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We have 50 consumer reports for Wellbutrin. Constipation effect occurred in 8%.

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  1. Lorie N. Boyd says:
    2.5 rating

    Wellbutrin for Depression

    after a week of fast, taken again without Wellbutrin. wake up with pain in the whole body, especially the neck, head, hip, knee, foot. After 2 grams of it only slightly better. after settling the pain is gone immediately

    Side effects: Muscle aches; Constipation
  2. Maricela J. Corbitt says:
    4.5 rating

    Wellbutrin for Drive disorders; Sleep disorders

    Wellbutrin: 150 to 300 mg strong muscle tension with pain, nerve pain, constipation with cramping effect after a few hours already, very good efficacy, improves alertness, performance mental and physical very very well! Unfortunately, after some attempts, despite having great effects, I had to sell off side effects too much. Modasomil: 100mg to 500mg daily in several doses. Top medication !! Effect after about 2 hours, very good activation Physically and mentally, a little feeling of cold in the beginning, very good in slow digestion! A shame works only 4 hours and must be taken at regular intervals 2-3 times a day. Cipralex: 10mg to 25mg daily, single dose. very good, great effect on exhaustion and depression with fatigue and anxiety, effect after a few days, no significant side effects, absolutely top medication.

    Side effects: Muscle aches; Constipation
  3. David C. Matthews says:
    3.0 rating

    Wellbutrin for Depression

    Cipralex 10mg. Libido loss, no ejaculation, 8kg. Weight loss, strong mood swings, fears, constipation Wellbutrin 150mg. Weight loss, restlessness, anxiety, Errektionsschw. at times