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  1. Jan C. Kennedy says:
    3.5 rating

    At a daily dose of 20mg the symptoms disappeared after 2 weeks. However, an increase in concentration deficiency, forgetfulness and constipation was the negative side of the side effect. In addition, insensitive, listless and tired. After snaking I fell into a kind of mania – the desire to buy -. In the meantime after 2 months everything under control again.

  2. Linda A. Walker says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Keep up! To all skeptical paroxetine users, a positive report about the drug paroxetine. I used to take 10-20mg of paroxetine in the past due to depression with anxiety disorder and it was always very fast (about 1-2 weeks) again very well, had little side effects (gaining weight) and have the drug always again quickly (5-6 months) discontinued (mistake!) In the summer I had a lot of work stress and suddenly I got out of the blue while driving a car panic attacks and then came the fear of anxiety, mental sickness, thought circles, I could not enjoy anything , My neurologist then prescribed me fluoxetine 10mg to gain weight, but I did not tolerate the medication (initially, severe nausea, lost 4 pounds in one week!), Headache, anxiety, and panic, so I almost went crazy and on paroxetine The transitional period was really tough, I took 10mg for 4 days, 15mg for 2 days, and now 20mg for 14 days, the first days after the change I had total anxiety and inner restlessness in the chest area as well a constant feeling of anxiety, that slowly became weaker and now almost gone after 2 weeks! Further NW were fatigue, sleep disturbances, muscle twitching, trembling in the hands, strong palpitations, but that will all much less the longer one takes the medicine! I go back to work, I’m hungry again and can have fun! Conclusion: – I think the more often you take the drug the longer take it until it strikes – HAVE PATIENCE AND PLEASE KEEP THROUGH! I also thought that will never be good and does not work, but it just takes at least 2 weeks to notice any positive effect. – I switched from 1A Pharma to Neuraxpharm and feel that the NW (tremors, restlessness) have since gotten a lot better (but can also be imaginary). … AND … do not read horror stories on the internet and believe! Everyone responds differently to the drug and many relinquish it immediately because of the initial NW before it can really have a positive effect. It’s all so bad and Paroxetine is really a good drug 🙂 All the best !!

  3. Kenia A. Johnson says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    I was prescribed paroxetine (20mg) for the second time because of anxiety and depression. In the beginning an initial deterioration occurred. I could not leave the house for about a week, could not eat anything, had anxiety attacks, was very whiny, could not sleep, at night I crunched my teeth so badly that my whole jaw ached, I had nightmares and in the morning I had to go twice to hand over. However, knowing that these side effects would go away again, I remained adamant and continued to take the medicine. After about 2-3 weeks there was a significant improvement. I was suddenly able to lead a normal life, leave the house and even had the strength to change some basic things in my life (relationship, job). After half a year of taking it, however, I started to gain a lot of weight (10 kg in 5 months), despite unchanged eating habits. In addition, I have been suffering from severe constipation ever since and need to take laxatives weekly to be reasonably comfortable. Furthermore, especially at the beginning of the treatment feeling cold, tiredness and loss of libido occurred. Getting an orgasm has also become very heavy since taking it. Conclusion: Paroxetine is a very potent remedy and especially indicated for severe anxiety disorders. The side effects are enormous in many people (also in comparison to other antidepressants). To come from the deepest, I can only recommend it to everyone. However, if you only have depression, without fears, I would definitely use other medicines (such as Citalopram or Cipralex) that have fewer side effects.

  4. Jimmie P. Lane says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    After 5 years without depression (at that time I took Cypralex 10mg for 2 years with 10kg more on my hips and with completely paralyzed libido), I was first prescribed escitalopram, which according to the doctor Cypralex corresponds to 1: 1. First 5mg for one week and then 10mg. My day consisted of eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping. I did not care about anything and I was tired of socializing. After 6 weeks in this loop, I asked for an alternative and got Venlafaxine Retard. Of course, the escitalopram was artigly off and the venlafaxine first crept in with 37.5mg. After 5 days then 75mg. Within 2 weeks, my intestines were so clogged that nothing left and I could only go to the bathroom with laxatives. This usually gave me 2-3 days of diarrhea and then everything accumulated again until nothing left. Accordingly, my skin on the face reacted with the worst acne. Again, the actual effect was quite ok, but the side effects have simply negated the benefits of this drug. After a total of 2 months, I then sneaked out Venlafaxin. Next came paroxetine. As usual, crept in with a small dose and then stayed at 20mg. Again I was trapped in sleep / essloop. This time, though, I watched as I grew fatter. I just wanted to eat chocolate and fast food and there was no sense of satiety anymore. All three drugs add that my libido and I were no longer related. Actually, I was dead in the crotch. After a lot of back and forth, I then did a little research myself and went in search of an AD that does not have these side effects. And so I came to Elontril. Unlike the other medications that affect the seretonin or norepinephrine balance (or both), Elontril addresses the dopamine balance. Due to the many positive (weight loss, drive, no loss of libido), partly negative reviews (no noticeable effect), my expectations were rather high. Well … actually, I took something off in the first 2 weeks and felt a strong push in terms of drive, but unfortunately after a few days subsided again. Otherwise I feel much less dazed than with the other medis. Incidentally, the paroxetine sedition was the worst I’ve ever experienced. I felt like a thunderstorm. Of course, I know these easy electrozaps when decaying ADs, but I have not experienced anything like that before. Drive a car & amp; walking alone on the street … Eijeijei … I felt like these remote-controlled dogs on the cable. (from the 70’s! 😉 Missing only the barking. After 6 weeks, the dose is now increased from 150mg to 300mg and I’m looking forward to perhaps a few more pounds and a little more tinder under butt. Incidentally, my libido has returned completely. Everything else remains to be seen.