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  1. Jeffry D. Thornburg says:
    4.0 rating

    Doxepin for Sleep disorders; Depression

    From Cipralex, I have gained just under 20 pounds within a week, then outgrown. Meanwhile hot hunger, but no improvement in depression, let alone sleeping. No appreciable improvement in the general condition. Zopiclone was great, at first very high doses, so I could finally sleep. At first I was tired during the day, but with time it went also times. However, quite dependent. Side effect: Libido loss. When sneaking out came again more depression. The Doxepin was doing similarly well. Initially 2 pieces taken in the evening and within about an hour I finally slept. After about 3 weeks of continuous use, unfortunately, this positive effect is lost. Side effect: thirst, fatigue, sluggishness, lack of concentration. a week’s sleep lab did not give any real information. After 2 hours I’m awake again 🙁