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  1. Jeffrey V. Tardy says:
    3.5 rating

    I had to have a stomach and a colonoscopy done. Actually, I did not want anesthesia, because I’m always afraid that my blood pressure sags and I faint (unfortunately, has occurred more often). In the hospital, I was then but urgently advised to anesthetic: that would be no proper anesthesia and there would be no problems after the anesthesia. And because I’m currently being treated for hypertension, that would not happen. So I agreed. I would never do that again. Sure, the introduction was very simple, my cycle was downright catastrophic. I was gone within two seconds – and as dizzy as I was, I might have fainted too. Waking up was a disaster. I was so dizzy lying down that I could not even recognize the blanket correctly or focus. It was not possible to lift my head. This only improved very slowly within the next two hours. When lying down, the blood pressure was normal, standing up, he was no longer measurable. Never again, I can only say. Under normal circumstances, I have too high a blood pressure, and so on. Sorry, I can only say: Stay away from this narcosis form. Fortunately, I was in the hospital so I could lie down for a long time. Nevertheless, one could or did not want to do anything about the low blood pressure.

  2. Carolyn N. Yonker says:
    3.0 rating

    Propofol for Endoscopy

    I got Propofol as a reassurance in my gastroscopy! Since I had severe anxiety because of endoscopy, the doctors gave me twice the dose! That was fatal, because I’m 1,60m small and weigh 50 kg. After waking up, I was in a kind of trance and fog for weeks. I collapsed after a few days, with respiratory depression and sleep disturbances. This drug has thrown me out of life, it took me weeks to get along and not to be afraid!

  3. Elizabeth R. Strong says:
    4.5 rating

    mild circulatory problems For me, propofol was used as an anesthesia in a colonoscopy. I can not remember anything about the investigation, not even falling asleep. I woke up sometime in the recovery room. Was then a little tired all day and had very low blood pressure, which led to initial circulatory problems. However, this subsided within a few hours and is certainly also with other anesthetics and possibly not even due to the Propofol, but due to the 1.5-day eating ban before the investigation. But otherwise there were no side effects. I would recommend Propofol 100% as a sedation in a colonoscopy – especially in anxiety patients like me!

    Side effects: Circulatory problems; Fatigue