Concentration disorders effect of Anafranil

We have 54 consumer reports for Anafranil. Concentration disorders effect occurred in 6%.

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  1. Alice J. Lundy says:
    3.5 rating

    Anafranil for Obsessive compulsive disorder; Depression

    At the age of 14-16 I took anafranil in high doses as part of a therapeutic treatment. The side effects included difficulty concentrating, depression, severe hair loss, weight loss, fatigue and blockage of the normal thinking process. After discontinuation of the drug first successes of the therapy were visible. Not recommended.

  2. Deborah E. Nicholas says:
    3.0 rating

    Anafranil for Depression

    since I take the drug especially suffering from fatigue, lack of concentration and gedaechtnissprobleme, but also slight incontinence. Nevertheless, I am very happy that I do not have to live without, because otherwise I was very sociable, sentimental and easily irritable. In the meantime, I tried to sell anafranil, which was followed by severe circulatory and perceptual disturbances. By the way, I am a teenager and belong to a group of patients that is not recommended. My doctor said I should still try it, for which I’m grateful to him.