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  1. Franklin A. Brito says:
    4.5 rating

    Doxepin for Depression

    Hello, dear sufferer I have taken the drug in tablet form Doxepin for a long time, at the beginning it had caused a tremendous improvement in my mental state. I took 50 mg half an hour before going to bed, could sleep well, also did not always have the bad feelings and thoughts! But what struck me was my enormous weight gain and my deteriorated vision. Also circulatory problems and tachycardia, as well as dizziness I could watch with me. I do not necessarily want to advise against this drug, but it would be more helpful to have a conversation with a trained psychologist and to work out a balanced daily routine with stress and rest periods. But that costs … I wish you all a speedy recovery!

  2. Doris C. Orr says:
    2.5 rating

    Doxepin for Depression

    Hello I am new here in the forum, imagine me briefly before I am Sarah 21 years and suffer and anxiety disorder and depression, so I have been prescribed the drug Doxepin, I take it now exactly 7 weeks and on Monday I was at the doctor and there you have found a change in the ECG and I am now afraid that it is a bad thing I feel constantly tired with the drug and knocked off.

    Side effects: Circulatory problems; Fatigue
  3. Scott E. Kohut says:
    4.0 rating

    Doxepin for Withdrawal symptoms

    Hello dear readers. After I went to the doctor for 7 days of abstinence from marijuana because of withdrawal symptoms, because I could no longer sleep properly because of panic attacks, I got from the doctor because I was really very tired with the nerves 3x 2.5 mg Tavor and a prescription for the drug doxepin. My doctor advised me to take one of the tavor immediately, as this should take the fear immediately so that I can calm down and breathe again. To the Doxepin he said I should take 2-3 pieces spread over the day. When I was out of practice and in the pharmacy, I started to cry, because all in all, was too much for me. It had taken almost 5 minutes until I came back down to some extent (very high pulse with strong PANIC). and the nice lady in the pharmacy said with the Tavor I will get better very quickly. I still asked if you take them with water or something. She just said melt in the mouth (works on oral mucosa). The Doxepin was not there at that moment so she asked me to come back at about 13:30 to pick it up. On the way home I took the Tavor to me and it was a quick improvement (almost 10 minutes) Finally, I could sleep. A short time later I went to the pharmacy again to pick up said Doxepin. Over the day distributed I took then also 3 of these tablets to me. I was pretty tired of the whole and slept well too. The same day the same dose and against evening we went again I had a violent panic attack (strong tachy dizziness and unreal feeling) in spite of Doxepin did not go away let alone I came to rest. However, I had already reckoned with that, as it was stated in the leaflet that the drug only really gets its effect after 2 weeks of use. So I took another Tavor 2.5 mg and luckily it went away. When I woke up the next day I felt completely dizzy and dizzy my circulation went right down to my knees and this worried me so I decided to lower the dose to 50 mg. Of course, I discussed this with the doctor and he told me to stay at 1 25mg Dioxepin in the morning and a 25mg Dioxepin in the evening. The drug made me really physically bothered by dizziness to dizziness up to the feeling I could die because it has pressed me very strong on the heart. (In the back of the head continue the idea that could be normal because it was inside the supplement and it was 2 weeks for the true development) on the same evening so day 3 with the drug and a dose of 50 mg I went out of concern to the hospital because I was uncomfortable just because of the leaflet because it takes 2 weeks I decided then home to go and endure it (the circulatory problems were far from great and I was progressively worse). I decided in the morning after getting up to try out if I just took a high dose of Doxepin and took one of them Tablet a quarter and of it again a quarter so 1/8. I have to say that I have the night before, mind you no Tavor taken more because I know that this addict and my doctor said I should only in case of emergency when no longer works. Well the morning broke little sleep and strong drowsiness with circulatory problems determined the day, I took as described above from a 25 mg tablet only 1/8 and went to hot bathing to boost the circulation. I felt like the days before total on it I would have smoked 30 heads and a bottle of whiskey intus I tell you absolute disaster I did not manage the day really nothing. In the evening, because I got such a kind of circulatory collapse-like condition, I went to the hospital in the evening as a panic spread in me which is anything but beautiful and in my opinion came because of the drug. I told the doctor my ordeal and he measured my heart rate a rest pulse of 120 I had. I asked him how long about the drug in the body remain he said about 12 hours. Note that I had only taken 5 mg ca and it was really dirty. He then prescribed me another drug called Opipramol 20 pcs. In 50 mg dose and said I should take this before falling asleep to be able to sleep better. The later the evening the better I was because this Doxepin was finally out of my body. I finally got clear in my mind the circulatory problems disappeared and I was fine. I made myself something to eat and took just before going to sleep like Verodnet a tablet. It took a good 2 hours until I fell asleep but it is a very restful sleep because my girlfriend had to get out early it was barely 4 hours. But do not worry about dizziness circulation