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  1. Sylvia D. Smith says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Bulimia; Personality disorders; Borderline; Psychosis

    at the beginning of drug therapy (125mg seroquel), hardly responsive. strong fatigue, drowsiness, weakness. There was a time until the effect was noticeable. today (900mg seroquel), the body has become quite accustomed to it, except the steady tiredness. I am always tired, my speed is limited, sometimes lack of concentration and slowed down responsiveness. unfortunately, the mood swings despite medication increasingly often and stronger.stimmen but rarely.

  2. Emma M. McDonough says:
    2.0 rating

    Seroquel for Bipolar disorder; Depression

    Sero: The first days I was extremely tired. I started with 50 mg, now 100 mg at night. In manic phases, I increase the dose. In the meantime, I have no more problems with getting up in the morning, enough to sleep 7 hours. Half an hour after taking fatigue, heaviness, tingling. But you get used to it and I have no more sleep problems since Seroquel. Have weight gain, irritability, dry mouth, tingling in legs. But must not come from the Seroquel. Have made with this drug good experience. Orfiril: lack of concentration, but only in the beginning. Have no problems Elontril: wait. I took it for the first time 4.5 hours ago. Headache, diarrhea, agitation, tension

  3. Phillip N. Smith says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Hebephrenia

    at low doses very pleasant you are tired and the structured thinking works better, but at higher dosages from 400mg it comes to extreme dizziness you can hardly concentrate on what and with too much movement I lost my body feeling and hovered around only. The doctor has said I must first get used to the drug, but when I sometime got 1000mg a day was the dizzy fort but suffered in spite of the high dosage still thought of filter disturbances body sensations ………! My tip lorazepam perazin zopiclone these medicines are for one of the hebephrenia suffers the best, because on lorazem can handle his feelings better perazine is very good at disturbing all kinds of arthritis and zopiclion at night helps extremely well at brooding me especially before falling asleep manuel

  4. Eula S. Hill says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Sleep disorders; Depression

    I did before I took seroquel. The leaflet read and your reports .. and was really afraid to take that .. because some reports are really too crassly formulated: O So I have to say that 25 mg of Seroquel Quetiapine is really good .. Well that means the compatibility with me nothing negative .. I was much better than the amitriptyline tired .. and after about 45 min I was already sleeping and the really long … I did not have nightmares. but in the time to the 45 min I found that all the pain stopped something .. & amp; from wide awake you turn it into dead tired .. as if you go in a nakose. I do not understand that some say .. the then candles degrees in the bed is .. because I think alone how tired you do that .. you can not really stop the eyes. and after waking up you feel really thoughtless and like newborn .. only one is still as if after a nakose totally dazed .. and can not think right – write and concentrate. the head has a severe .. you should take advantage of the effect (as time permits) and continue to sleep .. and then that also ends with the thinking-missing gaps. So I’ve taken today at 12 o’clock and have slept until 03:17 clock .. and am still tired and I think I will sleep until 7 o’clock .. I was awake from time to time and had hunger for 5 knoppers, then fried and later again on peaches .. I had a nightmare .. was completely cruel .. but i-how to set apart by the nightmares with themselves … so there you have to be really careful that you do not gain by the fresskick. I take this only for a day .. but I can give as a total score a 2. I think you should not go over 50mg maximum. it helps already 25mg very well and I do not know what to look like if you get prescribed 300mg .. but I am so satisfied as it is;) and hope the contribution has helped you side effects with me I would say: tiredness all day , Cravings for a lot of food, nightmares .. but so in general I can not complain about the medication.

  5. Harold C. Carroll says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Bipolar disorder

    I got the medication during a major depression. Am surrounded by constant daytime fatigue and have an increased need for sleep (sometimes over 12 hours). The strong dry mouth and rashes also come to bear. I am suffering from a strong lack of concentration and at times I am losing words. What is to be considered positive that my mindset has improved, but I am often put into daydreams. Since taking it, I have been dreaming a lot and, according to my wife, have a very restless sleep.

  6. Lila E. Sayre says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Sleep disorders; Depression

    Have been dealing with depression for about 3 years now. Was a constant ups and downs and culminated in late November 2010 in a suicide attempt. After 3 months hospital stay – helped me a lot! I now see a lot clearer and have new life courage again. But this is about the side effects of the medi go. So … Citalopram: I take for about a year (40mg, 2 tabl. In the morning). In the beginning there was more unrest, but that was over quickly. But I have noticed that I can not take the second tablet in the evening, because I can not fall asleep then, not even with a sleeping pill. Unfortunately, the citalopram in my case leads to a rather increased libido and thus to anorgasmia. What I find very annoying and since I have a friend again as a frustrating! Nevertheless, I can not recommend experiments with citalopram. I reduced myself, partly omitted, which led to a big crisis. Conclusion: Changes only in consultation with the doctor! Seroquel: Did I first get to the clinic. At the beginning 75 mg – was totally tired after that, had severe concentration problems, could not hold on to my own thoughts. I then scored and we went down with the dose to 25mg in the evening. Take them now half an hour before going to sheep, which works very well. My thoughts do not circle anymore and I can fall asleep well. But I have to be careful that I do not take it too late in the evening, otherwise I have an overhang in the morning and get out of bed badly. Could gain weight at the beginning, but it has settled quite well again and I can live well with my current weight.

  7. Earl D. Marshall says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis; Depression

    Previously taken Risperdal that I had not tolerated at all. Extreme restlessness, tachycardia, falling asleep hands, etc. Seroquel is now considerably more bearable despite some side effects. Seroquel: At the beginning of the treatment after 1-2 hours extreme tiredness, heavy lead and tachycardia. After a few weeks to months improvement of the extreme fatigue and the leaden heaviness. Heartases and drop in blood pressure still occur intermittently. Temporary dizziness, tiredness and heaviness that you can still endure, return after about 3 hours. After taking longer fatigue / slackness, sleep needed. This will be better after months / years. At dose reduction z. Zt. 200mg with side effects at least from noon satisfied until you have to take it back in the evening / at night. Problem such as short-term memory, forgetfulness. Concentration even after previous intake OK, but aircraft mechanic or doctor I would like to be because of the forgetfulness not straight. After getting used to, now after 2 years I notice the initial side effects like extreme tiredness, leaden heaviness only now and then. However, existing problems / side effects: weight gain within 2 years 10kg; increased blood lipids; higher liver values despite rarely to no beer; dry mouth after ingestion; temporary drop in blood pressure / dizziness approx. 1 hour after ingestion and disappears after some time; take more water at night after taking it, doctor says drug could weaken the heart and thereby nocturia; as in any neuroleptics frequent sexual discomfort / dysfunction and in personality / behavior after taking somehow slowed down and more serious; As with others also occasionally shivering on the feet and often 2 pairs of socks necessary: So neuroleptics certainly do not depend and side effects are hopefully reversible; The side effects are stressful but for me more positive than with first Risperdal. The life expectancy and zest for life should be very limited by neuroleptics. It does not help that the condition without is not foreseen and then the life expectancy could be even lower.