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  1. Ivan L. Lewis says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Sleep disorders; Depression

    I take / took seroquel / quetiapine for the treatment of sleep disorders in the context of depression and augmentation (boosting / improving the effects of Cipralex, venlafaxine, mirtazapine .. My dose is 25mg-50mg (in exceptional cases 100mg) if needed for sleep / drowsiness .. For me, the drug is on the one hand very useful because it acts very fast / safe sleeping or I fall asleep quickly and it produces no addiction / dependence as Benzodieazpiene (Valium, Tavor, Mogadon, Hlcion) and on the other hand, the effect and sleep is not very relaxing and not very pleasant (like a mallet) .. Helpful when I am over-tired and go to sleep in time and / or do not have to get up the next day, but rather inappropriate when I go to sleep at 11.30pm and get up at 6am and during the day Fitt must be ok for sleep, against depression, manic states probably also helpful because it very dampens, dulls (both negat and posi t. feelings disappear) .. but is only my experience and use it only as a required drug and have taken it only 2-3 weeks a day – but still on demand (can be 3 times a week but only once in a month)

  2. William B. Medina says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Drive disorders; Psychosis

    By taking 10 mg of Abilify and drinking a cup of coffee, I’m not just wide awake, but strangely enough like Speed. Although my drive disorders are gone, but come back after about 2-3 hours. In the meantime, I would my condition 30min. after taking it as full on designate. My side effects are: confusion, sweats, and a kind of trance to report on my state of mind … any activity, conversation, and even many actions are not logically logical to me. In a nutshell: I’m not really there. It is time to live with my illness and to cure myself in a conventional way. I do not know yet how. The fact is, all the psychopharmaceuticals I have ever taken have not only changed my personality but also my feelings my personality and my perception of the environment. To anyone who has tried Medis, if there are any signs of any of these side effects, immediately change the doctor (to discuss a sedation) or try another medicine. P.S: Does it have something to do with nicotine consumption ????

    Side effects: Sweats; Confusion
  3. Melissa J. Winders says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Haldol and Risperidon … Hellendinger! But well … They work differently for each … In Haldol I suffered from painful gaze spasms, extrapyramidal movement disorders, mild tremors in the arms and legs and after weaning, a nearly 5 months persisting insomnia, only by diazepane intravenously was suspended for just 4 hours. Risperdal had similar side effects … tremor and uneasiness or something … Both drugs made me helpless and desperate! Amitriptyline made little mention of it … The drive got better … However, it caused a mania and confusion … And Seroquel … Works okay, but even at a low dosage of 100-0-100 it has strange emotional deafness caused! Good that I do not take all these fucking things anymore …..

    Side effects: Confusion; Insomnia