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  1. Brandy J. Moss says:
    2.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Trauma

    I went through hell because my psychiatrist forced me to take Zyprexa because my severe trauma could not be alleviated otherwise. I gained 30 kilos in three years and was three years more dead than alive. I could not concentrate anymore because of the medication, I only cried and am constantly falling asleep in public. I had significant muscle cramps and diarrhea. My life was colorless, dull and worthless. The drug has no effect, it does not hold back flashbacks or reminiscences, but it causes so severe physical side effects that the patient is driven to the brink of suicide by the medication. Just the strong pressure that the doctor exerted on me and her blatant threats have led me to continue to take the drug against my will. My health was completely destroyed by Zyprexa. Because of the side effects of the drug, I am a pastor. The drug has considerably retraumatized me by its serious side effects. The physical consequences of this unproductive remedy are so hard to cope with that the mediakment drives the physically ruined people to the brink of suicide. The doctor should be sued! You can not do this to anybody.

  2. Edward H. Lewis says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    October 2011 ZYPREXA – My experiences Zyprexa is a highly effective neuroleptic, which struck me immediately. I would like to focus on the psychological effects and side effects, not the physical ones. Stressful is the Mordepression. Lack of drive, lack of interest. No energy. Poor focus on following procedures. (Lead discussions, read books, watch movies) Creative work is no longer possible. The vitality is lost. No daydreams. No humor. The ability to absorb (learning ability) decreases sharply. The appetite is generally increasing. Especially late in the evening I have food bites. Zyprexa makes (in combination with lithium) stupid and thick. Self-confidence suffers greatly. Social contacts are becoming less and less. I get away from acquaintances and relatives. I’ve been taking Zyprexa for 12 years, now I get 5 mg. During this time I did not have another push. But I became a different person. Thoughts, actions and quality of life are severely limited.

  3. Kerry J. Anderson says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Borderline; Psychosis

    I felt nothing, neither joy nor sadness, lust or anger, hatred or love … All feelings were gone except for the deafness. I was tired all the time but still could not sleep properly. I also find it very difficult to concentrate, learn, motivate myself to do something. I was absent, staring into nothingness. Could not record anything. Even today it happens that when people talk to me, my gaze wanders to nowhere and I can not hear the person. I have only since I had to take Zyprexa. My friend calls it then always the Zyprexablick. I could already observe this with other patients. I suffered several times from a stomach wall