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  1. Arnold P. Jordan says:
    4.5 rating

    My 89-year-old father was given tamsulosin in the hospital (presumably to aid drainage and his fairly large prostate). Already in the hospital were severe dizziness to fainting, dizziness and incontinence problems that did not exist before. We were not informed about the prescription and the side effect of the drug and the medication was continued after discharge. my father fainted several times at home and on the way, especially when urinating, until we found out that tamsulosin has these side effects. Shortly after discontinuation of the drug occurred in my father even a strong skin rash on (shoulders, back abdomen) with cherry-sized wheals close to each other. Without urgent indication one should not take this medicine

  2. Bradley C. Stevens says:
    5.0 rating

    I was prescribed Tamsulosin because I had a tension in the anal area (I have not noticed) and after a bladder infection. The Pippi should then flow through more relaxed. However, from the first day I had a bit of dizziness and circulatory problems. Since the 2nd day on erection problems and ejaculation problems. There was no ejaculate out and feelings of orgasm. No nice feelings. I can not recommend the drug that way.