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  1. Eddie T. McMillian says:
    4.5 rating

    Good day, I suffer from a strong school fear, I can hardly (now) to school. I’m shaking, afraid I’m afraid of embarrassing school, I’m suffering from a Disperse Syndrome, Almost Autistic. Then a few weeks ago I started to go to a great day clinic. There I was given a medication called Abilify. I’m 12 years old, and this drug has not helped at all. The first day I was terribly tired, even though I got so low a dose that there is not, yet I was tired, bad mood, very aggressive, was even more afraid, the drug has caused me a real panic. In the end everything was shitty. Then the dose was raised, the side effects were less severe, but I felt no change, the fear of going to school was still there. In the day clinic inside, I was very Unconcentrated, Constantly numbers, sentences, letters, all sorts of confused, as well as In mathematics, that was terrible. I have constantly confused Addition with something else. Still, the drug does not help with school anxiety. Although the dose was now a whole tablet. To all children who want to take Abilify! Just do not do it. The drug brings only disadvantages. (a very important side effect is the sausage, that is to say roughly, one has no more fun in the life, one everything is missing, luckily it came with me garnichsoweit.)

  2. Thelma G. Watson says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Sleep disorders; Bipolar disorder; Depression

    My mood is more balanced overall with the Abilify and the other medications in combination. I only cry very little and stay calm in all situations. The quality of my sleep at night is also improved. In conclusion; it helps and stabilizes me enough to finally be able to shape my normal everyday life. However, there are side effects that are unfortunately not always so pleasant for me.

  3. William J. Gowdy says:
    4.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    I would like to share my brother’s story because I think it’s very important! He was 20 years old when he was a bit depressed, he did not really know what he wants to do in the future! After he went to the doctor and Abilify prescribed it took him less than 3 weeks until he barely spoke, I could only bring out short sentences from him and his thoughts were a bit confused, which was not the case before. He says that he does not feel well, the medication does not really help but he waits! He became very sluggish and barely able to do sports! After 2-3 months came the diagnosis he had a psychosis, schebephraene schizophrenics were told! My brother did not think he was telling what the doctor told him, and he still did not feel better. He always felt very tired and sleepy, his energy and zest for life disappeared, his legs began to tremble, this often went on for hours. Despite discussions with the doctor that these are wrong, it was not recommended to discontinue the medication, he now had tremors in his legs and arms! We were told that it takes a long time until Abilify and Solian work, he took both! By the Solian he was already in bed at 6 o’clock in total deep sleep, one could wake him only with difficulty! We felt powerless, he suddenly took on, was no longer in the jogging, because he lacked the strength, before the drugs, he had done a lot of sports! That made him even worse, he was depressed, it was hard for him to enjoy and he did not know why! He still said he did not think he had this disease, the doctor saw him as I found out only once a month. In the beginning he was in a clinic to see what he has, we got him out after 2 months because it seemed to him as shallow as if he suddenly did not enjoy anything anymore. The trembling in legs and arms was quite strong and lasted for 6 months, moreover, after 8 months, he could barely think straight. He spoke very slowly and it took a long time until he answered. Do not get me wrong, I’m sure Abilify will help some people, but I want to share my story. Since it seems that a young person has probably been misdiagnosed, he lost the feeling of being happy, could no longer do sports, did not concentrate, shaking his legs for hours! I do not think Abilify was the right drug for him, the doctor thought he was recovering without knowing how awful he felt! In the end he took his life after 11 months with medication. Due to the fact that the doctor told him that he probably never gets well again and probably has to take medication for years, he felt uncomfortable with friends and strangers, ashamed when they saw him, since he could barely walk, sit without shaking that was only trembling due to the medication! There was no life for him to know that all the symptoms might last for years, so he could not find a job; in the end, he could barely preserve, he took his life believing that it was better than anything to live the cruel side effects! I want to share his story because we were too scared to get him off medications even though he was getting worse. But after taking Abilify after only 2 months, it takes at least 2 months to get it out of his system slowly, it’s a long way off and it’s very dangerous to drop it off as it can make us feel very bad during that time warned that he could commit suicide if we just stop! The question is why it is so quickly prescribed to young people, if it is not even sure what they have, it can change the whole person after only a few months! My brother has not been cleared up about all the risks!

  4. Whitney T. Horton says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Borderline

    Restlessness, Drowsiness, Fatigue, Dependence, Uncontrolled Salivation, Delusions, Suicidal thoughts, Awareness Disorders, Amnesia, SVN, Helplessness, Apetithlessness, Hunger for Sweet, Weight Loss, Unembarrassed Face, Anxiety, Panic, Loss Fear, Concentration Difficulty, Circulatory Disruptions, Tear, Feeling Not a Second to endure, voices in my head, do all that is said to one without questioning it, deliberately putting oneself in danger, sleep disturbances, no ego feeling. Permanent side effects: Sudden amnesia, which disappears after about 1 to 12 hours, panic attacks, fear of people, sleep disorders, no more confidence. I had to take Abilify for about 3 months. It was awful .. It did not help me at all & amp; had only side effects .. Under Abilify, I thought I would have to die ..