory collapse, nausea, Bach’s pain, disorders of taste and smell (things taste and smell different, not as usual). No sense of body, the feeling that I’m a stranger to myself and stand next to me, have no sense of and no control over my body, no control over my mental state. Vaginal dryness, pain in the GV, sexual listlessness. Negative thoughts that I can barely detect, permanent tiredness, slackness, lack of stamina. Perplexity and bewilderment about the condition, because I did not know what was wrong with me and everything was just put on stress. Although I am a little quick-tempered, but by my nature a cheerful, positive and life-affirming person who goes through life with much joy. I lost everything since Yasmin, dropped her off yesterday and hope I’ll be okay soon.

  2. Mary M. Sullivan says:
    4.5 rating

    For the first time I did not notice any side effects, gradually depression, aggression, mood swings, hopelessness started. Over time, bladder weakness and constipation were added. I gained about 10kg during this time, because I felt an extreme desire for sweets. Conclusion: I did not know for a long time where my mental problems came from, so these side effects have had a bad effect on my social environment. I’ll think twice about using a homoneal contraceptive again.

  3. Elinor P. Thorson says:
    2.0 rating

    At first I had no complaints, but after 3 months it started. My psyche suffers considerably as I have been dealing with anxiety disorders since birth. Got outbreaks of sweat, headache, constipation, nervousness in large numbers, avoided crowds of people and could actually offer my life no more feel-good experience. Irritated, depression and significant migraines before the rule comes. So I guess from this pill.