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  1. Vincent C. Moore says:
    5.0 rating

    I guess from Subutex who does not really need it !!! Have currently strong pain after surgery and since I got an agranulocytosis, the Subutex had to be increased by 1mg in the day to 15mg in the day … I have jez since 1 month on this dose and get stronger and stronger night sweats so I refer my bed 3 times can at night. I also have increased itching, numbness tachycardia, respiratory problems or heavy breathing, I am constantly tired, libido, joint pain, comic muscle contractions and twitching, chills, blurred vision, urinary problems, constipation and and and the side effects are currently very large … The beautiful is that since I was from the hospital, the dose of 15mg was simply set directly to 8mg which brought me partly severe withdrawal symptoms, which I have, however, slower in control. Now it just means for me to come to 0mg and slowly withdraw the withdrawal … so I’m trying it right now so that I stay constant at 1-2 weeks on 8mg and go to 6mg after these 2 weeks if I can tolerate otherwise 7 weeks and more and more weeks Dive down until I am at 0mg Subutex. My doctor has recommended me at first to make any major steps if it is bearable and towards the end with 0.4mg steps go back that I have as little pain and sobstige withdrawal symptoms … The effect on pain is very good but as I said if you have no pain some do not scream and cry at all. What I can say is that the withdrawal is easier as with methadone which I initially got (20mg / day) there had the cold withdrawal 20mg taken directly to 0 3 months taken 3 months withdrawal and habichs to get away from the Zaldiar since I the opiate after 1 year more irritable bowel jokes had thrown than taken …

    Side effects: Constipation; Fatigue
  2. Norman T. Rosenberg says:
    4.0 rating

    Subutex for Investigated

    well set, the a + o is better than methadone. in too high a dose subutex I suffer from blockages in the evening I often had sleep disorders disadvantage is that many users it iv. Therefore, I advise anyone who can not handle this should prefer to take suboxols. if you are stable enough u. then it usually takes 10-14 days to get off when you’re at 0. until I felt normal again in my skin. but it is far more pleasant than the methadone of the withdrawal symptoms. To get there you should not be dosed down too fast. the drawback with all the replacement drugs is that the noise was missing and therefore many of my acquaintances get along without using it and that is the catastrophe in the substuiton treatment

    Side effects: Sleep disorders; Constipation
  3. Christopher T. Dickey says:
    4.0 rating

    Subutex for Investigated

    Am 13 years in the Pola program, my Erfehrung is after a long time, it is easier + faster v. It is also under medical supervision and can adjust to a Dosies wos one goes well! I am on 15ml Pola / daily. Strong sweat, constipation, nausea, no sexual desire more. Weight gain, lack of drive, sometimes fatigue, water retention, flaky scalp, Schweisausbrüche, cravings for sweets. At Susutex in the beginning: hyperactive, insomnia, depression, addiction pressure on more, because you do not notice the effect, you have no withdrawal but also no turn. That’s why I switched back to Pola! A tip: Methadone o.Subutex only to withdraw, because it is very difficult to get rid of it! With me it is already 13 years and I see for me no end! Bites your teeth together and withdraws with Pola / Subutex.No long-term treatment begin! Diazepam: after 4 weeks I was dependent.Neeness, black-out, fatigue, confusion. When weaning: seizures, anxiety, trembling, insomnia, inner turmoil very pronounced, cold sweat, suicidal thoughts. After 2 months down the withdrawal was over. Never Pola u. Take Benzos together, can be life-threatening! If, only with medical help dose down! Good luck!

    Side effects: Nausea; Constipation; Sweat; Dependence